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Leading Public Figures Share their Opinions on How to Improve Basic Sanitation in Brazil

The problem of hygiene and sanitation has become a national problem in Brazil, and it is because of this reason, the government has announced collaboration with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. With the help of the partnership, the government would be able to provide concessions on projects related to sanitation and hygiene and address the problem on a wider scale across the country. The new partnership would help the government to ensure that the financial resources are used in the process, and the entire process is streamlined to get better results, much more quickly.


Tata Brasil, one of the largest companies in Brazil in the sanitation sector, owned and headed by Edison Carlson, recently shared his view on this issue. One of the most widely respected infrastructure specialists, Felipe Montoro Jens, was also asked in an interview about his views on how to tackle the growing sanitation related problem in the country. Both the public figures were of opinions that part of the entire management of sanitation in the country, the 90 percent of which is presently managed by the public sector should be handed over to the private entities.


Felipe Montero Jens said that it would help the public sector to share its vast experience with the private companies, while public limited companies would be able to get access to the advanced technology and methods used by the private firms. Overall, it would help in getting the problem of sanitation, water, and waste management solved in due course.


Felipe Montoro Jens is the CEO of Energipar Captacao SA and has served as the chief executive officer of three different firms as well during his lifetime. Felipe Montoro Jens has done his graduation from the reputed Getulio Vargas Foundation and went on to study Masters in Business Administration from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Reliable Municipality Management Through E-Governe

E-governe is a conglomeration of companies that keep an array of e-government systems. E-governance systems are made up of e-governance solutions that are modern, modular, and intelligent and providing the best services among public administration bodies.

E-governe companies possess attributes such as competence and creativity so as to make them capable of achieving their objectives. They also use state of the art technology in rendering services to their clients.

E-governe system tools were implemented in the municipality of Teresina therefore, servers of various organs needed to be trained on the use of the tools. Prodater Miguel Oliveira pointed out that, so to ensure optimization of the services offered by e-governe, there was a need to have meetings with representatives from the municipal finance department, municipal health foundation, and municipal education departments.

The city hall in Teresina intended to expand the e-government system with the aim of improving services to the public. The mayor of the city; Silvio Mendes considered full functioning of the e-government system as very important due to its importance in speeding response to population demands, identifying problems and monitoring the services provided by the municipality.

One of the important e-governe systems is the e-government health help that helps in the efficient management of the municipal and health of state secretariats. This has made the work simple and economical for the public administration of the municipality.

E-government health has helped in integrating healthcare units, health sectors, clinics and dental chart in the municipality. This has enabled scheduling of appointments and organizing the professionals’ and schedules to the benefit of patients and other clients. This has helped in eliminating service queues. It has also and brought quality services delivered to the public.

E-government health has helped in controlling the distribution of medicine stocks from pharmacies, vaccines application, and schedule of specialized examinations and consultations. The e-government system has also helped in performing bed control and ambulatory. It has also helped in the management of financial resources.

Governments that have adopted any of the e-governe systems have benefited in ways like regionalizing attendance and controlling the flow of patients from other municipalities. These municipalities have been helped in the efficient management of their finances, improved their work process, and controlled patients flow between health units. The system has also enabled the municipalities to structure programs of continuous attention to health.

Several municipalities such as São Paulo have been using the e-governe system. São Paulo is implementing e-governe school management system. This system is also used in Teresina. E-government education ensures integrity, security of information and uniqueness. School management reports are also issued at the right time. Reports are also shared through the internet, so there is no reworking or double working. The administration level at school can monitor security and ensure that units’ demands are met on time through the system as well.

Osasco is a city in Sao Paulo in Brazil. The municipality of this city has recorded impessive progress socially. That has been the case thanks to E-governe and e-commerce that are highly used in this city with the largest e-commerce commerce of Brazil located here.

Flavio Maluf Claims Millennials are Relevant

If you believe that New Year is also synonymous with new life and you want to bet on the business of entrepreneurship, then the first step is to do market research and stay tuned to business trends for 2017. Thinking about it, Eucatex CEO, The businessman and executive Flavio Maluf, reports a list published by the American magazine Inc, indicating some of the best sectors for those who want to check it.


