Air Conditioning Tips for the Summer from Goettl

When summer hits, all people run for our Air Conditioning systems to keep us, our loved ones and homes fresh and less affected by the heat. Despite this, we should not spend our savings to cater to this single venture. Fortunately, there are steps to ensure your systems’ efficiency and uptime which we shall outline.

First, we need to ensure that we weatherize our homes. This measure ensures that the Air Conditioning systems do not work harder than they should by ensuring the cooled air does not escape because if this happens then, the system keeps cooling warm air. Therefore, old insulations must be replaced, cracks, and gaps to be sealed using weather-stripping as well as caulk. Secondly, the Air Conditioning unit needs to be in the shade if it is possible. Shady areas have cooler air which means the system does not work as hard to provide cool air. Thirdly, your system’s thermostat should not be under direct sunlight, heat, bright lights nor any other artificial light. Such factors tend to fool your system to work harder to provide cool air when not necessary.

The fourth step is having a window film or low-emissivity windows to arrest the sunlight and keep it from getting into your home. Next, each degree you lower below 78 degrees, the energy used is increased by 8%. Sixth, you should consider having radiant barriers installed in your attic as this usually goes a long way to keep your home cool on hot days. It seals in warm air from escaping in the winter and seals out warm air from getting during summer, thus giving you the proper protection all year round. You should also replace air filters where necessary as they are victim to dust and allergens in the summer. A programmable thermostat is also a great product to have or even smart thermostats which are manageable via smartphones. The ninth step, you could opt to change your Air Conditioner if the earlier steps did not work. Finally, make sure your system is checked and serviced preferably bi-annually to ensure optimum performance.

These tips are provided by Goettl, an Air Conditioning and heating company based in Arizona, founded in 1926 by the Goettl brothers.

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