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Fabletics And Their Business Approach

When a new company is attempting to be successful, they need to be aware of their competition. This is especially true for fashion e-commerce companies. Amazon is a huge competitor in this area, and they need to be given special consideration.


Fabletics is a young athletic wear company. They started out based completely online. Amazon was one factor that played into how they would be successful. Fabletics had to create a business model that would allow them to stand out amongst Amazon.


When Fabletics began, all of their products were available only through their website. Customers could come to the website and make their purchases there. Customers were also given the option of signing up to be VIP members. They were asked questions about what they liked and what they would be comfortable wearing. These answers were stored and a customized shopping experience was then presented to each customer. A personalized shopping experience means that customers would be given certain offers and specials based on what they said they liked.


Fabletics also used these answers in their business planning and expanding. The next step for Fabletics was to open physical stores. Based on the information given by the VIP members, Fabletics already had a good grasp on what their customers wanted to buy. Fabletics also knew where their customers were located so they were able to narrow down the best areas for opening a physical store.


When Fabletics opened their first physical stores, they already had a customer base in place. About half of the customers coming through the door were already fans of the brand. Most had already made purchases and were VIP members. By opening physical stores, Fabletics fans had another outlet to purchase their items.


By being a membership-based online company, Fabletics had a system in place to get to know their customers. By tracking information from their customers, they were able to know what products were big sellers, what trends were happening with the products, and where their customers were located. This information was valuable to the opening of all the physical stores.


Fabletics was started in October of 2013. They have only been in business for less than three years, but they have already grown to be a company valued at over $250 million. They have seen growth of at least 35% each year. Fabletics has entered into a highly competitive market, but they have found a way to set themselves apart from the rest to include Amazon.


The approach Fabletics took to the fashion e-commerce market has been different from most companies. Fabletics created a system where they got to know their customer base and learn what they wanted. They took this information and have created a successful company out of it. Fabletics may be new but they are strong and seeing growth year after year.

Bob Reina Is Ready To Make Things Better For All

There are certain people in the world that just need a little push and a little guidance. When they get that, it is truly remarkable what they can accomplish. The person that is there to help them out is none other than Bob Reina of Talk Fusion.

According to Forbes, Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of the video communications service, which has been around since 2007. It is now at the decade mark and they are growing by the day. Many have said that 2016 was their best year because they won two awards, but 2017 might be even better with Bob Reina in charge and his talented IT team working around the clock to come up with ways to make Talk Fusion the best it can be for everyone that uses it.

Talk Fusion is a video communications service that can be found in the App store or on the Google Play store. As a matter of fact, right now, they are having 30-day free trials of the product. In addition to that, Bob Reina has encouraged his employees to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. It is all about spreading the word so it reaches as many people as possible.

It is a powerful product with video chats, video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences. All of this was built to help people be their own boss when it comes to their business.

They have everything they need and most of all, they have the drive and the desire to make it happen. They know what the corporate life is like, and they know it is not for them. They can make money for themselves and be their own bosses, which is even better. That is the greatest feeling of all for many of the great and inspiring folks out there.

They also know that when they use Talk Fusion, Bob Reina is all about giving back to charity. In fact, he recently made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Not only is it a great product, but it was created by a great man.

How Eric Pulier is Changing Society For The Better

Living in today’s contemporary world has is positives as well as it’s negatives just like any other era in time. This is the “Digital Age” as just about everything has some form of innovative technology implemented into it. Products, items, equipment, and companies all use technology to some degree. Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? More than likely you probably haven’t, but this guy is the real-deal as he can take the smallest of idea, study it, then personify it into society. Pulier simply is gifted and has a brilliant mind of his own that thinks and see the world differently than most others.

