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Skout Organic Brand Products

If you love the great outdoors, but don’t love your trail mix bar, Skout Organic may just be the solution you need. Skout Organic is a company that specializes in organic foods for outdoor enthusiasts. The Portland, Oregon based company was founded by two brothers and their father. Tony, Jason, and their father Denny Pastega make up the team at Skout Organic. The family is passionate about the outdoors and providing nutritious foods. They combined both to create Skout Organic.

The Skout Organic brand started when trailbars were created. Trailbars were born after son Jason decided he was tired of the sugar filled products on the market. He decided to come up with his own version of the nutrition bar without all of the added ingredients. Trailbars were born from his hard work and determination to provide a bar that was nutritious and delicious. The all natural bars are healthy and provide the perfect nutrition you need to conquer the great outdoors.

Trailbars can be purchased directly from the Skout Organic website. All of the bars are certified organic and gluten free. They are also GMO free and vegan, which makes them the perfect choice if you want a natural boost of energy. Unlike many nutrition bars, trailbars don’t contain the added sugar that can cause your body to crash. They are a healthy alternative to keep the body fueled.

Trailbars can be purchased individually or in a twelve count box. They come in several different flavors, including blueberry-almond. Some of the other flavors include apple-cinnamon, cherry-vanilla, chocolate-coconut, and chocolate-peanut butter. With all of the delicious flavors you may wonder which one to choose. Skout Organic has taken away the guesswork by offering a trailbar sampler pack. You get all five of the delicious flavors to sample. No matter which one you like best, all of the delicious flavors are packed with nutritious ingredients that are beneficial to overall health.

Skout Organic also makes trailpaks that consist of pumpkin seeds. Like Trailbars, all of the ingredients used in trailpaks are certified organic. You can purchase trailpaks individually or in a six pack case. The trailpaks come in several different flavors of pumpkin seeds including: Black pepper bbq, jalapeno salsa, and Pacific sea salt. Like trailbars, there is also a trailpak sampler pack available that contains all three flavors. This is a good choice if you want to try each flavor before purchasing a case.

Skout Organic is a great choice if you’re looking to fuel your body while hiking or spending time outdoors. The trailbars are a great and quick way to give your body the healthy energy it needs. Trailpaks are also a great way to keep the body energized while still keeping it healthy.