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Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky’s Focus On Cancer Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky has found and co-founded several companies in his career. The companies he has founded or co-founded are Lightbank, a venture capital firm, Uptake, Medicaocean, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, MediaBank, and Groupon. In 2016 he co-founded one of his most important companies to date, Tempus, Inc., which is dedicated to modernizing cancer treatment. Lefkofsky also serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Tempus. Lefkofsky grew up in Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1991. He obtained his JD at the University Of Michigan Law School in 1994.

Tempus has compiled the largest database in the world of molecular and clinical data about cancer. They have also devised a way to use genomic and transcriptomic sequencing, combined with deep learning, in order to help doctors diagnose a patient’s tumor. The platform that Tempus provides to doctors allows them to provide personalized treatment options through detailed reports with actionable observations. The goal of this is to give physicians the ability to use real-time, data-driven treatment options in order to better treat cancer. has built partnerships with, among others, the Mayo Clinic, Penn Medicine, and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Eric Lefkofsky and his wife have given a substantial amount of money over the years to cancer research causes. Through their Lefkofsky Family Foundation they have given philanthropically to nonprofits like the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University which received $1 million from them. They have also given $500,000 to Stanford Unversity’s research into gastric cancer. Another was a $250,000 donation for breast cancer research at Weill Cornell Medicine.  Click this related link

Lefkofsky Family Foundation has also given generously to educational, human rights, and arts & culture causes. Among the nonprofits receiving funding are The Success Project, Teach for America, the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School, Americans for Responsible Solutions and the RFK Center. Eric Lefkofsky and his wife pledged to give away the majority of their fortune when they signed The Giving Pledge in 2013.  More of him in his page.

Global Use of the Ganoderma Through Bernardo Chua- Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is a global name notable for the creation and success of Organo Gold a company processing and distributing products from the Ganoderma Lucidum herb for consumption in the western world. Bernardo has continued to grow his business empire through Organo Gold. He partners with Ganoderma producers in the world and funds research on the herb to identify more benefits to creating more products. Organo Gold products range from tea, coffee, skin and nutritional care. These are some of the products made from the Ganoderma according to BusinessForHome:

• Black Coffee
• Café Latte
• Cafe Mocha
• Café Supreme
• Green Tea
• Red Tea
• Ganoderma Lucidum
• Spore Powder
• G3 Beauty Soap
• OG Smile Set

Bernardo’s love for the herb stems from his early life. He was born and grew up in the Philippines where the plant grew wildly. He has been able to successfully package the herb in coffee and teas selling all over the world. He believed in working in sales to give his business, then in the Philippines a personal touch. The strategy steered the company to heights where it joined the global market.

Bernardo is a respectable businessman, who believes in improving the life of his customers through healthy living. He has received both awards and accolades from his peers and the business world. The 22nd 2014 Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards awarded Bernardo Chua with the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. Oregano Gold has also been recognized by The National Shoppers Choice as the top direct selling company in the food supplements. Organo Gold is the corporate sponsor for the OG Cares Foundation. It is an organization seeking to empower young people to become better leaders.

Organo Gold is now in its 39th country of operations after opening a branch in Turkey continuing to take the global market. The Turkey branch serves as a link to the Asian, European and African branches aimed at improving the distribution time and customer service. The Turkey branch operations will be headed by Paul Jarvis the Regional Vice President of Europe, CIS, and Africa. Bernardo appointed him during the launch of the branch to spearhead the growth of the Organo Gold brand in the country.

Bernardo is a crusader for the Ganoderma herb. He has spent a lot of his time educating people on its health benefits something the distributors do as well in their areas of operations. The company continues to stay ahead of the competition with over one million distributors worldwide. The product is completely safe after thorough testing and approval.  Follow along with Bernardo’s journey on CrunchBase.

The Boraie Company

The company Boraie Development LLC, is  eager and proud to be opening the leasing office to it’s new 17-story luxury high rise, The Aspire, being within walking distance from the New Brunswick Train Station and with close access to Philadelphia and Manhattan.