Technological innovations


Technology is used in business everywhere for almost everything. There is a functional application for this use of technology. Flavio Maluf reports that according to the list published by Inc, investing in the creation of tools and platforms that can make administration and disclosure of the business simpler and more practical can yield good results for 2017.




Giving some attention and importance to what young people are interested in is a good way to go. According to the magazine’s publication, they are the new consumers of the “Millennial” generation and can not be rejected. On the contrary, they need to be seen as potential customers. This means understanding the way they think in order to create products that please them.


Remote Work


Literally, remote work means working from a distance. They can be the famous home offices, like any work that is done away from the headquarters of the company. The fact is that the practice has been increasingly recurrent and, according to the list, companies capable of offering efficient services for the training of employees who work far from their companies are expected to grow this year – says entrepreneur Flavio Maluf.


Health and Nutrition Area


More than any other generation, this one of the present day is the one that most concerns itself with the health, the beauty, the measures, and the body in general. Because of this, a sector that tends to grow is that of fitness tools for smartphones. The technology provides the creation of several applications capable of measuring calories, making nutritional records and keeping up with good eating and sports habits.

Follow The Leader Named Igor Cornleson

With the stock market being one of the most difficult trades to learn, it remains noteworthy to come across someone who knows how to trade stocks. This remains attributed to the fact that stocks involve a lot of speculative information. However, the benefits remain fruitful for the people willing to engage in such high-risk investing. With that being said, Igor Cornelsen remains a prominent figure in the investment community. Moreover, Igor possesses years of expertise and has demonstrated his “know how” of trading stocks.


As a result, numerous investors seek advice from Igor Cornelsen. Fortunately for them, he remains a friendly and outgoing personality. Moreover, he specializes in advising people about making long-term Investments. Furthermore, he encourages them to shy away from investing in damaged companies and focus their efforts on damaged stocks. This remains attributed to the fact that such stock opportunities remain affordable. In addition, they give investors an increased level of security. For those unaware, most investors make money when they follow his advice. Currently, Cornelsen serves as the proprietor of a company called Bainbridge. In addition, he spends a substantial amount of time in South Florida. Upon holding such high-ranking positions, Cornelsen considers investing as a hobby rather than as a profession.


Regardless of a person’s investment needs, Cornelson has them covered. Moreover, he possesses a wealth of knowledge pertaining to investing in commodities. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated his superior level of leadership for various companies. Therefore, few people possess a similar banking acumen as Igor Cornelsen. In comparison to other countries, Brazil continues to “weather the storm.” On an annual basis, Brazil’s banking community continue to thrive. Moreover, they continue to experience an immense amount of growth. According to Cornelsen, this remains attributed to Brazil’s knowledge of the market and learning from their past mistakes. In particular, Brazilian bankers in the private sector lend exclusively to borrowers with favorable credit. As a result, this gives banks a heightened sense of security and keeps costs down. Another reason why Brazil remains a world power remains attributed to its natural resources and ongoing infrastructure developments.

Why UKV PLC Is A Wonderful Wine Producing Company

UKV PLC is having a significant effect in the winemaking industry. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of there being winemakers who are not necessarily taking their time, or putting forth effort towards making quality wine.

Wine that is of high quality needs to consist of fruit settling in to liquid for some time prior to being packaged and ready for selling. If you’re not sure whether the company you’re investing in is offering you the best product or not, please feel free to read about reviews and feedback that have been left pertaining to their products.

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If you are not sure about whether UKV PLC is a company that you can truly depend on, please feel free to ask one of the representatives about their procedural protocols of winemaking. They should be able to make you aware that they produce their wine products with fruits that have been specifically grown to ensure quality products of wine are made. Also, it is important for you to know that UKV PLC ensure the wine is completely settled into the liquid prior to packaging to be shipped to stores’ shelves. This particular process allows the fruits to completely settle into the liquid, thus, making it a wine product that truly has a good taste to it.

