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The Variety of Dog Food On The Market

Dog foods have become so incredibly easy to find. There are pet stores and Dollar General stores that have dog food variety. There are stores like Wal-Mart and K-Mart that also have a variety of selections to consider. All of this is great, but I just really am much more interested in finding one good brand and sticking with that. That is why I have chosen Beneful. It is a brand that continues to lead as a real good brand for people with multiple dogs.

I have dogs of different sizes, and I want to make sure that I get the brand that allows me to buy different foods without going to another company. Beneful at is one such brand. It has foods for puppies and it also has food for big dogs. I have both, and I am patronizing this Beneful brand because it has been promoted as the healthy dog food. I like this because I am trying to make sure that my dogs live for a long time. I love my pets, and I want to make sure that they are getting the nutrition that they need.

People that don’t own dogs may not understand what the big deal is about the Beneful brand, but it certainly rings bells with dog owners. Many of these dog owners are going to spend the time looking for just the right brand for their pets. I had tried a lot of different things. I found myself wondering if I would even find the dog food that was right for my dogs. I knew about the various salmon blends with rice, and my neighbor said that there dogs loved this. I always considered my dog more of a chicken eating type of pet, but I didn’t have to worry. There were chicken blends as well. There were quite a few types of meals that I could consider with this brand. That is what impressed me the most about Beneful at That is what made me stay connected to this company.

A lot of companies may market and advertise to consumers through television, but I think that reviews speak louder than words. Consumers have given some great reviews and convinced me to take a couple of these dog food meals home. Once I decided to do this I just had to go back for more because my dogs went through these meals quickly. It was like they were having their last meal. The excitement has continued over the years, and that makes me want to stay linked with this brand. I follow the company on Twitter, and I get information about new types of blends that are hitting the market. All of these different choices is like have a personal chef that is getting something ready for my dogs.

I have to say that it was a tough choice with so much competition out there. I can proudly say that I believe that I made the right choice when I chose the Beneful brand.

Public Relations and Status Lab Solutions

There are five tips to checking out your public image:

1) Log out:
The first step is log out of all google accounts and clear history. This allows you to see what pops up under your name or business from another persons perspective. This is not personalized or biased.

2) Identify the problems:
Figure out which problems arise and see if you can remove them. This can be any negative news about you, old social media accounts, inappropriate pictures, etc. This can come back and haunt you if not dealt properly. The good news is that stuff can often be taken down, but that doesn’t mean it is gone forever. Negative reviews are another item that is not good for the reputation.

3) Make new content:
It is important to create new positive content after going through and deleting all the previously negative statements. This would include more professional stuff such as social media, blogs, press releases, or guest articles that could give you more credibility. Update the ranks in Google.

4) Be on the lookout for data brokers:
Companies on this category go around the internet scraping off personal information found on social media accounts, business records, or corporate releases. Once they have the information, they will take away the negative information about you. This is great in all, but they do know have the rights to post information about you. They can make profiles about you.

5) Be active:
When searching around for harmful photos that you can’t remove yourself, don’t give up. Attempt to contact the admins of the site to request it being removed. Always be polite when asking. They will definitely not take their time to help rude requests. If this doesn’t work and it is still bothersome, then take it to an attorney. Also be sure to check out the laws pertaining to your state when filing a claim.

Status labs can help you throughout your struggles. They provide communication strategies to improve on and media relationships to communicate with important business associates. They have deep relationships with journalists and bloggers in the industry.

They can help make sure your content is engaging and informative. This will help create emotional connects that lead to participation and more sales. All solutions are based on individuals specific needs.

Pitch in to Jon Urbana’s Cause

32-year-old Jon Urbana grew up in Colorado, and had enjoyed doing what he could to bring light to a cause, like he did for ARAS last month.

As the man behind Next Level Lacrosse Camp, Jon Urbana has had a dream to help, but always knew that one person could not change the world. Jon had come up with a blogging platform at to allow anyone who wanted to help a cause to be able to do so.

He may seem like your everyday person, but his heart on has shown his courageous fight to help make the world a better place. He’s also the man behind this video, which Earth Force even shared to its Twitter page.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon has done what a lot people would like to do. He launched his site, and then found a way on Twitter via @jonurbana1 to make dreams come true, and reach out to many people across the world to join his dream.

Jon is a former lax player who led the Villanova team, and has enjoyed being able to assist in giving to a good cause. He has been a big advocate for helping animals. He has teamed up with Humane Societies and animal shelters to join the fight against animal abuse.

In line with his leadership skills, Jon is also an approved airplane operator written up in the prestigious Aviation Business Gazette for his induction to the FAA Airmen’s Certification Database.