His love for technology was always present even as a child. When he was in the fourth grade, Pulier programmed a computer and by the time he graduated high school, he had already founded a computer database company. This progressive way of thinking is what sets him apart from the rest of the field. During his college career at the prominent Harvard University, Pulier majored in American/English Literature, wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson Publication, and done some Editing work in the process. Would you believe me if I told you that he was taking classes at MIT as well? Though short on time, he always was able to get things one unlike many of his college peers. When it comes to developing resolutions or founding new companies, this guy has a resume that’s about a mile long. Check out a few of his founded companies below:

  • FLY
  • Service Mesh Inc
  • Akana Software
  • Digital Evolution
  • U.S. Interactive
  • And numerous others

The list just seem to go on and on and on when it comes to this special individual. Pulier sold his last company for a whopping $350 Million. Today this loving father of four is living a successful life in Los Angeles, but who knows what Eric Pulier has next up his sleeve.

Brown Agency in Austin Represents National Talent

Justin Brown earned his way through college by modeling. It was called fit modeling which means the company designed the clothes to fit his body. He remembers modeling rocker jeans now known as skinny jeans. He worked in a number of modeling agencies in different roles learning the business.

Justin worked in development and placement of models where he trained them and found them work. Eventually he started his own modeling in Austin Texas in 2010. The business is regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission. They take 20% for modeling jobs and 15% for non-union commercial film, TV, and video. They only compete with a few top agencies in Austin.

Brown says that clients are now doing national campaigns in Austin. They hire local models but have a national look. In 2015 he had four models chosen for a National Ford Commercial. Justin Brown places models in several different avenues. According to, he has runway models, commercial print, plus size, catalogs, trade shows, and commercial TV.

In 2015 the Brown Agency merged with Heyman Talent South to become the only full service modeling agency in Austin. The combination of acting and modeling have made it one of the most successful in the country. When the agency launched the opening of the Brown Agency in Austin they had a Formula One Party with a fashion show and vocals by Tameca Jones.

Brown Agency represents the top brands like Toyota, Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal,and many other prestigious clients. They train their models for the larger market from acting to modeling. Michael B. Bonnee focuses on theatrical division of the agency and Justin Brown on the fashion division. The combination make them one of the largest talent agencies in Texas. Visit the Agency’s Instagram page for more information.

George Soros and the Democracy Alliance Plan for the Future

George Soros is becoming a household name, and that is a good thing. In the past, his name was tainted by the right wing of American politics on and he was explained away as the personification of evil. Soros was even blamed for some of the problems the country now faces, but like all name callers, the facts they use to belittle a person or organization are far from the truth.

Politico Magazine wrote an interesting story about Soros and other liberal thinking people and organizations attending a meeting in which they would deal with the upcoming Trump Presidency on The scheduled meeting took place in Washington where a consortium of powerful players and supporters was expected. This group is known as the Democracy Alliance, and they have the task of organizing their funds and efforts in support of progressive candidates from the Democrat Party.

Dealing with the Trump Presidency is a situation that all of us need to face and respond to. George Soros felt strongly that Hillary Clinton would be the better candidate and could serve the electorate of our country and not just the “one percent” that earns the lion’s share of the nation’s money. Soros is a philanthropist and advocates for openness and freedom in all political systems. He chose the name for his foundation based on the writing of Karl Popper and Popper’s book, The Open Society and Its Enemies. Soros began his foundation in 1993 using money he had earned from his investments on Wall Street. The Open Society Foundations is funded by Soros and other contributors to fight despotism and political tyranny wherever it occurs.

The political left is still reeling from the shock of the 2016 Presidential Election. Many feel that the election is a nightmare and when they awake, reality with all its beauty and promise will again take the place of the gloom and doom. George Soros and many people fear the coming decline of not only politics but personal freedoms in the United States of America. The work being done by the Democracy Alliance is desperately needed.


Chris Burch Proves That Technology And Fashion Need Each Other

As entrepreneur Chris Burch points out in a recent article, the fashion and technology industries have had many changes throughout the years. Not only have those industries experienced many changes, but the two industries tend to grow together as technology becomes more fashionable and fashion becomes technologically fashionable.