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Dondero’s Million Dollar Challenge

With a campaign fundraising goal of $16.5 million, The Family Place of Dallas, Texas, needed an additional $2.8 million to kick off their Legacy Campaign. This is when co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management James Dondero decided to step in. Responding to a call-to-action by Police Chief David Brown and Mayor Mike Rawlings where they addressed the current state of family violence within the city of Dallas, Dondero was moved to act immediately. After becoming familiar with the stellar reputation of The Family Place of Dallas, Texas and the work they have done within the Dallas community, James Dondero, backed by his Highland Capital Management firm, initiated a challenge grant that promises to match 50 percent of any contributions to The Family Place’s Legacy Campaign up to $1 million.

Because of the city of Dallas’s growing issue with family violence, The Family Place are planning to implement a second facility that will service over 2,000 people per year, which should significantly improve the level to which they affect change, considering the existing facility is already operating at full capacity. To be named Ann Moody Place, the new facility will provide emergency care for families experiencing trauma within the household, as well as services for victims of bullying, abuse within teen relationships and an animal shelter for families with beloved pets, to go along with a child development center.

After graduating from the University of Virginia, James Dondero’s inception in the business world began with an analyst position in 1984. Dondero’s rapid ascension continued as the GIC subsidiary of the Protective Life umbrella, making it a billion dollar company over the course of several years. No stranger to success, partnering with Mike Okada proved to be the most fruitful venture of Dondero’s career, as in 1993 Highland Capital Management was formed. Today Highland Capital Management is one of the world’s largest investment advisors.

Vincent Parascandola: The Man behind the Success of AXA Advisors.

Vincent Parascandola, a financial expert, works at AXA Advisors, LLC. He’s responsible for the development and performance of over 200 financial professionals. Vincent is the Senior Executive VP of AXA. His mandate as the company’s vice president is to enhance the efficiency of staff and improve the profitability of the firm. Additionally, he’s responsible for hiring, training and retaining advisors. Vincent Parascandola is subject to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) oversight because he was in the security registration sector for more than 15 years.


Parascandola’s main role at AXA Advisors is to offer financial advisory to clients. Located in Woodbridge, AXA Advisors LLC. has about 5,500 financial professionals in the United States. The broker-dealer firm has earned a reputation as one of the best financial protection company. AXA Advisors is also a leading provider of life insurance and annuity products. The company offers products as well as business strategies that are essential to asset allocation, retirement benefits, estate planning, investments and financial protection. These services enable clients to fulfill their financial needs.


Vincent Parascandola has more than 25 years of experience in the financial sector. He uses his skills, knowledge, and experience to improve the lives of clients and help his fellow advisors at AXA Advisors, LLC. Parascandola began his career as an agent in 1987 at Prudential. In 1990, he left Prudential to join MONY Life Insurance. He held various managerial positions at MONY before joining AXA Advisors in May 2005.


Parascandola was the President of Advantage Group, a subsidiary of AXA Equitable, in 2008. He was also one of the managers at the company’s New York branch, which had 400 financial experts. Over the years, Vincent Parascandola’s managerial skills have earned him various leadership awards including GAMA’s Career Development.


Parascandola has also earned respect as a great speaker. He’s spoken at many conferences held by AXA Advisors. Some of these conferences include GAMA’s annual meeting and LIMRA’s conferences. He’s also a member of GAMA and the chairperson of the field officers committee of LIMRA. Vincent holds a Bachelor’s degree from Pace University. In 2004, he gave the opening speech at Pace University’s graduation ceremony.

How Is Securus Technologies Making Communications Safer? Read More To Find Out.

