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Bold And Unicorn With Lime Crime

Bold hair colors are in style along with anything and everything unicorn related. Combining the two is a winning situation for everyone. Lime Crime spent three years working and perfecting new semi permanent hair color.


The unicorn hair comes in many different colors and costs $16 for one of these amazing jars. The colors are bold and you can mix and match them to make your own style. They have full coverage colors that are more intense and they have tints that won’t draw as much attention.


The unicorn hair won’t damage your hair. They made it with all natural and gentle ingredients. They do say that to get the best color from your unicorn hair color, you should bleach your hair to a lighter shade. It is recommended that you use a professional to help with that part so you don’t damage your hair.


This company is working on making samples so people can try the product and colors before committing to a whole jar. They say that the color won’t transfer or stain your clothing. The more intense color might transfer just a bit, however with a couple of washes that will stop.


As with all Lime Crime products, the unicorn hair is a vegan product. It contains no ammonia, peroxide, or bleach. These colors are safe to mix and create new colors! Lime Crime has bold colors in other products as well such as lipstick and eye shadow.


Your new unicorn look will make a bold statement with these products. Color a few strands or color your whole head. Once you try one color, you may want to try the rest of the colors they have to offer or mix them to make a color of your own! Go crazy with colors and embrace your inner unicorn!