Catching Criminals with Securus Technologies Before they Commit More Crimes

When my team of crime scene investigators are called to the scene, we have to collect evidence and get this investigation moving forward quickly and efficiently. When you are dealing with a suspect who is continually robbing armored cars, then it is important you find something that can not only tie the suspect to the crime, but to help unveil where he is hiding and where he may strike next. We had to locate this suspect quickly because it was a matter of time before he used his weapon on an officer and escalated to murder charges.


When our leads dried up, we took a drive to the local prison, in the hopes of getting some inmates to help with our investigation. We knew this was going to be a long shot because the inmates will rarely talk to the police for fear they will be turned in as rats and retaliated against. What wound up happening was that our presence alone began stirring up conversations in the jail through a resource we had not fully utilized to this point.


Securus Technologies installed the monitoring system in the prison that the officers use to listen to the inmates on the phones. The company is based in Dallas and all 1,000 employees work towards the objective of making our planet a little safer for us all. Having already been seeing positive results in the 2,600 jails these systems are already installed, we thought we should stick around and see what would result.


Hours after we began paying close attention to the calls, we discovered one inmate complaining to his family about how the suspect we were hunting owed him a large amount of cash. He told his family to get the suspect a message, but we decided to deliver that message instead.


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