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Markus Rothkranz Video Recap: Apple Ravioli Recipe

In this video, lifestyle guru and motivational speaker Markus Rothkranz and his partner Cara Brotman give viewers another healthy raw food recipe. This is a recipe for a sweet apple cinnamon ravioli that can be found in their “gourmet un cookbook” titled Love on a Plate. The video begins with an introduction of Cara talking about how she helped her brother develop a raw food cookbook. She also opened the world’s first major raw food restaurant in San Francisco.

All you need to make the ravioli is apples, pecans, coconut oil, cinnamon, and your choice of sweetener. First, peel the apples and slice them thin to make the ravioli wrappers. Then pour some coconut oil and sweetener (like agave or maple syrup) over the apple slices. Next, sprinkle cinnamon on the apples. Then line the bowl with another layer of apple slices and repeat the process. When you are out of apple slices, put the bowl in the dehydrator for 15 minutes.

To make the filling, put pecans in the blender with some sweetener, coconut oil, and water and blend until smooth. Then scoop the filling into the apple slices and put another slice on top. Seal the edges so the filling does not ooze out. Sprinkle more cinnamon on top if you like. Finally, put the ravioli into the dehydrator for as long as you want. It just depends if you want a soft and chewy or crispy ravioli. The video concludes with Markus and Cara trying their apple ravioli.

The Commitment To Ensuring A Healthy Nation


Pastor Hosea Collins is a man who is committed to helping others and assisting them in unlocking their God-given purpose. He commenced a weight loss journey with the aid of Dherbs to save his wife’s life. His wife needed a kidney transplant, but he was an ineligible donor due to his weight. He previously weighed 352lbs and the seven months journey saw him lose 130 pounds through regular exercises, watching his diet and adhering to cleanse regimen.


Collins and Dherbs CEO will appear on “Steve Harvey” talk show to discuss the lifestyle changes and weight loss mission. The pastor will continue with his weight loss until he reaches 200lbs. He has enrolled in a kidney swap program, and he insists that he will still donate a kidney even if he is not a match for his wife. is a leading online resource for herbal supplements. Its mission is to help people optimize their health, enhance the immune system, weight release and increase body energy. The firm has continued to educate people on the importance of nutrition and human health. Many people are enslaved to medical system as a result of misinformation on causes and origins of disease. Dherbs believes in the body being healed naturally and also believes that there are no diseases that are incurable.


The premier online resource company has an array of products the most popular being the 20-day Full Body Cleanse that has been used by more than 3 Million people across the globe, as reported by Other products are safe and effective herbal based Cleanses and Regimens, Anti-viral Cleanses and Pancreas Cleanse and Regimens. The products help in flushing out impurities in the colon, blood, skin, kidney and heart.


From their Tumblr page, advocates for a change in diet, this is because the firm believes that 90% of diseases are diet related. The products eradicate unhealthy cravings thus ensures individuals curb toxicity. Dherbs also emphasizes on regular exercises which will help in keeping the right fat and burning unnecessary calories. Whether you need a healthy skin, healthy libido or to lose weight, has the right supplements, bath drops, cleanses and detox water for your body be it hair, skin, muscles or bones.  See real reviews from people who have tried the cleanse on their website.