It will be known as the premier address when it comes to luxury in the New Brunswick area. Within the walls of the 238 very spacious and well-established studio apartments. Weather your in a one bedroom or two bedroom, you will receive a full-service and modern look.

With The Aspire striving to give it’s residence the lifestyle of which they deserve. It was said by the Vice President of Boraie Development, Hiam Boraie said that residents at the Aspire will get the high-end lifestyle that they desire. In addition to the apartments, there is also on-site  maintenance and management, as well as a 24-hour doorman – Boraie Development New Brunswick NJ, 08901 –

Some of the resident floor plan’s offer 9- 10- foot ceilings, some even have terraces and balconies. They can also find an array of gourmet kitchens, as well cable television, a state-of-the-art gas-powered heating which would reduce the cost of heating bills during the winter compared to a regular electric heating system, as well as high-speed internet. A luxury lounge room also offers several amenities to residents, including things such as a pool table, multiple flat screen TV’s and Wi-Fi.

There is also a roof deck and a state-of-the-art fitness center for residents to use. The apartments are exclusively shown through the rental office at The Aspire. With Studio apartment’s starting at 1,650, the one-bedroom apartments start at 1,800, with the two-bedroom apartments starting at 2,700 a month. This information and more was mentioned through

According to NJSpotlight, Boraie Development is a privately owned company out of New Brunswick, NJ. The company was established in 1986, and is currently estimated to hold an annual revenue of 10 to 20 million dollars. Boraie has had over 30 years of expertise within the Central Jersey area as BROKER. It has held an excellent reputation, and a long standing relationship with their brokers, in addition it also has the title of having the highest sales volume in over 20 years in any of the New Brunswick Office –

They range from residential to commercial specialist and are part of the national referral system. They have found that both support and a pursuit of continuing education have been important for the neighborhood broker that are so desperately in need in todays economy, for Buyers and Sellers alike.

Liquor is Chicer with DeVos as Boss

Apparently, Dick DeVos is a connoisseur of fine spirits and has plans for more than just a tasting of Applejack at Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, Michigan. Acquiring good taste, or, at least, knowing what is worth savoring, is just part of this man’s business sense. Although this deal isn’t yet complete, as it takes up to six months to transfer the liquor license, I believe it is well under way. Walter Catton III, the owner of the distillery, has been looking for an investor to help him expand his liquor business and the spirit he needs is being consumed by Windquest Group’s philanthropist DeVos.

As Grand Valley State University can attest, the DeVos family generosity is well known and appreciated. Dick’s foundation has given close to a billion dollars to education, health services, the arts, and religious groups while sharing much of the proceeds near his region based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the late 80’s, Dick and Betsy DeVos created the DBDVF Family Foundation that gives its time and considerable wealth to serve the people of Western Michigan.

Dick and his wife enjoy giving to many causes, but education may be chief among them. He even founded the first public charter aviation high school in West Michigan because of both his dedication to the pursuit of education and his passion for flight.

Dick has enjoyed living and working near Grand Rapids and has seen his father’s instilled work ethic manifest in all of his business ventures.

Dick began working in his father Richard DeVos’s company, Amway Corporation (, back in the early 70’s, and after fifteen years started a new venture, the Windquest Group. He went on to manage the Orlando Magic franchise and later returned to Amway and helped restructure it into the umbrella group of Alticor Corporation, which now has operations around the world. If I had a bucket list like Dick , I’d want to follow it until I had checked every box. He has been a busy man and can now turn his activities to the pursuit of even finer endeavors. 

And, with all this good will in place and the fortitude to follow a new quest, there is plenty of good cheer to celebrate in Holland, not that Coppercraft and its employees have any problems with this latest ambition. My hat’s off to Mr. DeVos and this new pursuit of excellence in the distillation industry. If the businesses he has managed have any portent of things to come, I believe that we will hear more from DeVos and company. With industries thriving and the economy booming, what is there left to do but to enjoy the fruits, if not the spirits, of his labor?

