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Highland Capital Predicts that the Healthcare Industry will Have Good Performance

US Pipeline operators will have another profitable year. This is according to Michael Gregory, Highland Alternative Investors’ chief investment officer. While in any other year, industry experts would not have paid attention to such a message, the performance of his fund in 2016 has completely changed everything. The investment banker’s fund made significant gains.

Its energy stocks pushed enhanced the performance of Gregory’s fund. His fund, the Highland Small-Cap Equity Fund, had a significant portion of stock in the pipeline industry. As the performance of the sector improved, the returns from the investments in the industry almost doubled. This situation helped to protect the fund from bad performing investments. However, the financial expert believes that the health-care industry would stage a ‘tremendous rebound’ this year.

According to industry statistics, Highland’s Class A shares HSZAX, +0.67 percent had a return of 31.6 percent last year. This is almost three times the returns of the large-cap S&P 500 SPX, -0.29 percent that returned only 12 percent. The performance of the S&P 500 was also surpassed by the small-cap Russell 2000 Index RUT, -0.68 percent that returned 21.3 percent. This exemplary performance is attributed to the excellent leadership and dedicated professionals at Highland Capital Management. James Dondero helped Gregory in managing the fund.

Highland Alternative Investors is a unit of Highland Capital Management. The Dallas-based organization manages over $15.4 billion. However, the small-cap stock fund is still growing with only $55 million in assets.

Speaking during the announcement of the fund’s performance, Gregory said that Highland Capital’s credit competency is the primary factor behind its success. He notes that as investors were running away from the oil industry due to the declining prices in 2016, the firm decided to invest in the sector. He contends that the profitability of pipeline companies is not based on the price of the oil, but rather on the quantity of transported oil. Over the period, the companies have been making significant returns, especially when oil prices begin to soar. The returns from the oil sector contributed more than half of the fund’s total earnings. Despite a forecast of a healthy business environment in the pipeline industry, Highland Capital has decided to downsize its investment in the sector. It is speculated that Gregory is planning to make more investment in the healthcare sector.

George Soros and the Democracy Alliance Plan for the Future

George Soros is becoming a household name, and that is a good thing. In the past, his name was tainted by the right wing of American politics on and he was explained away as the personification of evil. Soros was even blamed for some of the problems the country now faces, but like all name callers, the facts they use to belittle a person or organization are far from the truth.

Politico Magazine wrote an interesting story about Soros and other liberal thinking people and organizations attending a meeting in which they would deal with the upcoming Trump Presidency on The scheduled meeting took place in Washington where a consortium of powerful players and supporters was expected. This group is known as the Democracy Alliance, and they have the task of organizing their funds and efforts in support of progressive candidates from the Democrat Party.

Dealing with the Trump Presidency is a situation that all of us need to face and respond to. George Soros felt strongly that Hillary Clinton would be the better candidate and could serve the electorate of our country and not just the “one percent” that earns the lion’s share of the nation’s money. Soros is a philanthropist and advocates for openness and freedom in all political systems. He chose the name for his foundation based on the writing of Karl Popper and Popper’s book, The Open Society and Its Enemies. Soros began his foundation in 1993 using money he had earned from his investments on Wall Street. The Open Society Foundations is funded by Soros and other contributors to fight despotism and political tyranny wherever it occurs.

The political left is still reeling from the shock of the 2016 Presidential Election. Many feel that the election is a nightmare and when they awake, reality with all its beauty and promise will again take the place of the gloom and doom. George Soros and many people fear the coming decline of not only politics but personal freedoms in the United States of America. The work being done by the Democracy Alliance is desperately needed.