In the 70s, the creation of the boom box gave consumers the technology of carrying around their favorite music. A product that could personalize consumer’s music experience by allowing them to record music, the boom box was a technological advancement that people loved. In the 80s, the boom box was featured in more and more movies and TV, making the product more popular, creating more buyers and users. In the 90s and 2000s, the inventions of the Walkman and the iPod gave consumers an even more personalized experience, growing more and more popular with each invention. The technology became popular, making it fashionable for people to own the product.



Nowadays, fashion and technology are growing closer and closer together. They are become intertwined. Technology can be used in fashion and fashion can make technology more popular. Products that would not normally be considered fashionable are found attractive because of their technology.



Products like the Airbag for Cyclists, for example, are not necessarily meant to be a fashion statement, but rather a wearable technology. It is worn around a cyclist’s neck and deploys an airbag should the cyclist experience impact. Frontline Gloves are worn by firefighters to give them the technology to communicate with each other by using simple hand gestures.



 Designers can use technology in their fashions, making popular fashion items out of recyclable goods or using kinetic energy merged with fashion to create electrical energy. Sometimes, technology even needs the help of fashion. Glasses, for example, are associated with a stigma. When the technology of Google Glass was created, the popularity of the item needed help by the fashion industry. More and more models strutted down the catwalk with them on, and voila, everyone wanted a pair.



The two industries are becoming more and more intertwined. Sometimes they need each other’s help. Both of their futures are reliant on the others, making the future a very exciting place to be.



 Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He has almost 40 years of experience, using his amazing investment philosophy to help other brands and companies succeed. He uses his creativity, imagination, and support to help businesses that have a direct and positive impact.



He combines his understanding of consumer behavior with his sourcing experience to create a wide ranged, wonderful portfolio. The company’s portfolio includes the likes of Voss Water, ED by Ellen Degeneres, and Poppin.

Read more about Chris Burch:

Flocku’s CEO advice on how to be a good manager

The managerial experience that Josh Verne has gathered for over 20 years in business is unmatched. Having led numerous companies to success, he shares how a manager can turn out the same way.

– Great managers are leaders, not bosses. Distinguishing between the two is key. A boss demands to be respected. He doesn’t interact with his staff often, and also doesn’t work towards a collective goal, but rather uses the position to accomplish his own goals. A leader is different, in that, he earns the respect of his staff. A leader knows what the goals of the team are, and works together with the team to accomplish them.

– Those who have succeeded in their managing positions have one thing in common. They listen more than they talk. Listening is a skill not everyone has, and that is crucial for every manager. Furthermore, those who try to speak few words always appear more influential and authoritative.

Balancing one’s life is another crucial aspect. You can’t be considered successful if the business is the only thing you are managing well, forgetting to work on your relationship, health, and other such factors.

– As a manager, you don’t want to wake up every morning to go and do something you don’t like. This will take its toll on you. Passion is key. Never run into something you aren’t passionate about. If you find out that you don’t like what you are doing, it may be high time you dump it and get something better to do.

– It is the mark of a great leader to ensure that every action they take is a win-win. This not only keeps the employees motivated, but also skyrockets your reputation.

About Josh Verne

Josh Verne started his business career by working for Home Live Furniture, a firm that deals with furniture distribution. It is after this that he opted to start his own company,, an e-commerce website dedicated to enabling those with payrolls make huge purchases, with the amounts being deducted from their payrolls. flourished, and the entrepreneur sold it to Google analytics, before he founded two years later.

With, Verne aims at making the lives of college students convenient, by enabling them to easily share information through peer-to-peer connections. The online platform also provides an avenue through which students can market. Latest information about events and ongoings in different campuses can also be found on

The journeys of Doug Levitt to bring out the Greyhound Diaries

The Greyhound Diaries is an eight-year project undertaken by singer and songwriter, Doug Levit. He traveled for thousands of miles talking to fellow travelers and strangers across America. He started the famous Greyhound Diaries in 2004 after he traveled by the Greyhound bus for six weeks. He has frequently stated that he was motivated by the stories he listened on the bus. From that time henceforth, he has always wanted to share the stories to different parts of the United States.


