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Goettl Air Conditioning Cares About Your Pets As Well As Your Home

Goettl Air Conditioning has helped many customers across the US keep their homes at just the right temperature, and now they offer advice on keeping pets cool in the summer. The first suggestion is to take note of sidewalks or roadsides and make sure that they aren’t walking on really hot cement or asphalt. Another is to make sure they are given sunscreen that works for pets, and to make sure their fur is cut to proper lengths. And finally, make sure they are given plenty of water during the day, and avoid taking them to the garage, especially if your car leaks fluids.

Goettl is a full-service HVAC company based in Phoenix, AZ that was founded in 1939 by Adam and Gust Goettl. The company has upheld commitment to timely and quality customer service throughout its existence, and has won numerous awards for energy efficiency. But Goettl also believes in helping to better their local communities, and in recognition of charity work that he had done, Goettl executive Dan Burke was awarded the Skip Snyder Humanitarian Award. Goettl has also helped get students and veterans into the workforce through scholarship programs.

Goettl is able to achieve air conditioning and heating efficiency through using unique designs based on the size and structure of a home. As they explain, one common myth is that the biggest AC and heating units always do the best job. But the truth is only units that fit perfectly in a home will do the job right, and should only be installed by qualified professionals.

Goettl also provides ongoing maintenance for air conditioning and heating units, and are always on call in case there’s an emergency. Goettl’s maintenance plan helps reduce the likelihood that a unit breaks down or needs a major repair, but in the event that it does, Goettl will replace it. They also practice safe air conditioning disposal.