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The USHEALTH Group Gets Awarded for Providing Quality Insurance Services

An insurance organization is expected to provide adequate premium services in health care for those involved. The insurance group is also expected to be strategically located serving people who are self-employed and those in white collar jobs. A good insurance agent will also consider the people with disabilities. The organization USHEALTH Group is located in Fort Worth, Texas and has subsidiaries Freedom Life Insurance and National Life Insurance. The aim of the USHEALTH Group is providing insurance, making sure that people lead a quality life through accessing good health care services. Currently, the group serves about 15 million customers through the individually tailored plans spanning over five decades. Whether employed in the office or self-employed, the group serves the people of Fort Worth, Texas without discrimination.


Each customer has different needs, and the USHEALTH Group understands this, hence provides an array of options to choose from and make the correct decision. The USHEALTH Group has several products that are tailored to meet the requirements of their diverse clientele by observing flexibility, affordability, and reliability. For example, the USHEALTH Group insurance has packages for the customers that are on a limited budget. The clients who have a limited budget can take insurance claims on critical illnesses, accident disability claims, short-term life insurance, and dental & vision plans. The insurance claims are for the people with limited funds contributing about 500 USD monthly. The USHEALTH Group aims to create long-term relationships with customers to make the USHEALTH Group a trusted partner through its dependability.


The USHEALTH Group has a subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors, which ensure that the organization provides exceptional services anchored by being committed to providing adequate health care. The consultants have led to the evolvement of the organization making it a leader in business growth, customer growth, and innovation. Through the trust cultivated by USHEALTH, more people are turning to USHEALTH Group to fulfill their coverage needs in insurance. The USHEALH Group understands that each customer is unique, hence the need to have a broad choice of affordable solutions that meet the needs of their clients. Through such initiatives, they have also won awards for customer service and timely payment circles.

Collaboration on Top of Cooperation for Immigration

To really handle and combat any injustices done against undocumented immigrants in the state of Arizona, grass-root political organizations have to network with establishments and the community they seek to serve. And, at times, businesses with a socially progressive conscious are in a position to lend substantial aid to NGO’s (Nongovernmental Organization) and other groups of individuals with funds.

There are several different organizations in Arizona that focus on a particular aspect of life as an immigrant, in that state. The Arizona Dream Act Coalition just happens to be one of several benefactors of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This is a good deal as the ADAC has a very inclusive field of service and a vulnerable, yet hearty, clientele.

The ADAC has a most precious vision indeed, where undocumented immigrants, along with the social and familial relationships they often depend on, can live in piece free from unlawful persecution. To this end, they have a mission statement that promotes and promises advocacy for the recognition of civil rights reserved for immigration. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Jim Larkin |LinkedIn

Their plan of action is to see political change through the influencing of leadership on the state and possibly federal level. And, they are not the only organization on the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund support list, which boasts names like the Arizona ACLU.

Focusing on the Frontera Fund, the support they give to organizations really comes complements of sheriff Joe Arpaio and a certain unlawful detainment, followed by vindicated day in court. It turns out that particular day in court, and the testimony held within, came with an award worth multi millions in USD (United States Dollars) and bragging rights for good guys Lacey and Larkin. However, the fight for civil rights still rages on and requires constant vigilance from members of a community with many walks of life.

On top of all of the support the Frontera Fund provides across the state, it is also a hub of information and a headquarters for whistle blowing unfair play in government, as needed. Stories from the latest news and features focuses such as Trump Watch give a rich and layered value to everything the it does.

Really, this kind of service and awareness raising in not new to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, and they are confounders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. The Fund let’s them help others to do what they themselves do, in their own way.

Adam Goldenberg Gives an Eye Opener Regarding the New Title of Justfab Company

Chief Executive Officer of TechStyle, formerly known as JustFab, attended an interview session on CNBC to discuss the corporations re-branding. He stated that the company had made advancements on its subscription services based on their customers’ feedback. For the customers who opt to enroll in their VIP program, they are expected to pay a certain fee at the end of every month but are allowed to skip a payment at least for a month. He continued to say that the company has prioritized always to inform their customers to pay a monthly visit so as to emit a certain month of payment.


