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Take Charge of Your Online Reputation in 2017

Reputation management has radically changed over the years. Advancement in technology is one of the forces that have completely shifted management of online reputation. Today, many people search online to find information about various aspects of persons or businesses. Even most crucial decisions are made based on information found online. In this digital era, a candidate’s online reputation can serve as a foundation in making hiring decisions. This means that a poor online representation can ruin your career prospects. Therefore, it’s extremely necessary to have an impressive online presence that is consistent to the prevailing trends. Here are some best ways to manage your online reputation in 2017.

Reviewing and cleaning up any damaging updates is one step towards taking control of your online reputation. Search yourself on Google and find out the kind of content available online about you. Wipe out any irrelevant or negative information. Apart from deleting outdated websites, pay attention to the history of your social media channels and eliminate all controversial news feeds. Once all this is done, you can comfortably make the news appear as public.

As experts from suggests, registering your name as a domain name is another trick that can enhance your online presence. Focus on developing a website containing your name in the domain. This isn’t enough in building a solid online reputation: there is need to provide compelling content on the website. The information can encompass blog posts, press releases, awards, experience and honors that you have received. No matter the kind of information you are sharing on your website, ensure that it’s relevant to the audience.

Presence in authoritative social platforms is key. Secure a place in social media platforms that commands huge followers including Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Crunch base and slideshare are also ripe grounds for strengthening your online reputation. Above all, your profiles need to be optimized in order to direct substantial traffic to your website.

Companies as well as customers are increasingly relying on online information to make decisions. This implies that fixing your online reputation is inevitable. Clean up fake names and privacy settings to unlock the full benefits of your online presence.

NuoDB: For Innovative Database Development and Marketing

NuoDB Inc. is a database company that is elastic SQL compliant for cloud applications. The company started its operations in 2008 as NimbusDB in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At the time, its co-founders who included Barry S. Morris, Jim Starkey, and Bob Walmsley were running the company. Since then, NuoDB has grown to a staff of over 85 members, with Bob Walmsley heading them as the CEO.

Its Uniqueness

NuoDB Inc. develops NuoDB database that is unique from the traditional SQL databases. NuoDB has more developed features that support cloud computing and applications through its administrative and transactional rows. Other special features of NuoDB include the atoms software, elastic cloud style, and the multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) among others. The database is developed and marketed in different versions, such as NuoDB 1.0 version of 2013 and the most recent NuoDB 2.0.3 version.

NuoDB’s Milestones

Masterminded by one of the greatest database experts, NuoDB acquired its first patent within a less than two years. The patent that was issued by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, and was then followed by several others, with five of them expected in the few years. In 2015, the company was in the list of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Visionary database managers.

Yanni Hufnagel Recuriting Guru

Is Yanni Hufnagel the best recruiting coach in the country? Yanni has an extensive resume which includes landing big name players for top tier division one college basketball teams. He has landed big name players wherever he has coached. That’s because Yanni knows how to communicate with student athletes.

In his role at Harvard, Yanni was asked to wear multiple hats. He flourished in the position. Not only did he help recruit top D1 talent, he also helped guide players like Jeremy Lin to higher elevations. This enabled Harvard to enjoy unprecedented success on the Division One level. His reward was seeing Harvard win their first Ivy League Championship in school history. The success that followed was a program building foundation.

His hard work ethic has prevailed no matter where has coached. His stints at Oklahoma, Vanderbilt and Nevada have all left traces of his impact. He finds the hidden jewels in high school and knows exactly how that translates onto the collegiate level. His vast experience starting by playing high school ball in his hometown of Scarsdale, New York. While he eventually was cut, Yanni found a passion for basketball. His love for the game led to the potential for coaching. His potential turned out to be giant.


It was there he would make a huge difference. Yanni graduated from Cornell but still remained within the hoops foundation as a team manager. He went to Oklahoma where he found a well suited role as a graduate assistant. It was there he worked with NBA star Blake Griffin. He eventually landed the job at Harvard where he made quite the impression.


