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Billionaire George Soros Thinks China Could Drag The Global Economy Down In 2016

The Chinese yuan has been depreciating for the last 45 days, and the impact on the global economy is obvious. Markets around the world are taking a beating and according to billionaire investor George Soros, this is just the beginning of the consequences the world faces because of China’s struggle to transition to a consumer and service economy.

Mr. Soros, the 30th richest person in the world, has been predicting a 2008 type meltdown, and the signs for that sort of event are taking shape. China is having a difficult time dealing with their lackluster manufacturing base as well as export business, and that is putting a strain on their gross domestic product growth. The Chinese stock market just experienced a major sell-off. The Chinese government had to stop trading twice in January so the market wouldn’t collapse.

Those issues sent a bolt of fear through the investment community. More than $2 trillion in equity was wiped out of markets around the world in the first three weeks of 2016. According to, Soros believes China will continue to drag the world’s economy down, and many investors are pulling out of the market. China is trying to sure up their currency by controlling it, and that is putting additional strain on the exchange market.

Mr. Soros says China is the main culprit in this new financial meltdown, but there are other issues that are giving his prediction some validity. The European Union is on the verge of a collapse thanks to the migration crisis. Soros told a that Europe couldn’t handle the amount of migrants that are flooding into several countries.

The open border policy is a main part of the EU’s policy and it is in jeopardy because several countries have closed their borders to prevent migrants from entering. Other countries have refused to allow migrants to stay once they enter. German chancellor Angela Merkel is trying to find a solution so the EU can continue to be effective. Merkel is the leader of the EU.

Soros also mentions other issues like the drop in crude oil prices, the Greek debacle and currency devaluations as other factors that will contribute to a 2016 meltdown. A number of investors have moved money into gold and silver while others are investing in bonds and other securities to protect themselves.

The New York Stock market is off to the worse start in its history in 2016, and it seems that fact is another sign that the Soros prediction will become reality. But there are investors that don’t believe that Soros is right. Some investors think 2016 will be a good investment year in spite of a shaky financial start and the issues that are looming over China’s economic transition.

George Soros Believes EU IS On The Brink Of Collapse

Hungarian born Jewish businessman George Soros believes that the European Union is on the brink of collapse. The retired hedge fund manager is considered to be one of the top 30 richest people in the world with over $24 billion dollar in assets. Soros, who is now 85 years old, and who managed to survive the Holocaust is now focused on his non-profit organization called Open Society Foundation instead of making money. The fundamentals of the Open Society Foundation include the promotion of a free and independent media, healthcare, justice and education.

George Soros recently sat down and did an interview with Peter Schmitz of the German magazine Wirtschafts Woche. In the interview Mr. Soros discusses what he views as the continuing disintegration of the European Union. He believes that the European Union is falling apart for numerous reasons, not a single factor.

Soros highlighted that politics were playing a large part in tearing the European Union apart. He criticized Viktor Orban’s government and Jarosław Kaczyński’s newly installed Polish government for threatening to undermine the European Union and democracy. Mr. Soros said that both the current Hungarian and Polish government were using nationalism, religion and the painting of Syrian refugees as invaders to boost their own regimes which are becoming increasingly less democratic. Poland is seeing its independent and free newspapers and TV stations become increasingly threatened by the government of Kacznyski. Orban of Hungary meanwhile is calling for the closing of European borders to Syrian refugees. This goes against the European Union’s official stance of accepting refugees and giving them asylum.

The divisiveness of EU members split between limiting, stopping and accepting refugees is slowly tearing apart the European Union and threatens to wreck havoc on the open border policy of the EU. The EU was founded on the principles of open borders and free trade between members. This is slowly unraveling as the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe deepens and member states continue to have differing opinions.

Russia’s expansion in Ukraine also poses a threat to the European Union. The EU has historically opposed the Soviet Union and communism. The successor to the Soviet Union, Russia continues to cause problems in Eastern European countries such as Ukraine. The Russians are known for bringing oppressive regimes that use force as a source of power instead of democracy.

The Syrian refugee crisis, the uncertainty of the open borders in Europe and Russian aggression are just some of the key factors that George Soros mentions in his interview that are undermining the European Union. Financial crises such as in Greece, which is an EU member and the possible exit of the United Kingdom from the EU further threatens the existence of the European Union.

Brad Reifler: The Embodiment of a Successful Entrepreneur

The terms ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘entrepreneurship’ are used to describe individuals who have the skill and drive needed to design and start new businesses. An entrepreneur will have a business that offers a product or a service for sale. There is a special mentality that entrepreneurs have that allow them to succeed in an environment where others fail. Where other people see challenges, entrepreneurs see opportunities. They have a keen sense of perception, and they have the decisiveness that is needed in order to exploit an opportunity when it presents itself. It is very clear why many people see the term ‘entrepreneur’ as being something desirable. When a person is referred to as an entrepreneur, it is a mark of pride. So, what does it say about a person if they are called a serial entrepreneur? To find the answer to that question, one need look no further than Brad Reifler.

