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Wengie, The Australian Born Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger Taking The Internet By Storm

Wengie is an Australian beauty and life blogger who is known to be one of the biggest internet sensations in Australia. With a huge fan following of over 4 million fans, Wengie has created her very own niche on the web. She is also known to be one of the richest YouTubers in the world, with millions of views on her videos. She is primarily known for her “Wengie Hacks’ videos, where she gives her users information on handy everyday hacks which they can easily implement in their day to day lives. She is also known for the numerous beauty videos she has on youtube, which is also one of the reasons she has managed to rope in such a massive fan following. With her immense love for fashion and personal style, she has managed to grow her youtube channel to what it is today.


Wengie also has her personal blog, which she regularly updates to give her fans something more to look out for. Her blogs also resonate with the kind of videos that she does on youtube, revolving around fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and a whole lot of DIYs.


Her main aim is to be able to give their users something that they will enjoy, and which will help their daily life. She constantly tries to give them quality content, which is what has made her the YouTuber she is today.


A Lot of Wengie’s videos and blog post showcase her multicultural background. Even though she grew up in Australia, she grew up in a Chinese family, who brought her up with chinese values. Owing to this, she developed a multicultural outlook on life, which is showcased in the content she puts out. She also only endorses those products that she uses, and which she thinks her users would like to know about.


Wengie has also worked with a wide array of fellow YouTubers and artists like. She has also done video interviews with a few artists, to provide her viewers with a more diverse experience. She believes in working hard for her channel and hopes to diversify the kind of videos that she puts out in the coming future.

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