His skills as a coach are complemented well by his tremendous skills as a recruiter. He knows the game of basketball and understands the intricacies surrounding what needs to be done. He also understands how each individual player can fit into each unique system. Yanni has worked with coaches like Cuonzo Martin, Tommy Amaker and Kevin Stallings along the way. The future is bright for this New York product. His recruiting resume will give you great evidence of that.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Takes Her Skills To Her Home Town

Dr. Jennifer Walden has returned to her home of Austin, TX to put up an office where she can provide services to patients in her home town. There are a lot of advantages she gets to experience with her home town. For one thing, he can spend more time with her family. One thing that she prides herself on being is a good mother. She loves her children and works very hard in order to provide a home and a comfortable environment for her children. Another thing that could be said for her is that she enjoys what she does for a living.


Dr. Jennifer Walden works in cosmetic surgery. She is not just someone who performs the procedures. She also takes the time to do the research in order to find ways to change the practice for the better. For one thing, Jennifer has taken the time to bring forth new methods to the procedures. She has also taken the time to bring back silicon implants. Her work in the field has brought her a lot of fame and success. She has also written in textbooks so that people could learn what she has discovered in the field of cosmetic surgery.


Other things she has done related to cosmetic surgery is that she has talked on various shows on the radio and television. She is a very elegant speaker who makes sure that people understand her point. She speaks simply and does not bog people down with jargon. This is one of the reasons that people enjoy listening to her when she talks about cosmetic surgery. She is also an individual with a warm heart. She wants people to feel good about themselves. This is one of the main reasons that she gets herself involved in the cosmetic surgery field.

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A Look Into The Performance And Services Of White Shark Media


White Shark Media is one among digital marketing agencies in the North American region that have proved to offer creative and powerful marketing solutions that are trimmed to fit within the needs of small businesses. Many small businesses struggle to locate the desired support to make the marketing of their services easy and this is the link White Shark Media is offering. Lunched in 2011, the company has built a reputation as one of the best marketer in the digital area. This success prompted Google to include White Shark Media in their SMB Partner program, which allows the company to work with small businesses offering them marketing support so they can reach their targets.


Incredible search marketing support

Search marketing is one of the strategies applied by small and established businesses to survive in the online business world. White Shark Media has identified various strategies that work perfectly in this space and the company has been assisting small businesses to configure plans that are in line with the marketing needs of the business. While Shark Media allows businesses to enjoy full energy in the process of marketing their services using SEO and AdWords campaigns. To assist clients to further manage their search marketing needs, White Shark Media also comes up with a solution that helps them to design their sites to become mobile friendly.


Enjoy increased SEM performance

The evaluation and rectification of a marketing campaign is a vital process that any business should never ignore. With a team of experts who have been in the marketing industry for many years, White Shark Media offers a live evaluation where clients can interact with digital media experts for advice. After the session, one is able to implement the best practices that are tailored to boost the SEM performance of the business through the right marketing channels. Also in this process, the client will be in a position to understand the kind of plan that offers a unique and reliable strategy for the business.


Meet SEO and PPC specialists

Additionally, White Shark Media offers a team of specialists, who are well versed in SEO and PPC marketing. They share insight into the marketing needs of clients and allow them to make the right decisions when dealing with marketing challenges. White Shark Media offers specialists who have a proven track record and experienced on matters about marketing and the management of businesses and while you work with them, they are backed by a supervisor who is highly skilled and experienced in the field.

Jeanmarie Guenot – Leading The Amphivena Therapeutics Inc To Success Through Exemplary Leadership Skills

Jeanmarie Guenot is one of the most renowned personalities in the field of biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals and has an extensive experience of over two decades. Over the career spanning more than twenty years, Jeanmarie has worked with numerous companies in both public and private domain. At present, Jeanmarie serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Amphivena Therapeutics Inc, a firm that is focused on immune therapies research and finding effective diagnose for blood cancers. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, and even though it is under pre-clinical development stage, the firm aims to provide an efficient cure for hematological malignancies, blood cancer, and tumors.

