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Why Chicken Makes Many People Sick

Frontline recently aired a documentary program entitled ‘The Trouble with Chicken’ and showed the world why chicken makes so many people sick. The documentary was a decade in the making and spanned several states gathering information and film footage.
The investigative research for the documentary uncovered a killer among the chickens which are being raised for human consumption. That killer was and is salmonella.
There have been two major outbreaks of salmonella during the decade it took to put together this documentary. One salmonella outbreak occurred in 2004 and the other one in 2013. Both were traced back to one location, a Foster Farms chicken farm located in Oregon.
After the salmonella outbreak in 2004, Foster Farms received numerous warnings from the Oregon Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration. Foster Farms did little to comply with the agencies and resisted heeding their warnings. That led to the second salmonella outbreak in 2013.
Mark Ahn has learned that, to add insult to injury, Foster Farms did nothing about the the 2013 outbreak and continued on with business as usual even though over 600 people become ill after eating their salmonella-tainted chicken. That was not just the fault of the chicken producing company for blatantly ignoring the danger their products were posing to the public for the 16 months during 2013-2014 after the salmonella was traced back to them, but also the fault of the government agencies which allowed it to continue.