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We Invest For Future Projects At Laidlaw & Company

We invest for future projects at Laidlaw & Company because we know that they are the only place that can really help us with trust investments. Our business is very small, but we have big dreams that we cannot accomplish without money. We wanted to invest in some kind of trust that would help us make sure we had money for the future, and we actually had a meeting with James Ahern and Matthew Eitner about this. They know how trust accounts work, and they gave us a broker who does this all the time.

It is much easier for us to invest because we have some telling us what to do, and we have plans for this money that we have to share with the broker. We do not just wait for an idea to strike and then start spending out money. There are plenty of things we already want to do, and we want to make sure that we are explaining to our broker what we think our priorities should be.

Our first step for any project is to know that we have enough money, and we actually go to our broker at Laidlaw & Company to explain when we want to pull the money out and how much. Our broker is ready to go, and then we just pull out the money when it is actually time. We have done multiple projects like this, and our trust account has gotten pretty big.

I like the fact that I am not in control of the trust account. The idea was a very good one, but I needed an expert at Laidlaw & Company to actually watch the money. The account makes our lives easier, and it is helping out business to thrive as we work on new kinds of research and development.

Peppy, Proactive, Pretty…Evolution of Smooth

The next time you are looking for a smoothing lip balm product, look no further than Evolution of Smooth. Evolution of Smooth products transform the lips from dry and cracking into smooth and supple.
A lip product should always be a pleasure to use but that isn’t always so with medicated lip balms, balms that contain mysterious and synthetic ingredients, and balms that taste of plastic. A lip balm is going directly on the mouth and should be made of quality ingredients that would be healthy enough to eat. EOS balms are made of natural ingredients and some EOS pods are even made from 100% organic ingredients.

Evolution of Smooth lip balms are available on Walmart. It is made in many delightful flavors so anyone can find a favorite. With flavors like Strawberry, Lemon Drop, and Passion Fruit, there is a flavor and scent for every discerning nose and palette to enjoy. The flavor of the lip balm typically coordinates with the outside colored pod. Bright yellow contains lemon inside, strawberry is a nice juicy pink, and passion fruit is a beautiful tropical purple. These EOS pods are as fun to look at in the purse or in the hand as they are to use. Why shouldn’t a lip balm be as pretty on the outside as it is on the inside?

Some of the EOS balms often even more protective benefits on top of being organic like containing a sunscreen factor as well. Part of maintaining healthy skin is using sun protection even on the lesser thought about areas of our face like our lips. Lips can also endure sun damage and sun burn, so there are options for everyone including sensitive skin folks who like to keep their pouts protected in more ways than one. Visit: and for more info.

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Relax at a Lake Tahoe Resort for Your Next Ski Getaway

If you are searching for one of the best skiing experiences you’ve ever had, head to Lake Tahoe. The breathtaking scenery of the Sierra Mountains of Nevada and California are the perfect setting for skiing and snowboarding. Over 16 awesome resorts are awaiting your arrival, and you are guaranteed to have the winter getaway you always dreamed of.

Check out Alpine Meadows resort and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you. You won’t find the overdeveloped shopping and living areas some resorts offer, but instead the natural beauty of the mountains as nature intended. Alpine Meadows offers 13 different lifts and over 2.400 acres on which to try out your skills.

Squaw Valley, a neighbor to Alpine Meadows, is the second largest resort in Lake Tahoe Skiing, and one of the United States largest slopes. 30 chairlifts are offered here so you can check out some amazing trails. The 1960 Winter Olympics were hosted here, and for good reason. There are beginner areas as well as super intense runs for the pros. If you want to get the most spectacular view of the area, hop on the aerial tram for the ride of your life. The tram soars over 2,000 feet above the mountains while providing you with panoramic views of the majestic sierra mountains before you. Once arriving you will be 8,200 feet above everything. From here you can sit back and enjoy the magnificent landscape before you.

Lake Tahoe has been a popular destination for many years for winter sports, but it is also very popular in the warm weather as well. Visitors can hike by waterfalls, take a spin at the roller rink, or just relax in the beautiful pool or hot tub.

Winter however, is when the mountains burst with their beauty and beckon those who dare to challenge their slopes. Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding or want to try other snow-related sports, Tahoe has plenty to offer. Check out the sledding trails, hop on a snowmobile, go ice skating or relax on an adventurous sleigh ride. Or perhaps you are the type who loves to see the snow covered mountains from indoors? No problem. Tahoe’s resorts offer beautiful roomy lodges with comfy fireplaces and hot cocoa to sip while you gaze at the views from inside.

Whatever your preferences, you are sure to find what you seek at one of Lake Tahoe’s fantastic winter vacation resorts.

Securus Technologies Committed to Ethical Service Delivery

Securus Technologies is a provider of justice technology solutions for public safety, corrections, investigations and monitoring. Founded in 1986 and with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the company is committed to serve and connect by providing public information, inmate self-service, emergency response, incident management and services for safety amongst other services. It is accredited by the BBB since March 2016, showing that it is committed to making efforts, out of good faith, to resolve any customer complaints.
Recently, Securus announced that they would release various reports, facts and findings that would focus on the wrongdoings and integrity breaches by Global Tel Link, an inmate communications provider. According to Securus C.E.O Richard Smith, the actions of GTL offend not only him but also the entire industry. The company will review wrongdoings by GTL and make press releases in a period of six months so as to shame GTL into acting with more integrity.
The first review is a 17-page order by the Louisiana Public Service Commission made in 1998 in which the potential wrongdoings by GTL are documented. According to the actions of GTL when they served the Louisiana Department of Corrections, providing outbound communication services for inmates. A number of issues were identified including; GTL programmed clocks in telephones so as to add time to calls. They programmed telephone rate calls on higher rates than those permitted under its tariffs and also inflated charges to customers by adding amounts after the calls had already been rated. Though this was a long time ago, Securus is committed to showing that GTL continued with unethical practices.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

How to Stay on Google’s Good Side

Google and other search engines like it have formed an “opinion”. This “opinion”, is considered your own or your business’ online reputation. Google has its “viewpoint” and it can be altered by anyone. Do you know what Google “thinks” of you or your business? If not, it will behoove you to read on.

Positive online reputations are the result of proper, online reputation management (ORM). Right now, you are beginning to form an opinion of this article. The content may influence your attitude toward ORM. For this reason, achieving a positive online reputation might be harder than you think. Millions of people have the freedom to post their thoughts online, for public consumption. A negative notion of yourself or your company can “go viral”. Much like a virus, some are in need of a cure.

ORM companies are maintaining positive online reputations for thousands of individuals and businesses. As well as, “patching-up” some damaged online reputations. ORM companies provide a wide range of services. Typically, they offer package deals or services “a-la-carte”. Social media management, content development, and search engine optimization (SEO) are usually offered. These services will not guarantee you a number one spot for a search engine query. However, ORM companies will improve your rank for popular search engine queries. Furthermore, they ensure a positive ORM by actively producing content and monitoring third-party websites (e.g. How do you know, if you are in need of some ORM assistance? is like the “” for online reputations. Their website offers a free online reputation assessment. Just like a credit report, it will illustrate areas in need of improvement and those already in good standing. Think of the first person you ask when researching any topic. Most likely, your answer was Google, Bing, or Yahoo. The good news is; the Better Reputation team will put their “ear to the ground” for you. Letting you know which side of Google you or your business is standing on.