Jeanmarie’s experience over the years has broadened her skills and expertise portfolio, which now includes pharmaceutical research and development, business development, project management, commercial product portfolio, alliance management, licensing, client management, venture capital, corporate development, merger and acquisitions, scientific collaborations, and more reported on During her career span of over twenty years, Jeanmarie has had an opportunity to work in most of the major therapeutic areas. She did her Masters in Business Administration from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and Ph.D. from University of California, San Francisco.

Jeanmarie Guenot joined Hoffman-La Roche after completing her studies as a team leader and principal scientist, handling Preclinical research and development. After working for six years for Hoffman-La Roche, she joined Atlas Venture as an associate in the Life Sciences department, and it is where her business expertise flourished as she looked for lucrative biotech firms to invest in and acquire. After leaving Atlas Venture, Jeanmarie joined PDL BioPharma as Vice President of Corporate and Business Development and even started her company named Guenot LLC in 2008, which provided business consulting services in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector on

Jeanmarie is also the founder of SKS Ocular, LLC, a biotechnology startup that aims at improving cancer therapies and finding an innovative cure for hematological malignancies, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. She has won many awards at during her career span, which includes Deal of Distinction Award by Licensing Executives Society and Innovative Bio-Partnering Award by BioBusiness Network. Jeanmarie Guenot continues to be enterprising in the biotechnology sector to help take Amphivena Therapeutics collaborate, grow and expand, to achieve its mission of finding effective cancer therapies successfully.

Wengie, The Australian Born Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger Taking The Internet By Storm

Wengie is an Australian beauty and life blogger who is known to be one of the biggest internet sensations in Australia. With a huge fan following of over 4 million fans, Wengie has created her very own niche on the web. She is also known to be one of the richest YouTubers in the world, with millions of views on her videos. She is primarily known for her “Wengie Hacks’ videos, where she gives her users information on handy everyday hacks which they can easily implement in their day to day lives. She is also known for the numerous beauty videos she has on youtube, which is also one of the reasons she has managed to rope in such a massive fan following. With her immense love for fashion and personal style, she has managed to grow her youtube channel to what it is today.


Wengie also has her personal blog, which she regularly updates to give her fans something more to look out for. Her blogs also resonate with the kind of videos that she does on youtube, revolving around fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and a whole lot of DIYs.


Her main aim is to be able to give their users something that they will enjoy, and which will help their daily life. She constantly tries to give them quality content, which is what has made her the YouTuber she is today.


A Lot of Wengie’s videos and blog post showcase her multicultural background. Even though she grew up in Australia, she grew up in a Chinese family, who brought her up with chinese values. Owing to this, she developed a multicultural outlook on life, which is showcased in the content she puts out. She also only endorses those products that she uses, and which she thinks her users would like to know about.


Wengie has also worked with a wide array of fellow YouTubers and artists like. She has also done video interviews with a few artists, to provide her viewers with a more diverse experience. She believes in working hard for her channel and hopes to diversify the kind of videos that she puts out in the coming future.

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The Trends of Today Courtesy of Technology and Fashion According to Chris Burch

Through the use of the internet and through the ability for technology to bring better fashion choices, the things available to the public is better than it ever was before. If you think about it, technology has always led to more than just fashion trends. The ability to offer protection to others comes from the use of the technology that is still to this day growing.


What once started out as a silly idea has led to the ability to offer protection to our loved ones by creating a helmet to be worn during biking, skating, skateboarding and so much more. The same systems that helped to bring this idea together is what is used to create just the simplest clothing fashions.