Learn more about Dick’s life and work by connecting with him on LinkedIn or liking his Facebook page.


George Soros Believes EU IS On The Brink Of Collapse

Hungarian born Jewish businessman George Soros believes that the European Union is on the brink of collapse. The retired hedge fund manager is considered to be one of the top 30 richest people in the world with over $24 billion dollar in assets. Soros, who is now 85 years old, and who managed to survive the Holocaust is now focused on his non-profit organization called Open Society Foundation instead of making money. The fundamentals of the Open Society Foundation include the promotion of a free and independent media, healthcare, justice and education.

George Soros recently sat down and did an interview with Peter Schmitz of the German magazine Wirtschafts Woche. In the interview Mr. Soros discusses what he views as the continuing disintegration of the European Union. He believes that the European Union is falling apart for numerous reasons, not a single factor.

Soros highlighted that politics were playing a large part in tearing the European Union apart. He criticized Viktor Orban’s government and Jarosław Kaczyński’s newly installed Polish government for threatening to undermine the European Union and democracy. Mr. Soros said that both the current Hungarian and Polish government were using nationalism, religion and the painting of Syrian refugees as invaders to boost their own regimes which are becoming increasingly less democratic. Poland is seeing its independent and free newspapers and TV stations become increasingly threatened by the government of Kacznyski. Orban of Hungary meanwhile is calling for the closing of European borders to Syrian refugees. This goes against the European Union’s official stance of accepting refugees and giving them asylum.

The divisiveness of EU members split between limiting, stopping and accepting refugees is slowly tearing apart the European Union and threatens to wreck havoc on the open border policy of the EU. The EU was founded on the principles of open borders and free trade between members. This is slowly unraveling as the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe deepens and member states continue to have differing opinions.

Russia’s expansion in Ukraine also poses a threat to the European Union. The EU has historically opposed the Soviet Union and communism. The successor to the Soviet Union, Russia continues to cause problems in Eastern European countries such as Ukraine. The Russians are known for bringing oppressive regimes that use force as a source of power instead of democracy.

The Syrian refugee crisis, the uncertainty of the open borders in Europe and Russian aggression are just some of the key factors that George Soros mentions in his interview that are undermining the European Union. Financial crises such as in Greece, which is an EU member and the possible exit of the United Kingdom from the EU further threatens the existence of the European Union.

Brad Reifler: The Embodiment of a Successful Entrepreneur

The terms ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘entrepreneurship’ are used to describe individuals who have the skill and drive needed to design and start new businesses. An entrepreneur will have a business that offers a product or a service for sale. There is a special mentality that entrepreneurs have that allow them to succeed in an environment where others fail. Where other people see challenges, entrepreneurs see opportunities. They have a keen sense of perception, and they have the decisiveness that is needed in order to exploit an opportunity when it presents itself. It is very clear why many people see the term ‘entrepreneur’ as being something desirable. When a person is referred to as an entrepreneur, it is a mark of pride. So, what does it say about a person if they are called a serial entrepreneur? To find the answer to that question, one need look no further than Brad Reifler.

Brad Reifler has years of experience working as an entrepreneur and as an investor. He has worked with and founded many companies that have been based in the United States. Unlike many people who are successful in business, Brad Reifler was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Instead, he had to work hard and be determined to make it to the top. The pinnacle of Brad Reifler’s achievements is the founding of Forefront Capital LLC.

Brad’s professional career started in the 1980’s when he founded the trading company that bears his last name. Throughout the life of the firm, Brad and his employees managed hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts. Later, his business evolved to the point where he was doing research and dissemination on financial products for businesses around the globe. In 2000, Brad sold his company to the largest futures company in the world.

If that was his only achievement, it would be fair to say that he was a success. However, in addition to creating the company that bears his name, he proved himself to be a financial services professional who the world’s business community could trust. In 1995, he used that experience to found Pali Capital, a business that focused primarily on dealing with the equities markets. Brad’s goal was not to tell traders what to buy and what to sell, but instead to use top-of-the-line research to create and teach strategies that would allow sales traders to articulate and execute successful packaged strategies well.

