Bruce Bent II is a celebrated Money Market Pioneer

Bruce Bent II is currently the leader of Double Rock Corporation. The company leads as having the most efficient financial technology, and it offers innovative cash management solutions to brokers, banks, qualified persons, and retail markets. Bruce Bent II is also a senior executive officer of the subsidiaries and affiliated companies owned by the Double Rock’s. He has extensive knowledge and understanding of various financial elements including money market funds. His father, Bruce Bent, was a real mentor to him and he helped him develop his success path. His father was the first inventor of the money market fund. Bruce graduated from Northern University with a Bachelor’s degree.

Bruce Bent II is also considered as a pacesetter in the cash management and retirement service business. This is because he has been able to mold some of the most influential products and technologies in the financial service. He has filed for patents to protect several inventions through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Throughout his career, he has always asserted on the importance of money market funds to the investors. Through the money market fund, investors can invest their funds and access assets equivalent to cash with low risk, no loads, and fees charges. Bruce Bent II has an experience of over two decades in the field of financial services, and thus, he has a tremendous experience and valuable contacts with banking and financial services.

Apart from being a specialist in financial service and on matters concerning financial service patent, Mr. Bruce also has an established status as a recognized pioneer in the field of financial money market. He has been mutual funds and a financial services patent consultant for years. He is very passionate about cash management and firmly believes that technology can be used to deliver products more efficiently to different markets. He also enjoys listening to new ideas and always pays special attention to innovators and entrepreneurs of various walks of life. He is a strong leader and a creative strategist who is growth oriented. His primary interest is to transform the landscape of the financial market.

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