Those who take pride in technology and in fashion are who helps to bring the biggest fashion trends together. They will work to come up with an idea and trend that will be picked up by even the biggest stars and celebrities. When you think about the internet, what do you think about? I bet that the things that come to mind revolve around the ability to meet people in far-away places and the ability to reach people by the millions.


That is why Christopher Burch is one of the top-rated billionaires of time. He became a first-time billionaire back in 2012 when Forbes Magazine took to him as the World’s Billionaire. He was pushed over the billionaire mark by adding in his personal investments through his attachments to the Guggenheim Partners group.


Christopher Burch was raised in the rural countryside of Wayne, Pennsylvania. He comes from a middle-class family who is also Catholic. He was just one of ten children who were born to the family. His father was a distributor for the mining supplies and equipment of mining.


He became involved in the fashion industry during his time as an undergrad at the Ithaca College and his brother and him started a company known as Eagle Eye with just a small investment of a mere $2,000 dollars. He started out purchasing sweaters for only 10 dollars and on the return side would sell them for $15.00.



A Look At The Background And Charity Work Of Tech Innovator, Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a highly successful software developer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and writer. Mr. Pulier’s background includes going to Harvard University where he studied literature. At the same time, Eric Pulier attended computer science and programming courses at the nearby Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus.


Pulier is originally from Teaneck, New Jersey and grew up there. One of his impressive accomplishments include developing a basic database design company while still a high school student. He had begun programming computers since elementary school and showed a real genius for computers and software at an early age.


While at Harvard University, Eric Pulier wrote for the college’s school newspaper called the Harvard Crimson. You can still find some of Pulier’s works from college at Harvard by checking out his writer’s profile at the university. Pulier was known to have written about topics that remain relevant even today such as stigmas associated with Harvard and the threat of terrorism which was largely ignored at the time but has since grown exponentially. See:


One of the non-profits that Eric Pulier has created is XPRIZE. This is a non-profit that supports innovation and new ideas by giving prizes to inventors and entrepreneurs that help solve a major problem in the world today. The idea behind XPRIZE is to motivate people to solve a problem, come up with a way to improve lives or make a difference in the world through invention, innovation or creativity. Not only does XPRIZE award prizes for ideas that change the world, it helps them out with funding and then growing into a real business that can reach millions of people. You can read more about XPRIZE and the work Eric Pulier does through XPRIZE by checking out the organization’s official web page.


Another charitable venture that Eric Pulier is involved with is the Painted Turtle. This is a summer camp program for kids that have severe illnesses. Eric Pulier donates both time and money to the cause. Using his software and computer skills, Eric Pulier created a special communication platform for ill kids that he called the Starbright World. This lets chronically ill children meet and communicate with other children who are also suffering from chronic illnesses. The goal of the Starbright World is to let these kids know that they are not alone in their suffering and that there are others like them who they can reach out to and talk with.

The Wine Industry

Many people today are excited about what is happening in the wine industry. Over the past couple of years, more people than ever have started to spend money on wine and wine related products. As the economy starts to improve, this is an area of opportunity for the future. With all of the changes that are going on in the industry, now is the time to start preparing for a change.

UKV PLC has a lot of things going for it. Not only is it a company that wants to excel at the product offerings that it has, but it is also a company working hard to add value to others. If you want to work with UKV PLC, they have plenty of opportunities to do so.

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Long Term Focus

The wine industry is unique in that wine products can sit for decades before selling. This means that any owners in a wine business have to think with a long term mentality. A lot of people simply do not have the patience to wait that long. Not only that, but they are working on a plan for the future in a variety of ways like UKV PLC. With all of the changes that have started to take place in the world of business, the wine industry is much like it was hundreds of years ago. Although the technology and processes may have changed, at its core farmers have to harvest the wine and keep them for years for them to ferment. This is a great thing for a lot of people to work on. Read more on Behance.


One area that is really changing the industry is technology. It is now much easier and cheaper to farm grapes used in the production process of wine than ever before. With this being said, there are many people who are excited about the changes that are starting to take place as well.

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