Securus Technologies is a program that is not only bringing people and communities together, but also keeping them simultaneously. It is highly recommended for people to do what they can to encourage their local courts to have it installed in their correctional facilities’ systems/platforms of communications, as they can make great differences in communities. The platform works by connecting inmates and their visitors over a video conferencing method of communication in which the visitor(s) can essentially “visit” their friend, family member, and/or significant other who is currently incarcerated. Not only are inmates and their visitor(s) now capable of communicating in a convenient and safe way through the use of this technologically advanced form of communication, but it is also a tool that is keeping communities safe, as law enforcement agencies are now capable of utilizing the conversations that are conducted in them for the purposes of solving crimes if needed. This is why it is always recommended for inmates and their visitor(s) to ensure that not only are they doing what they can to refrain from speaking about illegal matters, but also from engaging in them all together. What many people don’t realize is that many of today’s crimes are being committed in jails, thus, making Securus Technologies a great system for keeping them under control, as it is utilized as a monitoring tool.


Securus Technologies should not be confused for any other form of communication, as it is entirely different from what any other program offers. You will not find the type of service this program offers elsewhere. It has been engineered and designed to provide people with a safe and secure form of communication, one that they can depend on to deliver the results of high quality communications that they need.


Jim Tananbaum Announces Partnership with Molly He, for Better Health Care Systems

For many organizations, restructuring contributes to growth and development. That is why Foresite Capital was glad to announce the introduction of a new member to the team. The organization that focuses on providing healthcare growth through offering financial support to the health care sector was elated to have Molly He in the team. Molly is an executive medical practitioner with over ten years’ experience in the industry of pharmaceuticals as well as genomic research. Jim Tananbaum introduced Molly by saying that she is a respected scientist in the field of researchers. He also stated that he was elated to have her be part of the team, because she has experience in research. With her extensive experience in different scientific fields like genomics and drug development, Molly brings in new blood to the team. Jim said that Molly’s remarkable skills in leadership would be resourceful to Foresite Capital, as the organization continues to expand its operations and portfolio with the aim of transforming companies.


In an article on INC42, As the serving director of Illumina scientific research, Molly He’s duty involved handling the company’s protein reagent innovation project as well as improvements. Before joining Illumina, she served as the head of sciences in Pacific Biosciences. She was responsible for overseeing protein reagent development. She was also in charge of single molecular sequencing in chemistry. Before she established her career, she spent the first ten years exploring the pharmaceutical industry. In this department, she concentrated on the structural-based designs linked to antibodies. She also acquired knowledge in small molecule drugs. The alumnus of Nankai University is a Ph.D. holder of protein biophysics.

Jim‘s Profile

Jim Tananbaum is a career executive and entrepreneur. He has been making news headlines since Forbes Magazine announced his entrepreneurial success. He has been making the list of Midas’ wealthiest men for three consecutive years. Jim is the founder of Foresite Capital. He has twenty five years’ experience in the industry of managed health care. He also has vast experience in entrepreneurship. Jim capitalizes on strategic management and financial opportunities. He uses his capital to provide useful capital to healthcare investors. In the last twenty five years, Jim has assisted in growing the healthcare franchise across Texas. More details can be found on Researchgate.

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How Writing For Huffington Post Can Bring Forth Success to Businesses Like Talk Fusion

When people start a business, one of the issues they have to work out is how to bring forth the success that they want for their company. After all, they have to market and bring in the traffic especially if they are running an online business. Therefore, they have to figure out how they are going to get a good source of traffic so that they will get a lot of good sales. One of the best ways to bring in traffic is by writing for an online publisher. One publisher is called HuffPost, formerly known as HuffPost.


HuffPost has decided to change its name. However, the site remains the same for people that are used to the way it works. They have decided that they don’t have to fix what isn’t broken. Therefore, it still remains one of the best ways to get traffic to the website. Among the businesses that have gotten a lot of traffic from HuffPost is Talk Fusion. This is because Bob Reina is one of the prolific writers on the site. Therefore, he is going to gain a lot of followers because of the content he writes. His passion also allows him to share all of the knowledge that he has gathered.


Bob Reina talks a lot about technology and being an entrepreneur with HuffPost. This helps people gain the insight they need in order to bring about the results they want for their company. Writing for HuffPost can be more effective than even marketing on social media. For one thing, the content is easier to find and people will gain a lot of traffic as they release content on the site. As with other forms of work, all that is needed is for one to be constantly writing on the topics that he is interested in so that he can gain traffic to his site.