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Slyce it Up!

Slyce is a new innovative application that lets you search visually instead of typing words. One of the co-founder is Cameron Chell. Have you ever been out in public and see someone else with a product that you wonder what it is or where they got it from? Well Slyce is the app for you. Now with just a simple snap of a picture, Slyce will search its broad data base and find the product information for you. One of the main products that Slyce is used for is retail and fashion items. Companies use visual search start-ups to help their customers find products online. With just a simple inquiry from their website, commerce businesses can get their business on Slyce if they think Slyce would be a good fit for their customers. Visual search engines are becoming the new search avenue of the future. You will never have to ask a stranger where they bought something again.

There are 3 ways to use the Slyce application. The first way is the barcode or QR Code. Scan the barcode of a product and it will search and bring up the information on that product. The second way is the 2D mode. 2D mode uses the images metadata to find a 1:1 match of the product. The third way is 3D mode. In 3D mode Slyce uses more information from the photograph such as color, texture, pattern, style, and other unique features to find the product. It is a very user friendly application that is easy to use even for those that aren’t that tech savvy.

Beneful Pet Nutrition

Beneful by Purinastore produces high quality pet food in many varieties to cater to the needs of pets of all ages and sizes. Beneful has a quality control team that puts each ingredient through a vigorous quality control test before using any ingredients they must meet top quality standards. The production team has years of experience of producing nothing but the best pet food. They pride themselves in using only fresh ingredients. Pets can now taste the fresh taste of real beef and chicken.

Beneful has developed a line of diet pet food for animals with weight management issues. They offer consumers wet and dry pet food to appease their pets made with the proper nutrients giving your pet a healthy and shiny coat. For pets that are further along in years and having issues with love stamina or energy choose our senior brand to help boost energy in pets. Now offering healthy treats that pets will love in several different flavors. Beneful has several different recipes including:Original,Playful Life,Incredibites,Healthy Smile,Healthy Fiesta,Healthy Weight,Healthy Radiance,and Healthy Growth for Puppies. Beneful is always looking for ways to serve the consumer with the products that will best fill the needs of their pets. Beneful is not in the pet food business,they are in the business of creating healthier pets all around the world. Our goal is to make the best product to provide each pet a higher quality of life. We here at Beneful look foward to serving a excellent quality pet food for many years to come.


Liquor is Chicer with DeVos as Boss

Apparently, Dick DeVos is a connoisseur of fine spirits and has plans for more than just a tasting of Applejack at Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, Michigan. Acquiring good taste, or, at least, knowing what is worth savoring, is just part of this man’s business sense. Although this deal isn’t yet complete, as it takes up to six months to transfer the liquor license, I believe it is well under way. Walter Catton III, the owner of the distillery, has been looking for an investor to help him expand his liquor business and the spirit he needs is being consumed by Windquest Group’s philanthropist DeVos.

As Grand Valley State University can attest, the DeVos family generosity is well known and appreciated. Dick’s foundation has given close to a billion dollars to education, health services, the arts, and religious groups while sharing much of the proceeds near his region based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the late 80’s, Dick and Betsy DeVos created the DBDVF Family Foundation that gives its time and considerable wealth to serve the people of Western Michigan.

Dick and his wife enjoy giving to many causes, but education may be chief among them. He even founded the first public charter aviation high school in West Michigan because of both his dedication to the pursuit of education and his passion for flight.

Dick has enjoyed living and working near Grand Rapids and has seen his father’s instilled work ethic manifest in all of his business ventures.

Dick began working in his father Richard DeVos’s company, Amway Corporation (, back in the early 70’s, and after fifteen years started a new venture, the Windquest Group. He went on to manage the Orlando Magic franchise and later returned to Amway and helped restructure it into the umbrella group of Alticor Corporation, which now has operations around the world. If I had a bucket list like Dick , I’d want to follow it until I had checked every box. He has been a busy man and can now turn his activities to the pursuit of even finer endeavors. 

And, with all this good will in place and the fortitude to follow a new quest, there is plenty of good cheer to celebrate in Holland, not that Coppercraft and its employees have any problems with this latest ambition. My hat’s off to Mr. DeVos and this new pursuit of excellence in the distillation industry. If the businesses he has managed have any portent of things to come, I believe that we will hear more from DeVos and company. With industries thriving and the economy booming, what is there left to do but to enjoy the fruits, if not the spirits, of his labor?

Learn more about Dick’s life and work by connecting with him on LinkedIn or liking his Facebook page.


Does Your Dog Need The Most Expensive Food To Live Longer?

Marketing companies have influenced the buying habits of consumers for generations. It is no surprise that the companies who put the most marketing behind their foods, will sell the most food, but it also goes much deeper than that. In recent years, there has been a campaign of teaching consumers that only the finest, best, most expensive and elaborate list of ingredients are good enough for the canines in your family.

This sort of teaching is not entirely accurate and it is unfair to those who cannot afford high priced foods. These people are made to feel that they aren’t good pet parents for simply not being able to afford these premium foods. This isn’t fair, nor is it an accurate representation. There are plenty of premium foods on the market that are not over priced and will meet and/or exceed the needs of your pets.

Beneful is just one of many foods that will adequately feed your pet, keep them happy and healthy, and not break your pocket book. You can afford to feed your pets a great food and it doesn’t have to contain organic and imported ingredients. You can choose from puppy food, adult dog recipe or even Beneful made for seniors. If you prefer to feed wet food, they also have a complete line of wet foods that contain real meat and vegetables. You won’t be feeding your pet anything less than awesome.

Many major pet food brands are made by larger companies and these companies don’t all focus on just pet foods. Purina, however, does focus on foods for animals and they are the manufacturer of Beneful. Trusted all over the world to feed household pets and farm animals and livestock, Purina is a name that means quality. You have nothing to worry about when you choose a food made by Purina.



Cortes And His Relief Efforts In Brazil

Immediately after the floods that occurred in January, Sergio Cortes was out in Xerém to implement plans to prevent the spread of disease. Cortes is the state secretary of health and he is working with government officials in the town of Xerém to set up centers for re- hydration for those individuals that have suffered from dehydration because of a lack of drinkable water. These centers are able to help people that may need IV’s or other health aids. Extra did an article on Cortes to talk to him about his relief efforts.

Cortes has met with many individuals that have responsibilities that deal with the health and sanitation of the citizens in the town of Xerém. These individuals have all decided that measures need to be taken in order to prevent and stop any more serious diseases from occurring in Xerém. With that aim in mind, Cortes and other health officials put together health kits. They also distributed about 3000 antibiotic pills to help ward off diseases like leptospirosis. There are also many communicable disease that can be easily spread in times of floods; these diseases include the following: chickenpox, and Meningitis. Cortes is also worried about the spread of Dengue.

Drinkable water is also a big issue when it comes to public health after a flood. The water system is contaminated, so it is important for individuals to drink bottled water for their safety. Issues such as Hepatitis and Diarrhea can come about when individuals are exposed to contaminated drinking water. Bottled water needs to be used for all hygiene needs. Bottled water needs to be used for cooking as well. Cortes is also asking all of those individuals that are interested in donating to donate bottled water. Since dehydration and disease are a very big issue, bottled water is what is most needed in the city of Xerém. Cortes is also training a group of individuals that will be able to identify signs of disease. These individuals will be volunteers that will be able to help ailing individuals in times of disaster.