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Global Use of the Ganoderma Through Bernardo Chua- Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is a global name notable for the creation and success of Organo Gold a company processing and distributing products from the Ganoderma Lucidum herb for consumption in the western world. Bernardo has continued to grow his business empire through Organo Gold. He partners with Ganoderma producers in the world and funds research on the herb to identify more benefits to creating more products. Organo Gold products range from tea, coffee, skin and nutritional care. These are some of the products made from the Ganoderma according to BusinessForHome:

• Black Coffee
• Café Latte
• Cafe Mocha
• Café Supreme
• Green Tea
• Red Tea
• Ganoderma Lucidum
• Spore Powder
• G3 Beauty Soap
• OG Smile Set

Bernardo’s love for the herb stems from his early life. He was born and grew up in the Philippines where the plant grew wildly. He has been able to successfully package the herb in coffee and teas selling all over the world. He believed in working in sales to give his business, then in the Philippines a personal touch. The strategy steered the company to heights where it joined the global market.

Bernardo is a respectable businessman, who believes in improving the life of his customers through healthy living. He has received both awards and accolades from his peers and the business world. The 22nd 2014 Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards awarded Bernardo Chua with the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. Oregano Gold has also been recognized by The National Shoppers Choice as the top direct selling company in the food supplements. Organo Gold is the corporate sponsor for the OG Cares Foundation. It is an organization seeking to empower young people to become better leaders.

Organo Gold is now in its 39th country of operations after opening a branch in Turkey continuing to take the global market. The Turkey branch serves as a link to the Asian, European and African branches aimed at improving the distribution time and customer service. The Turkey branch operations will be headed by Paul Jarvis the Regional Vice President of Europe, CIS, and Africa. Bernardo appointed him during the launch of the branch to spearhead the growth of the Organo Gold brand in the country.

Bernardo is a crusader for the Ganoderma herb. He has spent a lot of his time educating people on its health benefits something the distributors do as well in their areas of operations. The company continues to stay ahead of the competition with over one million distributors worldwide. The product is completely safe after thorough testing and approval.  Follow along with Bernardo’s journey on CrunchBase.

Civil Servants In Venezuela Are Now Only Working Two Days A Week

The country of Venezuela is dealing with yet another major crisis. This time around however its an energy crisis. According to a story posted on the Independent news site, the country of Venezuela is now forcing all civil workers to work only two days a week.
Government employees have already been working four days a week and are expected to do so until the end of May. The idea is to reduce electricity consumption by reducing the amount of time people spend at work.

This is an unconventional response and no one really knows if it will work. The two day work week is expected to last two weeks and will affect millions of workers all over the country.

Shopping centre hours have also been cut and families are being forced to deal with 4 hour electricity blackouts on a daily basis.

The reaction from Venezuelans like David Osio has been one of disbelief. Many feel keeping them home from working isn’t helping. Especially since the government is basically paying them to stay home.

President Maduro has asked everyone to do what they can to help save power. A few suggestions he made were to limit the use of appliances and raise the temperature on air conditioning units.

While Hugo Chavez promised to solve the power problem in 2010, the reality is he did very little to address the issue says Osio. Hopefully President Maduro will do a better job.


The Boraie Company

The company Boraie Development LLC, is  eager and proud to be opening the leasing office to it’s new 17-story luxury high rise, The Aspire, being within walking distance from the New Brunswick Train Station and with close access to Philadelphia and Manhattan.

It will be known as the premier address when it comes to luxury in the New Brunswick area. Within the walls of the 238 very spacious and well-established studio apartments. Weather your in a one bedroom or two bedroom, you will receive a full-service and modern look.

With The Aspire striving to give it’s residence the lifestyle of which they deserve. It was said by the Vice President of Boraie Development, Hiam Boraie said that residents at the Aspire will get the high-end lifestyle that they desire. In addition to the apartments, there is also on-site  maintenance and management, as well as a 24-hour doorman – Boraie Development New Brunswick NJ, 08901 –

Some of the resident floor plan’s offer 9- 10- foot ceilings, some even have terraces and balconies. They can also find an array of gourmet kitchens, as well cable television, a state-of-the-art gas-powered heating which would reduce the cost of heating bills during the winter compared to a regular electric heating system, as well as high-speed internet. A luxury lounge room also offers several amenities to residents, including things such as a pool table, multiple flat screen TV’s and Wi-Fi.

There is also a roof deck and a state-of-the-art fitness center for residents to use. The apartments are exclusively shown through the rental office at The Aspire. With Studio apartment’s starting at 1,650, the one-bedroom apartments start at 1,800, with the two-bedroom apartments starting at 2,700 a month. This information and more was mentioned through

According to NJSpotlight, Boraie Development is a privately owned company out of New Brunswick, NJ. The company was established in 1986, and is currently estimated to hold an annual revenue of 10 to 20 million dollars. Boraie has had over 30 years of expertise within the Central Jersey area as BROKER. It has held an excellent reputation, and a long standing relationship with their brokers, in addition it also has the title of having the highest sales volume in over 20 years in any of the New Brunswick Office –

They range from residential to commercial specialist and are part of the national referral system. They have found that both support and a pursuit of continuing education have been important for the neighborhood broker that are so desperately in need in todays economy, for Buyers and Sellers alike.