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Bobby Flay’s Divorce is Turning Bitter

Much like food, if it stays on high heat too long, it turns bitter which is what is happening in celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s divorce proceedings. Bobby Flay and his soon-to-be-ex-wife Stephanie March are locked in a battle where it seems that neither will really emerge victorious, no matter the outcome.

The couple have been married to each other for the past ten years, however it seems as though those ten years together were not all happy ones. As their divorce is heating up, more dirty laundry is filtering out into the media outlets. The split is rumored to have happened because of an affair that Flay was having with his much younger assistant. Now, according to the story on The Daily Mail, it seems as though his assistant may not have been the only dalliance outside of his marriage.

March is accusing Flay of having an affair with “Mad Men” actress January Jones as well according to the twitter page of Crystal Hunt. She claims that the two were together many times, including hotels around Los Angeles. After a car accident that January was in, Flay showed up to the scene which left March suspicious. Flay claims that the two are just pals and that January wanted some kitchen advice from the seasoned chef. The plot thickens in this tale. Stay tuned for more!