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Beautiful from Head to Toe: Natural Beauty Products and JustFab Fashion

A common mistake for the masses has been to buy products claiming to be natural only to find out that those products are actually loaded with chemicals. To make matters worse, these products do not even work in the manner that their manufacturers claim that they do. Thankfully, Buzzfeed recently released an article containing the twenty-two best natural beauty products that actually work. With an emphasis on improving hair and skin health, some products trumped the rest by making the top ten spots.

For Healthier Hair

The top products recommended by Buzzfeed for healthy and shiny hair included Dindi all natural soaps and shampoos, Shea Moisture products, Intelligent Nutrients haircare products, and Luna Hanwi’s bay beard oil for the gentleman. All of these products on provide hair with essential oils and nutrients that stimulate growth, strength, and shine. Of course, each product offered a glowing review from a user that further validated their effectiveness.

For Healthy Skin and Glowing Faces

The products awarded on the top spots for the promotion of healthy skin included Blissoma lavish recovery face masks, Alima pure cheeks, RMS beauty concealers, Inika organic brow pencils, and the entire Burt’s Bees skincare line. Buzzfeed also supported the use of Shea Moisture products as a lotion for the face and skin, and suggested Dindi soaps to achieve healthy, radiant skin as well. Additionally, topping the list was pure African black soap. Many support the properties of this natural soap and claim that it heals problem skin. All of these products eliminate acne, blackheads, dark circles, and moisturize skin. The use of these products will surely leave people feeling like the best versions of themselves. As a result, they will want to run out to get a new wardrobe.

JustFab is a retailer offering affordable and trendy shoes, clothes, hats, handbags, and accessories for the avid fashionista. Supporting the idea that beauty is for everybody, JustFab offers clothing for people of all sizes. In collaboration with big brands such as Fabletics by Kate Hudson, this retailer has millions of supporters worldwide. Beauty and fashion go hand in hand, further validating the need for natural beauty products like those highlighted in Buzzfeed’s article and for fashion retailers like JustFab.

Dick DeVos Appoints Phil Dolci as New Stow Company CEO

There’s a new CEO at The Stow Company, Inc. In a recent MLive article, author Shandra Martinez announced that Phil Dolci has been appointed to head the manufacturer, a part of Dick DeVos’ Windquest Group. The former CEO, Frank Newman, is taking a well-earned retirement, although he plans still to serve on the board of directors. Dolci brings to his new position nearly 24 years of experience in consumer-products manufacturing and marketing. Speaking of his appointment of Dolci, Dick DeVos predicted steady and continuous growth for the company. Founded in 1984, The Stow Company manufactures custom home storage products at a number of facilities in Michigan and Indiana. DeVos’ Windquest Group consists of a number of other companies, including a restaurant in Grand Rapids.
Entrepreneur and executive Dick DeVos is well-known for his business activities as well as his diverse political, creative, and philanthropic interests. The son of Richard DeVos, the co-founder of the Amway Corporation, DeVos started at Amway in 1974 in a variety of capacities, moving in 1984 to a position as Vice President of Amway International. In this capacity he oversaw sales in more than fifty countries, increasing the Amway Corporation’s international sales in stellar fashion. In 1993 he became CEO of the company and continued in this capacity until 2006. During these years DeVos was appointed CEO and president of the Orlando Magic basketball team. He is currently serving as the president of the Windquest Group.

Dick DeVos is a veritable renaissance man. In addition to his business activities, he has pursued an active political career, including election to the Michigan State Board of Education and appointment to the Board of Control of Grand Valley State University. He ran for governor of Michigan in 2005. Since then he has been very active in promoting a variety of conservative issues. DeVos and his wife, Betsy, have devoted considerable time and money to education as well, including providing scholarship to low-income families and supporting tuition tax credits to support charter schools. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has brought together a number of the couple’s philanthropic activities, all centered, as the Foundation website states, in “cultivating leadership, accelerating transformation, and leveraging support” in the areas of education, arts, leadership, community, and justice at both the local and the global level. ( Dick DeVos is also a best-selling author. His books include “Rediscovering American Values” and “Believe!”

Andy Wirth Looks To The Future After Skydiving Accident

Andy Wirth is loved throughout the Squaw Valley Ski Resort for his hands on management approach that has seen him become a popular figure throughout the resort. Life now seems to be getting back to normal for Wirth after the German born tourism expert was left with his life hanging by a thread after a freak skydiving accident severed his arm and in a dangerous situation; Andy Wirth would use his previous training as a ranger to keep himself alive and looking forward to the future.

