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Why Are There Always So Many New Makeup Companies?

If you’re a woman and you love wearing the latest in makeup, you will find that there are always new brands coming up trying to one up each other and come up with the best products for the skin. Whether it’s the best eyeshadow or the most glittery lipstick, there is always something new. The growth in trends and developments with social media have also caused for more makeup companies to step up their game and take their brand to a whole new level.

Why Are There Always So Many New Makeup Companies?

The reason behind this is simply the fact that makeup companies try to look for something new every single time. There is always a new company crafting new makeup because they know that women always want the latest in makeup trends. Social media celebrities are also using the power of their images and online videos to talk about new makeup brands, giving the new companies the chance to advertise. While many come about onto the scene, it’s important to know that the majority of the time most companies aren’t exactly new, but they are just beginning to get onto the makeup scene.

The Power Of YouTube Advertising

The way most new companies are coming about is utilizing the power behind YouTube advertising. It’s so easy to get a YouTube celebrity to provide a review of a company’s makeup brand and what they offer. It’s amazingly incredible to be able to witness all the companies who are finding more advertising and using more of the famous people on these video sharing site to talk about their products. It may seem like new companies are popping out because of this type of advertising, but you’ll find that many of them really aren’t new brands but merely companies that utilizing more of social media.

What’s A Great Makeup Brand?

Despite all the new companies coming about with their new makeup products and items, you’ll find that one of the best in the industry today is actually Lime Crime. Doe Deere created this company to provide completely cruelty-free products that do not harm any animals in the process of making this makeup. The brand is independently owned by Ideamensch professional artist Doe Deere and her team members in California, and they all work incredibly hard to bring their brand to the masses by distributing authentic products to other parts of the globe. Their online store is constantly growing and developing, and they have a goal of only providing natural ingredients for all their customers.

One of the main reasons why it’s tough sometimes to find a good makeup brand is because you don’t know exactly what you need for your health. Your skin may need specific ingredients, and it’s hard sometimes to know whether something is good for your skin or not. Lime Crime and the team behind them strive to come up with natural products that can work for every person’s skin, so that everybody can express their personality without damaging their skin and causing future breakouts.

Ken Griffin: Self-Made Billionaire & Generous Philanthropist

Ken Griffin‘s career as an ambitious entrepreneur began during his first year of study at Harvard University. By the time he graduated from this elite academic institution with a degree in economics in 1989, he had already been managing millions of dollars in assets. The following year, Mr. Griffin officially founded Citadel with just over $4.5 million in available funds. This financial firm quickly evolved into a global entity with an appeal to investors in dozens of countries. Throughout the decades, Griffin has taken a firm stance in his role as the Chief Executive Officer of the company he established as a young businessman.

Eventually, the Citadel Group has branched out into Citadel and Citadel Securities in order to cover niche markets and build diverse portfolios. While managing hedge funds, equities and other financial instruments, Griffin has acquired plenty of personal wealth that he has been more than happy to share with the public. In fact, he is known for his various philanthropic activities on valuewalk that focus on education and culture in the United States of America. For example, Griffin has contributed more than $150 million to his beloved Harvard University. Such a donation to his alma mater was made with the goal of improving the university in terms of global competitiveness and appeal to international students seeking degrees in financial niches. Ken Griffin has also made significant monetary contributions to the Art Institute of Chicago and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. Surely, such activities highlight his love for high culture that is on display to the public in some of America’s largest cities.

In addition to giving large sums of money to great causes, Griffin has taken active roles in education by being a board member of the Chicago Public Education Fund. As a resident of Chicago, Illinois, it’s not surprising how much support he has given to the Windy City.

Ken Griffin is the epitome of a self-made American businessman with humble roots. He has grown from a genius college Freshman with his own business to a charismatic billionaire and generous philanthropist. Besides changing the way that financial transactions are done in the companies he founded, Griffin has also influenced the cultural sphere in major cities throughout North America. He is not just a successful hedge fund manager, but also a great human being who supports an array of wonderful social causes like education.

The new CEO of Coriant: Shaygan Khedapir

Shaygan Khedapir is ultimately one of the most prominent business and technology executives globally. Shaygan portrays the qualities of smart and prolific personalities who have beaten the odds to rise in the ranks of the elite professionals.

The 54-year-old was born in London in 1960 and throughout his life he has believed in the principles of hard work to bring him success. In his early life, he joined Cornell University to pursue a degree in electrical engineering on where he later obtained his Masters Degree and Ph.D. Fully equipped with the relevant expertise needed, he has contributed to the building of mission-driven teams to bring about change that matters to both his clients and employees at large.

Mr. Shaygan began his otherwise promising career path at GTE Corporation where he works as network management controller but eventually became the Chief Information Officer of the company. At GTE, he managed to contribute to the development of the first US National Network Management platform. The platform brought together infrastructure transmission and switching. The company was recognized globally for its attempt to provide simple and highly efficient network intervention techniques.

