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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Received at LIDE SC in Its Traditional Lunch-Debate Next Edition

Grupo RBS chairperson and the president is the special guest of LIDE SC (Business Leaders Group of Santa Catrina for a leadership debate on the 7th of August at Majestic Hotel. Leadership is one of the most crucial pillars of the world economy at large. It is one of the keys and fundamental components of all companies. In Brazil and the world as a whole, real leadership adoption has become the primary requirement that market institutions and investors are looking for in the business community. This is to discuss the new corporate reality by Duda Melzer (Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer), the Grupo RBS chairperson and president who will be the special guest at LIDE SC for the next edition debate that will be held at Majestic Hotel in the capital city of Brazil.

The leader of the second most awarded communications group in the nation, Duda Melzer, will be joining LIDE Santa Catrina president, Wilfredo Gomes in conducting a lecture on build opportunities and leadership in the times of a crisis. This debate will attract state public authorities and leaders as well. The committee debate Glauco Jose Corte will be part of the debate as well as the FIESC president, Marcelo Gasparino da Silva Usiminas board of director’s president, and the Multilog president Valerio Gomez Neto.

Eduardo Melzer Sirotskyis one of the members of the third generation of the Sirotsky family that owns Grupo RBS and was founded in 1957. He graduated from the Catholic University of Pontifical with a degree in business administration. He then joined the University of Harvard to pursue a master’s degree in MBA. He then embarked on the business of the company in 2004 and became the president and chairperson of GRUPO RBS in 2012 with a vision of the growth of the enterprise.

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Lovaganza Is Putting Its Own Spin On The World Fair

What Is Lovaganza?
Lovaganza is an event that is meant to promote global unity and the arts through holding events focused on music, dance, art and film in the spirit of the World Fairs of the past. Today there are many festivals promoting music and art that have captured the public’s attention such as the California-based music festival Coachella and the global art exhibition known as Art Basel. What sets Lovaganza apart from events like Coachella and Art Basel is the sheer scope of the event. While Coachella is expanding its reach outside of California and Art Basel takes place in Miami as well as Europe, Lovaganza will take place in 50 cities across the globe. In addition to having a global reach Lovaganza’s structure is such that the event will take place over a period of five years. Lovaganza is comprised of what is known as pre-events that have been scheduled over a five-year period that began in 2015. After five years Lovaganza will culminate in a principal event that will be held in the year 2020. The event is slated to occur on September 14, 2020.

What Sets Lovaganza Apart?

Among the many factors that has set Lovaganza apart from other large scale events that focus on the arts is the fact that it draws its inspiration from the World Fairs of the past. According to TIME Magazine the major World Fairs of the past, likely the ones that loom in the publicÕs consciousness when they hear the phrase, helped drive important advancements that still impact the way that we live today. In a 2014 article TIME Magazine reported that the World Fair of 1939 helped mark the beginning of the age of television while the World Fair of 1889 resulted in the construction of the Eiffel Tower in France. The magazine also noted that the 1893 World Fair in Chicago was responsible for a carnival attraction that endures to this very day: the ferris wheel. In addition to popularizing a world-famous carnival attraction the Chicago World Fair was responsible for encouraging other cities around the country to engage in beautification efforts. The extensive attention that the city paid to landscaping, beautifying its building and adorning them with electric lights and white stucco gave other cities an example they were eager to follow when it came to beautifying and designing their own cities. Lovaganza seeks to draw upon the groundbreaking history of the World Fairs of the past. Oftentimes World Fairs were organized around momentous themes of futurism and world peace. Lovaganza seeks to draw upon this tradition by organizing an event that inspired its attendees to create positive visions for humanity’s future.

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Marvelous Makari Skin Care Products Perfect for Lightening Darker Complexions

When you’ve been blessed with a darker skin tone or ethnic complexion, you should have a lot of skin care products available to help you treat issues that are unique to you. Instead, this corner of the market seems to have been neglected more often than not, and it becomes frustrating to many women out there.

Luckily, Makari De Suisse skin care has developed an incredible brand that is made especially for darker skinned beauties. Their wonderful line of products have the advanced scientific research and high technology to beautifully lighten, whiten and achieve the ideal skin tone by use of their skin lightening cream specifically.

Best of all, their respected brand is one that uses natural ingredients with powerful properties to safely lighten and fade common imperfections like unwanted discoloration, acne spots, pigmentation problems, dark spots, sun spots and more.

Makari’s superior formulas add special ingredients like caviar extracts and natural plant extracts to their creams, serums and soaps. In addition, the company has patented the amazing Organiclarine, which is a non-medicated substance that is naturally-based and can transform your complexion to a lighter, more balanced skin tone.