Under Brad’s tutelage, the Pali Capital company did amazing. They did more than $1 billion of commission income and employed more than 300 people with offices on four continents.

Brad Reifler embodies what it means to be an entrepreneur. In addition to the tips that he provides, he is dedicated, hard-working, focused, and driven to bring success to himself, his company, and those who work with him.  His Twitter following relies on him for his up to date financial commentary, and it’s become something that definitely defines him.

Ken Griffin: Self-Made Billionaire & Generous Philanthropist

Ken Griffin‘s career as an ambitious entrepreneur began during his first year of study at Harvard University. By the time he graduated from this elite academic institution with a degree in economics in 1989, he had already been managing millions of dollars in assets. The following year, Mr. Griffin officially founded Citadel with just over $4.5 million in available funds. This financial firm quickly evolved into a global entity with an appeal to investors in dozens of countries. Throughout the decades, Griffin has taken a firm stance in his role as the Chief Executive Officer of the company he established as a young businessman.

Eventually, the Citadel Group has branched out into Citadel and Citadel Securities in order to cover niche markets and build diverse portfolios. While managing hedge funds, equities and other financial instruments, Griffin has acquired plenty of personal wealth that he has been more than happy to share with the public. In fact, he is known for his various philanthropic activities on valuewalk that focus on education and culture in the United States of America. For example, Griffin has contributed more than $150 million to his beloved Harvard University. Such a donation to his alma mater was made with the goal of improving the university in terms of global competitiveness and appeal to international students seeking degrees in financial niches. Ken Griffin has also made significant monetary contributions to the Art Institute of Chicago and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. Surely, such activities highlight his love for high culture that is on display to the public in some of America’s largest cities.

In addition to giving large sums of money to great causes, Griffin has taken active roles in education by being a board member of the Chicago Public Education Fund. As a resident of Chicago, Illinois, it’s not surprising how much support he has given to the Windy City.

Ken Griffin is the epitome of a self-made American businessman with humble roots. He has grown from a genius college Freshman with his own business to a charismatic billionaire and generous philanthropist. Besides changing the way that financial transactions are done in the companies he founded, Griffin has also influenced the cultural sphere in major cities throughout North America. He is not just a successful hedge fund manager, but also a great human being who supports an array of wonderful social causes like education.

Brian Mulligan And The Mulligan Concept

Brian Mulligan is an incredibly successful Physiotherapist, who has been integral in designing new manual therapy techniques and teaching these throughout the world. Brian received his training at the New Zealand school of Physiotherapy in 1954 and within two ears had already opened his own private practice in Wellington. It was here that he would continue to practice physiotherapy until his retirement from clinical practice in 2000.

The main interest of Brian had always been focused around manual therapy; Stanley Paris first introduced him to it in the early 1960’s. For the most part manual therapy involves kneading and manipulating the muscles, joint manipulation and joint mobilization. Brian was one of the founding members of the New Zealand Manipulative Therapists Association; on top of this he was heavily involved in teaching a postgraduate program where students worked to achieve the Diploma of Manipulative therapy. Brian is an accomplished lecturer and has lectured at 20 countries throughout the world as well as traveling extensively through the United States.

Brian quickly began developing some of his own techniques and styles in physical therapy; this eventually led to his departure from the teaching program to pursue teaching in his own techniques. He created the Mulligan Concept of Manual Theory, which has had over 100 articles supporting its use and results in scientific journals. These new findings have made Brian the recipient of a great deal of rewards, and honors he has received the Honorary Fellowship of the NZ Society of Physiotherapists and the Award of Excellence of the World Confederation of Physical therapists to name a couple.

In order to spread his teachings throughout the world, Mulligan has setup multiple organizations to help in accrediting teachers. There are currently 48 organizations across 18 nations that teach the Mulligan concept. Since his retirement from active therapy he has continued teaching his theories and still draws large crowds to his seminars.