Jon Urbana has created a new campaign to help his home town and preserve the beauty of the land he has always know. His knew fight is to protect Colorado and the animals in which reside here.

Contribute to Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force and Jon will match any donations. All you need to do is send him an Instagram message to let him know you’ve donated.

His new cause has allowed him to power up with Earth Force and help prevent animals from being killed by euthanasia. The need to save animals from dying by euthanasia has game him the power to have anyone join his fundraiser on

He’s also found a way to mobilize his base of campers at Next Level Lacrosse camp, and he goes into the weeds with his strategy in a post he made publicly available on Slideshare.

Jon has made it possible for anyone who wants to donate and help save these animals and Colorado to be able to do so. With a touch of a button anyone can donate and help this wonderful cause.

Would China Really Fall So Hard?

China is the largest emerging economy in the world, and their economy is destined to have a few ups and downs. The Chinese have spent the last twenty years building an economy that seems unstoppable, but the Chinese economy may come to a crashing halt at any time. Kyle Bass is an investment banker who is famous for noticing the decline in subprime mortgages, but he has not made any good guesses since. This article explains why Kyle Bass may not be the best person to listen to about China.

#1: Kyle Broke Down Walls With Subprimes

Kyle Bass became a very rich man when he bet against the markets during the subprime loan crisis. His bets against these loans made him so wealthy that he can afford to do whatever he wants. He spent quite a lot of time on TV talking about the housing crisis, but he began to take his eyes off his personal hedge fund. There has been a steady decline in his hedge fund over the years, and his guess on China could be considered a grasp for attention.

#2: Kyle Is Making Bold Proclamations About China

Kyle says that he has not had any loans in China that have underperformed since the last time their country has a loan crisis. He believes that he is speaking with utter authority about the Chinese economy, but the Chinese economy is far more intricate than it once was. The Chinese economy today is more diverse, larger and involves a much larger middle class.

#3: Could Kyle Bass Be Wrong?

There are many economists who believe that the Chinese economy will barely fall if it goes through a small loan crisis. Kyle Bass looks like he could be wrong, and he may send many people in the wrong direction as he searches for more fame. Kyle has spent a long time trying to make himself relevant, and this guess about China is something that will make him relevant for another few months.

#4: The Need For Attention Is Getting Old

People who were disappointed by Kyle during the subprime crisis are disappointed by him concerning his most recent prediction. The Chinese economy will likely fall slightly, but no recession will happen as a result of their current problems. These problems will blow over swiftly, and the Chinese will hardly feel a bump in an economy that supports about 1.2 billion people.

Kyle Bass is hardly the person to listen to when investing in China, his Wikipedia history shows that much. Kyle has not paid much attention to his hedge fund for almost a decade, and his is no longer qualified to make such bold predictions. Enjoying Kyle as a TV personality is one thing, but taking advice from him is quite another.

The 990 Company Is Turning The Real Estate Market Upside Down

Greg Hague has made a small fortune selling real estate and he did it all with one simple technique. He found that most agents spend more time looking for business than actually taking care of business. He found that it is possible to have motivated sellers calling day after day wanting to list their homes. Because of the fact that some old school brokers believe that you don’t tamper with the ways things have always been, they will never move on and be able to find the financial freedom that Hague has found.

There is no real estate firm that dominates the industry. Why can’t one firm stand out and be like Apple or except with houses? The fact of the matter is that any real estate firm can be bigger and better by using just one thing, The 990 Company. By tinkering with what is, you can find out what can be better. Those who are willing to tamper with the holy grail of real estate and give up the 6% commission can find that they may be making so much more.

Large stores have been utilizing the same methods for years and it works for them. They put one item on sale to draw 100’s of people into the store. Those people will come in for the sale item, but 99 percent of the time they leave with much more. Now apply that to real estate. 990 sells homes Company offers sellers a way to save on commissions but in return it brings in a whole lot more commissions. No one has ever attempted anything like this before.

Hague was a successful real estate agent in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was the number one agent in his market carrying around 50-60 listings at a time. When he started using the 990 method, he went from one office with three agents to offices across the city and numerous agents. Anyone in the country can sell their home with an agent for as low as $990. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the huge commissions that most realtors charge. Using this program it is the best of both worlds for both the buyer and seller. The buyer gets to be involved and can do some work on the marketing of their home too, and this saves them money. However, if the agent markets and sells the home, they also get the normal commission.

It’s clear to see that Hague was a genius for his plan. He is a real estate guru because he had the ability to think outside the proverbial box and make a new way to sell real estate using the power of the internet to the masses.