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Adam Goldenberg Gives an Eye Opener Regarding the New Title of Justfab Company

Chief Executive Officer of TechStyle, formerly known as JustFab, attended an interview session on CNBC to discuss the corporations re-branding. He stated that the company had made advancements on its subscription services based on their customers’ feedback. For the customers who opt to enroll in their VIP program, they are expected to pay a certain fee at the end of every month but are allowed to skip a payment at least for a month. He continued to say that the company has prioritized always to inform their customers to pay a monthly visit so as to emit a certain month of payment.


After Mr. Goldenberg had been asked about what makes TechStyle stand out from other online based fashion companies, he said that their aim is not only to sell brands but also build them. He is confident that they have a chance to create brands at a fast rate with the help of a sales model and online subscription. Back in 2014, Adam directed a funding which they managed to raise $85 million during a valuation of $1 billion. He stated that TechStyle is an enterprise that is capital-intensive as it handles all its retail, manufacturing, and design processes.


Mr. Goldenberg founded the company alongside Don Ressler in 2012. They later recruited a creative director, Kimora Simmons, among other celebrities so as to run their lines under their firm. They have undergone massive growth and also acquired several small companies which go through a couple of rounds of investing. The company is also planning to set up an average of 100 stores in the USA in the coming five years.


Shawn Gold, a newly recruited corporate marketing officer, developed the new industrial name, TechStyle, which was inspired by the brands ShoeDazzle, JustFab, Fabletics, and Fabkids. At this position, his role is to oversee the efforts of the brands so as to ensure consistency with the corporate identity. Gold mentioned that they have only been building the business without putting in enough focus. He continued to state that many companies which deal with online fashion are normally less steak and more of sizzle.


After raising the $85 million, Don Ressler stated that the obtained money was not going to change them regarding their operating methods. He has always believed that to build a great business, one ought to create value rather than building towards a certain outcome. Their aim is to build a $3 billion- $5 billion Company despite the much work they have to do so as to eliminate the distractions.

Sheldon Lavin Talks About His Life And Career

Sheldon Lavin is a man who believes that for you to achieve greatness, you must be patient. His favorite quote is that Rome was not built in a day. Despite being a successful businessman in the food industry, Sheldon Lavin began in the banking industry. This is an area where he was very successful establishing his own firm.

Today, Sheldon Lavin is known as the proud owner of a food retail giant known as the OSI Foods. With this institution, he acts as the president and chief executive officer. OSI Group is an international company with subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North America. He took over the OSI Group when it was a small company. During that time, the OSI Group used to be the number one supplier of meat products to McDonald’s. He has transformed the company to a firm with 65 operating plants in more than 17 countries.

The OSI Group today employs 20,000 people across the globe. If there is one thing that Sheldon Lavin is proud about is the culture that he has established within the company. He says that people are the most important part of his organization despite having a small turnover. In the year 2016, the OSI Group had an annual revenue of $6.2 billion. This turnover made the company the 58th largest privately owned company in the world. Some of the countries where Sheldon Lavin has managed to expand his firm to include Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Japan and China. Sheldon Lavin says that he joined the company in the year 1970 when he was asked to serve as the banking consultant of the company.

Other than the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin is currently involved with several charities to help the less privileged people in America. Some of the charities include the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Evans Scholarship Fund and the Inner City Foundation of Chicago. He is also currently involved with Ronald McDonald House Charities, Boys and Girls Club of Chicago as well as the United Negro College Fund. Despite being 81 years old, Sheldon Lavin remains enthusiastic and optimistic about the state of the food industry around the world.

Flavio Maluf Claims Millennials are Relevant

If you believe that New Year is also synonymous with new life and you want to bet on the business of entrepreneurship, then the first step is to do market research and stay tuned to business trends for 2017. Thinking about it, Eucatex CEO, The businessman and executive Flavio Maluf, reports a list published by the American magazine Inc, indicating some of the best sectors for those who want to check it.


Technological innovations


Technology is used in business everywhere for almost everything. There is a functional application for this use of technology. Flavio Maluf reports that according to the list published by Inc, investing in the creation of tools and platforms that can make administration and disclosure of the business simpler and more practical can yield good results for 2017.




Giving some attention and importance to what young people are interested in is a good way to go. According to the magazine’s publication, they are the new consumers of the “Millennial” generation and can not be rejected. On the contrary, they need to be seen as potential customers. This means understanding the way they think in order to create products that please them.


Remote Work


Literally, remote work means working from a distance. They can be the famous home offices, like any work that is done away from the headquarters of the company. The fact is that the practice has been increasingly recurrent and, according to the list, companies capable of offering efficient services for the training of employees who work far from their companies are expected to grow this year – says entrepreneur Flavio Maluf.


Health and Nutrition Area


More than any other generation, this one of the present day is the one that most concerns itself with the health, the beauty, the measures, and the body in general. Because of this, a sector that tends to grow is that of fitness tools for smartphones. The technology provides the creation of several applications capable of measuring calories, making nutritional records and keeping up with good eating and sports habits.

Dondero’s Million Dollar Challenge

With a campaign fundraising goal of $16.5 million, The Family Place of Dallas, Texas, needed an additional $2.8 million to kick off their Legacy Campaign. This is when co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management James Dondero decided to step in. Responding to a call-to-action by Police Chief David Brown and Mayor Mike Rawlings where they addressed the current state of family violence within the city of Dallas, Dondero was moved to act immediately. After becoming familiar with the stellar reputation of The Family Place of Dallas, Texas and the work they have done within the Dallas community, James Dondero, backed by his Highland Capital Management firm, initiated a challenge grant that promises to match 50 percent of any contributions to The Family Place’s Legacy Campaign up to $1 million.

Because of the city of Dallas’s growing issue with family violence, The Family Place are planning to implement a second facility that will service over 2,000 people per year, which should significantly improve the level to which they affect change, considering the existing facility is already operating at full capacity. To be named Ann Moody Place, the new facility will provide emergency care for families experiencing trauma within the household, as well as services for victims of bullying, abuse within teen relationships and an animal shelter for families with beloved pets, to go along with a child development center.

After graduating from the University of Virginia, James Dondero’s inception in the business world began with an analyst position in 1984. Dondero’s rapid ascension continued as the GIC subsidiary of the Protective Life umbrella, making it a billion dollar company over the course of several years. No stranger to success, partnering with Mike Okada proved to be the most fruitful venture of Dondero’s career, as in 1993 Highland Capital Management was formed. Today Highland Capital Management is one of the world’s largest investment advisors.