After Mr. Goldenberg had been asked about what makes TechStyle stand out from other online based fashion companies, he said that their aim is not only to sell brands but also build them. He is confident that they have a chance to create brands at a fast rate with the help of a sales model and online subscription. Back in 2014, Adam directed a funding which they managed to raise $85 million during a valuation of $1 billion. He stated that TechStyle is an enterprise that is capital-intensive as it handles all its retail, manufacturing, and design processes.


Mr. Goldenberg founded the company alongside Don Ressler in 2012. They later recruited a creative director, Kimora Simmons, among other celebrities so as to run their lines under their firm. They have undergone massive growth and also acquired several small companies which go through a couple of rounds of investing. The company is also planning to set up an average of 100 stores in the USA in the coming five years.


Shawn Gold, a newly recruited corporate marketing officer, developed the new industrial name, TechStyle, which was inspired by the brands ShoeDazzle, JustFab, Fabletics, and Fabkids. At this position, his role is to oversee the efforts of the brands so as to ensure consistency with the corporate identity. Gold mentioned that they have only been building the business without putting in enough focus. He continued to state that many companies which deal with online fashion are normally less steak and more of sizzle.


After raising the $85 million, Don Ressler stated that the obtained money was not going to change them regarding their operating methods. He has always believed that to build a great business, one ought to create value rather than building towards a certain outcome. Their aim is to build a $3 billion- $5 billion Company despite the much work they have to do so as to eliminate the distractions.

Service Delivery Expansion of Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a reputable firm which deals with lingerie and luxury bedroom items. It is dedicated to the consumers with lingerie and bedroom toys which inject the pleasure parlour required. The products also increase sensuality in the bedroom. The women are empowered and entertained by the firm through the provision of items which meet their needs. The customers can choose from the variety of products which are in the storeys. The services provision is convenient, and the customers who make orders of more $50 get a free delivery of the products. The firm has been opening its branches in the main cities since it was in 2006.
The founder of Honey Birdette Eloise Monaghan has launched an e-commerce site in the US. The firm was founded in 2006 in Australia, and it has 55 stores in the country. The entrepreneur also aims at increasing the number of stalls in the UK from 3 to 40 by the year 2018.The launching of the US site was instigated by an increase of 374 percent in US online sales in a period of 12 months. The US site will provide improved customer service delivery. The orders of more than $50 will be delivered to the consumers for free. The US customers will also get easier returns and an opportunity to choose from a variety of products.
Honey Birdette will open the retails stores in various parts of the US to improve its convenience to the customers. The ideas follow the store first store opened in London’s Covent Garden and the ones opened in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City. The firm will soon open 10 stores in the US as it aims at attaining 40 stores next year. The premium label goes for about £35 and bras sells at about £60.The brand receives backing from BBRC which is a private investment.

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Bruce Bent II is a celebrated Money Market Pioneer

Bruce Bent II is currently the leader of Double Rock Corporation. The company leads as having the most efficient financial technology, and it offers innovative cash management solutions to brokers, banks, qualified persons, and retail markets. Bruce Bent II is also a senior executive officer of the subsidiaries and affiliated companies owned by the Double Rock’s. He has extensive knowledge and understanding of various financial elements including money market funds. His father, Bruce Bent, was a real mentor to him and he helped him develop his success path. His father was the first inventor of the money market fund. Bruce graduated from Northern University with a Bachelor’s degree.

Bruce Bent II is also considered as a pacesetter in the cash management and retirement service business. This is because he has been able to mold some of the most influential products and technologies in the financial service. He has filed for patents to protect several inventions through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Throughout his career, he has always asserted on the importance of money market funds to the investors. Through the money market fund, investors can invest their funds and access assets equivalent to cash with low risk, no loads, and fees charges. Bruce Bent II has an experience of over two decades in the field of financial services, and thus, he has a tremendous experience and valuable contacts with banking and financial services.