Like any typical New Zealander, Brian is an avid outdoors man and enjoys playing a round of golf. Brian has been married for 50 years and has been blessed with both children and grandchildren. He is a pioneer in the field of physical therapy and has developed a huge amount of techniques that are still used today.

The Rapid Expansion of Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a gourmet coffee company that was founded in 2008 and has seen vast growth in its operations since that point. The headquarters is currently located in Vancouver British Columbia but the company takes its operations to over 35 countries. Organo Gold is known for its high quality certified organic products, which include an assortment of coffees, teas, nutraceuticals and personal care products.

Most recently the companies CEO, Bernardo Chua, opened a new branch in Turkey. This venture in Turkey is the 39th country that will now offer Organo Gold products. The Turkish people are well known lovers of coffee and are known for having the very first coffee house, which was opened in the 15th century. Turkey has a very healthy appetite for coffee and are currently very interested in health products, which Organo Gold can provide in abundance. The country will also be very interested in Organo Gold’s Nutraceutical products, as Turkey has seen a growth in interest towards living a healthy active life style.

This new area of operations will not only see products now being sold in Turkey but it will help in bringing together the company’s Asia, European and African operations. It will provide better distribution channels across the region. Paul Jarvis, current Regional Vice President of Europe, CIS, and Africa, will oversee the operations in Turkey. The country will see a whole host of products available from Organo Gold, including Gourmet Black Coffee, Gourmet Mocha, Gourmet Latte, Gourmet Hot Chocolate, King of Coffee, Espresso, UNO, Espresso DUE and Espresso TRE.

According to the original article in PR Newswire Bernardo Chua (CEO) has now overseen operations expand to 39 countries, a great accomplishment for any CEO. Mr. Chua is a Philippines native who has vast amounts of experience in marketing. After gaining experience working with Gano Excel he was a founder of Organo Gold and has overseen its tremendous expansion and growth. He has been a spearhead for the company’s worldwide growth and continues to work and promote the company across the globe.

Susan Mcgalla, Big brains and all

Talent managers have very difficult intricate jobs. They are much more than recruiters because recruiting is but one component of this multi-faceted job. Because of this, talent managers are an integral part of the most astute professional companies in existence. Some of these companies have divisions that are solely dedicated to talent management. When I first heard of talent management, I thought it was in reference to acting or sports agents. However, it is not entertainment related at all, but a serious sector of business that ensures the success of the business in many cases because ultimately, the company is only as good as its employees.

Their initial step is to determine both the long and short term goals of the company. This gives them a sense of what is needed for their next phase which is assessing the talent pool for the most favorable prospects. This does not simply happen in a vacuum. There are other talent management entities that are also actively looking for talent and often for the same purposes. This is competition for the talent manager and could be used as a bargaining tool for recruits. It is situations like these that must be considered and planned for by proficient talent managers. The most proficient will also know which prospects other management teams are considering and the intensity of their interest.

After this, these prospects will then need to be assessed individually. The talent managers then actively recruit the prospect with offers that are related to their potential as determined by the prior process and by the assessed value also based on the same process. After acquiring the recruit, they then move into a phase that makes sure that the newly recruited employee smoothly transitions into their new role. However, this is not simply a time to become associates with co-workers, this phase is also utilized to teach the new employees the policies of the company, what is expected of them and any official protocol that has to be followed. After this process is complete, there are rigorous assessment to determine if the new employee can function in the capacity for which an employee has been recruited.

This is done at this stage because any problems need to surface at this point before they can complicate any real business endeavors in which the company is involved and utilizing the employee. When one of the most astute talent managers in the country wields this process, it produces leaders much like herself. Her name is Susan Mcgalla, and she is synonymous with leadership in her field. It is also rare that a woman fills this role in a male dominated profession. She is a pioneer in that sense also. I first understood the profession because I had a professor in college that was abandoning his professorship to become a talent manger. At the time, I thought being a professor was one of the most prestigious professions that someone could ascend to, but I soon found that opportunities like talent management suited many of the cerebral types.