Levitt’s strategy was sharing his life story and encouraging others to do the same. He revealed his story to those that were on the bus, and they were able to share their life stories. He mostly interacted with the struggling American lower class. After hearing their stories, he wanted to share every bit to the entire world. He has achieved this through writing, singing, taking photographs, and holding events.


He chose the Greyhound because it is the common means of transport for the poor. The poor Americans usually have no alternative transport means and are forced to travel by bus. The Greyhound Diaries describes most of the experiences. The project is a historical replica by famous artists hired by the government to document people’s hardships. The Greyhound Diaries is like one of those programs. The difference is that Doug Levitt financed himself throughout the entire project.


Doug Levitt is the voice of the poor and less fortunate people in the United States. He has seen and heard how those that are disadvantaged are treated. He has strived to ensure that this group gets enough attention. The Greyhound Diaries is a book filled with several stories. The book will show that not every is lucky. It will inspire sympathy for people that face difficult and challenging circumstances. Doug hopes that the book is going to inspire a change in the lifestyle of Americans.


Doug Levitt has traveled on the Greyhound bus for many years now. He has gone on the bus where other airline carriers could never go. He has experienced the urban, rural, and suburban parts of the United States.

Activating Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen, whose real name is Thor Leonardo Halvorseen Mendoza, is originally from Venezuela and has become a great human rights activist. He started at a young age organizing groups originally to help with South African apartheid. Later on, his father had gone to prison and in doing so it caused Halvorssen to commit himself to individual rights.

His father was later on released from prison and a few years later Halvorssen founded the Individual Rights for Education (FIRE). This foundation formed coalitions with conservative and liberate advocacy organizations. He has been known to fight with political rights on both spectrums and never really taken a specific side. Several years later he choose to step down from FIRE to work on other foundations with human rights.

He has conducted many cases where he pointed out and exposed people including celebrities for payments being received by dictators. Some of the celebrities include 50 cent, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and one that was very publicized was Hilary Swank. Thor is also the founder and CEO of Oslo Freedom Forum which has now become an annual gathering for human rights activists from all over.

Another major involvement he has had was founding the HRF (Human Rights Foundation)in New York where they have helped many political prisoners and promoted democracy in Latin America. Along with human rights, he is also working with film production. He has produced and co-produced several films. one of which was with Lucy Liu and Quentin Tarantino that was brought into a film festival.

Talk Fusion: Effectiveness of Promotions

Running a successful business and campaign is really tricky. For one thing, people have to be constantly on top of the market. It also takes a while of persistence and creativity in order to start making profits. At its core, the whole point of business is to be able to persuade the customer to buy the products and services that are offered. The customer needs to understand why he has to buy the product being offered. This is where the marketing aspect of the product comes in. The business owner has to present enough of positive attributes of the products being offered in order to sell it.


However, there is more to business than marketing. The product has to be worth something as well. One example of a good business and product is Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has plenty of features that are useful for marketers. It also improves the quality of communication among people. These are selling points for marketers to use for selling a product like Talk Fusion. However, it is also important for marketers to know even more about the product so that they could answer any questions from the customer.


Talk Fusion has been developed by Bob Reina, the founder of the company of that shares the name with its product. Bob Reina has made the product with the intention of making marketing easier for entrepreneurs. In most cases, entrepreneurs who use email marketing methods are left with text and images. This makes it a bit challenging for people that are trying to sell their products. With video email, one could actually demonstrate the different aspects of the product. The customer will have a better understanding of the workings of the item being marketed to them. This also speeds up the process of marketing and selling the product for the customer.