Makari takes pride in using only safe, healthy formulas to lighten, whiten and maintain an even skin tone. That means, you won’t find the chemical known as hydroquinone present in any of their skin care line-up. While many other companies add hydroquinone for lightening darker complexions, Makari doesn’t believe in possibly harming its global customer base. Hydroquinone was found to cause cancer in lab tests. The side effects aren’t worth the risks.

Makari de Suisse’s line of Body Beautifying Milks are a customer favorite and the company’s best-selling products for the last 10 years now. Not only does the consistency and lightness of the body milk feel luxurious on the skin, but it goes to work effectively lightening, whitening and brightening until you reach your desired balanced skin tone.

All you need is a thin layer of Makari’s Body Milk once or twice a day to watch your skin transform. The milky lotion also provides a soft texture to the skin and a lovely radiance. You will glow, indeed.

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China Is Facing Some Tough Financial Decisions According To Hedge Fund Investor Kyle Bass

China is a product-producing machine. Everything under the sun is fair game for Chinese manufacturers. Manufacturing products for less and making them look expensive has been the backbone of the Chinese economy for years. But that backbone has been having major issues the last five years. Competition, commodity prices, and a changing labor force have forced the Chinese to become a consumer-driven economy, and making that transition has been expensive for the Chinese government.

Hedge fund investors like Kyle Bass, the former Wall Street executive that predicted the 2008 market crash, is one of those big-money investors. Bass made a fortune in 2008, while most of the people in the country were licking their financial wounds. Bass claims China is headed for the same kind of economic crash, and that crash is getting closer by the minute. According to, Bass is betting big that China’s banks are going to need a major injection of government reserves to handle all the bad debt on their books. Bass is hoping that happens soon because his hedge fund, Hayman Capital, has been performing like a rookie fund the last two years.

Bass is used to the spotlight and the media attention. Every chance Kyle gets to pontificate in front of the interviewers is a good day for the ex-Bear Stearns employee. But Bass hasn’t been getting the kind of reviews he got back in 2008. Some people believe Bass has misplaced priorities, and his recent investments may prove that statement. Kyle took Argentina President de Kirchner’s side when she defaulted on debt bonds and left four hedge funds hanging for billions of dollars. Bass was in General Motors corner when the carmaker installed faulty airbags and steering mechanisms in some of their models. Hayman Capital was the largest shareholder in GM at that time.

The most recent Bass misstep, according to, is his alliance with Erich Spangenberg. Spangenberg is calling out drug companies for price gouging, and Bass is placing a short position before the news of an investigation hits the press. It seems Bass is not afraid to bend the rules to make a buck. But his recent China bet may come back to haunt him in more ways than one, according to the Chinese government.

Powder Or Drought, Andy Answers This Question For KCRW

The recent interview of Andy Wirth was informative and entertaining. During the interview, Madeline Brand asks Andy about the drought and how he thinks the drought may affect ski season on the mountain.

The interview was heard on KCRW. It was part of the Press Play show. Madeline asks Andy what he believes will happen because of the drought this year so far. The statistics show that people are having to cut back more than 27% of their water usage. What does this mean for families and businesses?

Families may need to cut down their shower a little by a few minutes. They may need to wait to wash the family vehicles until it rains or until they reach a car wash business.

Another thing the family may need is to forget to try to raise their own vegetable gardens because it is wasteful to water the grounds during a drought. These few sacrifices may help the water to hold out for a longer period of time.

What happens with a drought that goes on thru winter? Snowboarding and skiing may be at risk for the season? This is a possibility but people like Andy are not giving up that easy. They are keeping their heads up high and hoping for the best. Read more:  How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

If it does snow the season will not be a loss. It is expected that over 4000 of the 6000 acres on the mountains will be holding snow and tourist will be able to ski. The plan is to help keep snow on the mountains even if it means man-made snow.

When the interviewer from Press Play asks why there is a drought and why Andy Wirth believes the season can still be profitable, he says because of other things. According to the Stanford report,there is an increased volatility to make more snow.

The resorts can still be profitable if they make good use of the tourist that are in the resort areas for special events during the summer and fall.

The tourist can help save the area if they are enjoying themselves and are being treated like the special people they are. Tourists will make or break the ski resort areas. If the resorts are open and there is powder on the mountains, the skiers will come.

Snowboarders and tubers are also lining up to take their rides down those snow covered mountains. Everyone is crossing their fingers and hoping for the best.

Andy Wirth and his wife reside in Truckee California. This professional couple enjoys outdoor sports and entertaining. They both frequently take part in benefits such as the Wounded Warrior and the Navy Seal Foundation.

Andy’s recent fall from the sky gave him a scare that made him make some responsible decisions about himself and the future of his company.

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