Apart from being a specialist in financial service and on matters concerning financial service patent, Mr. Bruce also has an established status as a recognized pioneer in the field of financial money market. He has been mutual funds and a financial services patent consultant for years. He is very passionate about cash management and firmly believes that technology can be used to deliver products more efficiently to different markets. He also enjoys listening to new ideas and always pays special attention to innovators and entrepreneurs of various walks of life. He is a strong leader and a creative strategist who is growth oriented. His primary interest is to transform the landscape of the financial market.

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Catching Criminals with Securus Technologies Before they Commit More Crimes

When my team of crime scene investigators are called to the scene, we have to collect evidence and get this investigation moving forward quickly and efficiently. When you are dealing with a suspect who is continually robbing armored cars, then it is important you find something that can not only tie the suspect to the crime, but to help unveil where he is hiding and where he may strike next. We had to locate this suspect quickly because it was a matter of time before he used his weapon on an officer and escalated to murder charges.


When our leads dried up, we took a drive to the local prison, in the hopes of getting some inmates to help with our investigation. We knew this was going to be a long shot because the inmates will rarely talk to the police for fear they will be turned in as rats and retaliated against. What wound up happening was that our presence alone began stirring up conversations in the jail through a resource we had not fully utilized to this point.


Securus Technologies installed the monitoring system in the prison that the officers use to listen to the inmates on the phones. The company is based in Dallas and all 1,000 employees work towards the objective of making our planet a little safer for us all. Having already been seeing positive results in the 2,600 jails these systems are already installed, we thought we should stick around and see what would result.


Hours after we began paying close attention to the calls, we discovered one inmate complaining to his family about how the suspect we were hunting owed him a large amount of cash. He told his family to get the suspect a message, but we decided to deliver that message instead.


Sheldon Lavin Talks About His Life And Career

Sheldon Lavin is a man who believes that for you to achieve greatness, you must be patient. His favorite quote is that Rome was not built in a day. Despite being a successful businessman in the food industry, Sheldon Lavin began in the banking industry. This is an area where he was very successful establishing his own firm.

Today, Sheldon Lavin is known as the proud owner of a food retail giant known as the OSI Foods. With this institution, he acts as the president and chief executive officer. OSI Group is an international company with subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North America. He took over the OSI Group when it was a small company. During that time, the OSI Group used to be the number one supplier of meat products to McDonald’s. He has transformed the company to a firm with 65 operating plants in more than 17 countries.

The OSI Group today employs 20,000 people across the globe. If there is one thing that Sheldon Lavin is proud about is the culture that he has established within the company. He says that people are the most important part of his organization despite having a small turnover. In the year 2016, the OSI Group had an annual revenue of $6.2 billion. This turnover made the company the 58th largest privately owned company in the world. Some of the countries where Sheldon Lavin has managed to expand his firm to include Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Japan and China. Sheldon Lavin says that he joined the company in the year 1970 when he was asked to serve as the banking consultant of the company.

Other than the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin is currently involved with several charities to help the less privileged people in America. Some of the charities include the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Evans Scholarship Fund and the Inner City Foundation of Chicago. He is also currently involved with Ronald McDonald House Charities, Boys and Girls Club of Chicago as well as the United Negro College Fund. Despite being 81 years old, Sheldon Lavin remains enthusiastic and optimistic about the state of the food industry around the world.

Air Conditioning Tips for the Summer from Goettl

When summer hits, all people run for our Air Conditioning systems to keep us, our loved ones and homes fresh and less affected by the heat. Despite this, we should not spend our savings to cater to this single venture. Fortunately, there are steps to ensure your systems’ efficiency and uptime which we shall outline.