Brad Reifler has years of experience working as an entrepreneur and as an investor. He has worked with and founded many companies that have been based in the United States. Unlike many people who are successful in business, Brad Reifler was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Instead, he had to work hard and be determined to make it to the top. The pinnacle of Brad Reifler’s achievements is the founding of Forefront Capital LLC.

Brad’s professional career started in the 1980’s when he founded the trading company that bears his last name. Throughout the life of the firm, Brad and his employees managed hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts. Later, his business evolved to the point where he was doing research and dissemination on financial products for businesses around the globe. In 2000, Brad sold his company to the largest futures company in the world.

If that was his only achievement, it would be fair to say that he was a success. However, in addition to creating the company that bears his name, he proved himself to be a financial services professional who the world’s business community could trust. In 1995, he used that experience to found Pali Capital, a business that focused primarily on dealing with the equities markets. Brad’s goal was not to tell traders what to buy and what to sell, but instead to use top-of-the-line research to create and teach strategies that would allow sales traders to articulate and execute successful packaged strategies well.

Under Brad’s tutelage, the Pali Capital company did amazing. They did more than $1 billion of commission income and employed more than 300 people with offices on four continents.

Brad Reifler embodies what it means to be an entrepreneur. In addition to the tips that he provides, he is dedicated, hard-working, focused, and driven to bring success to himself, his company, and those who work with him.  His Twitter following relies on him for his up to date financial commentary, and it’s become something that definitely defines him.

In Order To Live: The Captivating Story of A North Korean’s Escape

In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, among the top best-sellers worldwide, has captured the imaginations of countless readers. But what they may not know is that the 21 year old author, Yeonmi Park, didn’t even know what the word freedom meant while living in North Korea. She says that life consisted solely of trying to stay alive. Finally, when she was 13 years old, she and her mother escaped from North Korea, on March 31, 2007. They were guided by a team of human traffickers who occasionally smuggled people from North Korea to China as a side job. The two fugitives crossed the Yalu River in the dead of night in, reaching a temporary refuge in China without a very clear image of what to do next. Yeonmi and her mother stayed undercover in China until February 2009, when Yeonmi and he mother received aid from Christian missionaries and human rights activists to escape to Mongolia and from Mongolia to South Korea. But unfortunately, when they reached the border, the guards threatened to send them back. At this point, Yeonmi and her mother swore that they would kill themselves with the knives they carried rather than go back to China. The guards eventually relented and put the two in a detention center instead. On April 1, 2009, Yeonmi and her mother were inexplicably put on an airplane to fly to Seoul. The two initially had difficulty settling in South Korea, but eventually found jobs. In 2014, Yeonmi published her memoir. There have been many who criticize her story. Perhaps the largest critic is the North Korean government, who released a lengthy video discrediting many elements of her story. Yeonmi has stated on Youtube that she only changed a few minor details in the story to protect friends and family members who are still living in North Korea. She also admits that she may have made a few mistakes due to her not-to-firm grip on the English language. During a recent interview with Reason TV, Yeonmi said on Casey and Yeaonmi, “I know the truth of North Korea. The oppression and their tragedy. It cannot be silenced.”

Advancing Visual Search Technology From Slyce

The last time I used Slyce’s new take on visual search technology I was surprised by the accuracy of the results that it produced. My goal in doing online shopping on is to make life as easy as possible, and Slyce does a great job with that. Online shopping is already so much easier than going into stores to buy things, but it was never this easy to get what you want without the hassle of doing investigative work on search engines until Slyce came into the picture. My guess is that this company is going to keep making things better, and they’ll surely keep updating their system.

The Genius Of Online Shopping With Visual Search Technology

In a recent article from MIT Technology Review, we learn all about the new advances in this fascinating field of shopping ease. The article points out some of the bigger brands of visual search technology that have not yet mastered the new concept. Google and Pinterest are two companies that are trying to come out with a successful take on visual search technology. Shopping should have always been this easy, but I think we are just seeing the beginning of what this fascinating visual search industry has to offer to consumers.

Slyce is working hard to network with big brands to bring a great value to their communities and to consumers that use their application. They have been working with Home Depot, Tilly’s and a bunch of other big retailers by offering the deals and discounts that most consumers would not have access to without the Slyce application. It’s no surprise that the retailers are satisfied with a high profit margin due to more products moving from their warehouses, and consumers who are using Slyce are saving a bundle on their purchases.

The fact that I can simply take a picture of something I see and want to buy, to me, is the beginning of a brave new world of technological innovations. I feel that this is an advancing technology that people who are tech savvy have been waiting for patiently. It seems like something you would see in a science fiction movie. People can actually walk by a store window and literally do some window shopping by taking pictures of products they want.