In his profile, the road to recovery for Andy Wirth has not been short or easy, particularly since he was left seeking new ways of returning to his normal life just three months after his accident happened.

Andy Wirth has recently been looking to raise money for Navy Seal’s left injured after spending time in combat after being inspired by a group of military personnel he met who inspired him to work hard to get back to his regular life –

A fierce iron man competitor in the past, Andy Wirth has since returned to competition as a participant in certain parts of the triathlons held at Squaw Valley and elsewhere.

A KCRW reported says that throughout his career Andy Wirth has found success in whichever role he has filled and tried to live in an ethical and sustainable way.

The work and spare time of Andy Wirth are now spent trying to do what is best for the people of the Lake Tahoe region.

Wirth has been working with environmental groups to try and protect the local environment and spends his work time trying to find the best options for improving the business environment for everybody involved.

How White Shark Media is Using Customer Reviews to Improve Customer Satisfaction

One of the secrets to survival in the current corporate world is interaction with clients over the internet. This gives a company’s marketing team crucial insights about areas that are underperforming and thus need improvement. This information is then passed on to the management for the requisite policy making. Through such networking, the strengths of a firm can also be identified, and utilized as a marketing tool. This highlights the importance of seeking the review of clients, and their appraisal about the products and services being offered by a firm.

White Shark Media Review is among the few companies whose clients play a role in molding its strategies. The firm places a lot of importance on the sentiments that its clients have towards the products and services on offer. It has set up a special portal on its website where clients can state how they feel about the company’s strategies, areas that need improvement and strengths. Going through the platform makes one understand why thousands of business managers have continued entrusting White Shark Media Review to market them. Many assert that their businesses have constantly grown since they hired the company to offer SEO marketing services.

How Reviews are Handled

In the past, some clients raised complaints (,28.htm) about a communication lag in White Shark Media’s setup. The company took this complain in good faith and implemented a system whereby the routines of a business are reviewed on a monthly basis to establish its online ranking. Basing on this, improvements are made. In addition, Status Calls are arranged and teleconferences held so that marketing ideas can be shared. This has received numerous plaudits with customers applauding the flexibility and novelty of the firm as far as handling their issues is concerned.

There were also concerns about difficulties in getting hold of the person behind their businesses online marketing strategies. The firm responded by hooking up such customers with a contact person. Once this is done, the contact addresses of that contact person is sent to the customers. This means there will be a direct flow of information between the two parties. The company’s representative will also manage the client’s marketing campaign and report directly to him or her.

Like any other SEO Marketing firm according to shopify, White Shark Media comes up with new strategies on a regular basis. These improved ideas may not work as effectively as the old campaigns. To combat this, the company provides proficient supervisors to oversee the implementation of the new campaign until it works to the satisfaction of customers.


Who The US Money Reserve Is And Why You Should Trust Them

Security is what we all seek in some form or another. Many invest in stocks and bonds, other real estate. Still others choose to invest in precious metals. If you want security that will endure the ages and continue to grow in worth and value, then precious metals is the best venue to choose. When choosing precious metals, the authority in the United States is the US Money Reserve.

The US Money Reserve offers trustworthiness and a high ethical standard in all of their transactions. They have earned the coveted AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. They earned this prestigious rating on because they work tirelessly to form a relationship with clients that will last for many years. They have served more than 300,000 clients and have the highest approval rating among them.

US Money Reserve is located in Austin Texas, but they can work with clients from around the world. They typically get purchases out to clients within five days of purchase. What is more is that they offer government issued and certified platinum, gold and silver. When seeking to diversify a portfolio, precious metals offer that long term choice to enhance wealth and secure guaranteed returns on investments.

The founders of the Reserve are veterans from the financial sector on The President, Phillip Diehl was the 35th Director of the US Mint. This makes him the first former Mint Director to take the helm of the Money Reserve. He runs a team of experts that strive to offer the best quality coins and the best possible experience for each and every one of their clients.

Clients get the full experience when dealing with the US Money Reserve. They have qualified professionals that can walk them through every step of the buying process. US Money Reserve believes that the best consumers are informed ones, so they work hard to make sure every client understands their options. They can send information through the mail or electronically, and do not desert the client when the purchase is made.

To see the difference that dedication and integrity make, follow the Reserve on Facebook. They also have a Twitter page, and one can also get information and feedback on them at LinkedIn. Knowing who you are investing with is important and following their pages can help make the decision to invest in precious metals easier. Get the information and make the choice. Metal is the wave of financial security for the future.