First, we need to ensure that we weatherize our homes. This measure ensures that the Air Conditioning systems do not work harder than they should by ensuring the cooled air does not escape because if this happens then, the system keeps cooling warm air. Therefore, old insulations must be replaced, cracks, and gaps to be sealed using weather-stripping as well as caulk. Secondly, the Air Conditioning unit needs to be in the shade if it is possible. Shady areas have cooler air which means the system does not work as hard to provide cool air. Thirdly, your system’s thermostat should not be under direct sunlight, heat, bright lights nor any other artificial light. Such factors tend to fool your system to work harder to provide cool air when not necessary.

The fourth step is having a window film or low-emissivity windows to arrest the sunlight and keep it from getting into your home. Next, each degree you lower below 78 degrees, the energy used is increased by 8%. Sixth, you should consider having radiant barriers installed in your attic as this usually goes a long way to keep your home cool on hot days. It seals in warm air from escaping in the winter and seals out warm air from getting during summer, thus giving you the proper protection all year round. You should also replace air filters where necessary as they are victim to dust and allergens in the summer. A programmable thermostat is also a great product to have or even smart thermostats which are manageable via smartphones. The ninth step, you could opt to change your Air Conditioner if the earlier steps did not work. Finally, make sure your system is checked and serviced preferably bi-annually to ensure optimum performance.

These tips are provided by Goettl, an Air Conditioning and heating company based in Arizona, founded in 1926 by the Goettl brothers.

Sniffing Like a Dog from Clay Siegall’s Blogpost

Though humans do not have a complex sense of smell as most believe, one psychologist and wildlife biologist believes that dogs can teach humans to sniff just as well as they do. She sees the nose as one of those features of the body that is rarely exalted which could be the reason why there is not much fuss around the sense of smell. In fact, some people can easily vote for smell as the sense they would easily lose if it came down to it.

However, unlike popular opinion, humans are born natural smellers. Kids from the time they are in their mothers’ wombs learn to identify things by the sense of smell. Even in early years, children recognize their parents, siblings, and friends just by how they smell. In early ages, sniffing and smelling is more of navigation and discovery.

However, this great ability is lost with time, as we smell different things in a day. In the same period, a dog has been able to smell many other things hence the admiration associated with dog’s smell sense.

These dogs have been used to sniff out even the things that no one thought had any odors such as cancer cells. Researchers believe that humans are also sensitive smellers and a few tricks from the dog can improve their sense of sniffing. Some of the things that can enhance this ability include sticking your nose in the items you want to smell, treat smell with interests and avoid dismissing them, and finding a name for the smell can all go a long way.

About Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics Inc., which was founded in 1997. He has served as president from 2000 and as CEO from 2002. He has a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in the field of cancer research and therapeutic drug development. Clay has worked in several other pharmaceuticals, which have been key to his success.

Dr. Clay has been influential in guiding Seattle Genetics towards achieving success. He has been able to secure over 675 million dollars through both public and private financing which has gone a long way in ensuring the company stays ahead of its competition.

Honey Birdette Launches the New York Collection

For over a decade, Honey Birdette had the reputation for being Australia’s first sensual boutique. They offer a wide array of toys for him and her, bondage items and more. The company ships globally and has been known for their high-end products that deliver pleasure in and out of the bedroom.

Lingerie has been an offering for years. Honey Birdette has recently added a New York Collection, which has captured the eyes of many. Various lines are found within the collection, each featuring the name of a woman.

Miss D is a line that shows a sexy, dominatrix-style look with suspender sets. Brittney shows off a fun and sexy line that is in black and purple. Luna offers a lot of lace, including a beautiful ivory color that adds a touch of innocence. Finally, there’s Alex, which offers up black satin and a touch of metal for a look of bondage.

The New York Collection was launched with a campaign that is set in New York City. Taxi cabs, skyscrapers and more play a role in the branding. The women take over the city as they run around in the scantily clad lingerie, looking their very best.

The designs are meant to show off curves and offer a sensual look. It’s true to the Honey Birdette name, which has always been synonymous with sophistication, class and luxury.

Customers who have shopped Honey Birdette in the past are excited about the New York Collection. The photos of the collection are a must-see and the campaign video will give everyone more insight into what to expect.

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