He later joined Verizon to become its first CTO. He was instrumental in helping the company venture into a broader range of telecommunication services. By 2010, Mr. Shaygan had become one of the chief executives of the enterprise. He was slowly beginning to get the admiration of many.

His expertise didn’t go unrecognized, in 2011, he was appointed the Chief Operating Officer of one of the global departments at Barclays Bank, where he contributed immensely to technological inventions, e.g., the famous Pingit mobile payment software. Due to the success of his strategies, he was appointed as the Chief Technology Officer of the bank with a privilege to attending Barclays executive team meetings.

Mr. Shaygan was later appointed as the C.E.O of Jupiter networks in 2014.At Jupiter; he worked with a brilliant team of managers to completely overhaul the company’s way of operation that gave it a new approach to business. For instance, he introduced the launch of the company’s Integrated Operation Plan to reduce costs and increase dividends.

He eventually landed as C.E.O of Coriant in September of 2015 after closely working with the management team since early 2015 as a partner at Marlin Equity Partners. Coriant is one of the top notch technology companies that recently became independent from Nokia Siemens in 2014.The company needed someone with relevant skills to steer it to success. With his proficient knowledge in voice, data, and mobile networks, Mr. Shaygan is the right man to lead the company to compete perfectly with other blue-chip firms in the tech business.

Mr. Shaygan’s phenomenal achievements and success throughout his career are not ending soon. With over 30 years’ experience in the technology and business field, he possesses the required skills any technology company would need from an employee to enable it achieve its goals. We are going to see him advance further in his career as he continues to contribute to an easier life for all humanity.

Five Reasons You Should Be Dating A Russian Woman

Russian women are both beautiful and smart. While western women are also amazing there’s just something special about a Russian women that you will not find in women from the United States. Today, we are going to dive deeper into why Russian women are so sought after by men here in the west.

Top Five Reasons To Date A Russian Woman

1. Russian women are extremely loyal- When it comes to family, you will not find a more family oriented woman than a Russian. She will stick by your side through thick and thin and furiously defend all of her family members.

2. They work hard and play hard- When it comes to work, Russian women are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They love to work hard and when it comes to have a good time they love to play hard as well. So if you are looking for a partner that is willing to put in the work but still likes to let their hair down, a Russian woman is for you.

3. Russian women are straightforward- When it comes to speaking their minds, Russian women are not afraid to tell you what they think. Unlike some women who like to give the silent treatment, Russian women do not enjoy this silly game. Instead of beating around the bush they will always communicate their feelings.

4. Her parents will treat you like family- When you date a Russian woman, 9 times out of 10 her family will welcome you in. Unlike some cultures that are standoffish when it comes to their daughter’s boyfriend, Russian parents are very inviting.

5. They have keen fashion sense- Most Russian women know how to dress to impress. They seem to be born with a head for fashion. This is just another reason why dating a Russian woman makes perfect sense.

So Where Do I Find A Beautiful Russian Woman?

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NBA and Atlanta Hawks team owner Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a former NBA team owner and was also a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC, which administers the basketball team called the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson has also worked , since the year 2004, on the NBA Board of Governors as the Hawks’ Governor.
Atlanta Hawks LLC, was founded in the year 2004 to purchase the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. It represents a group of businessmen with Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz as majority partners and it owns the professional basketball team Atlanta Hawks and Phillips Arena. Prior to this endavour, Levenson took part in writing for Observer Publishing and the Washington Star. He also was known as a director at Among these things, he has been the head of the “I Have a Dream Foundation”. Levenson attended Washington University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and moreover, he is the owner of a law degree that he got from American University in Washington, DC. A significant fact is that he was also involved in work with many philanthropic organizations. He donated to the U.S. Holocaust Museum and also finds its Bringing the Lessons Home program that provides the students with knowledge of the Holocaust and prepares them to become the Museum’s tour guides.
Recently however, Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson informed the public that he was apparently, planning to sell his interest in the Hawks team. As it was mentioned above, Levenson has worked as the Hawks governor and one of the controlling owners ever since the year 2004. There were two groups that were emerging as the main front-runners for buying the Hawks after an almost seven months long process to sell the rights along with the Philips Arena. The deadline for final bids was taken to be April 10, however, it is considered to be moved, as there are a couple more bids to be taken into consideration. People informed on this whole process consider, however, the before mentioned two groups to be the finalists but they have already signed agreements for non- disclosure so as to be certain not to discuss publicly about the selling process.
It is known that the first finalist is led by Steve Kaplan, minority owner of Grizzlies, together with Erick Thohir and Handy Poernomo and Jason Levien, while other finalist is led by Mark Rachesky from Lionsgate Entertainment. The selling process will probably take until June to finish. It began in September when, as mentioned before, Bruce Levenson pointed out his intention to sell his interests in the team. A couple of months later, the other ownership partners also decided to sell their rights in the team.
The Hawks and Philips Arena were considered to be sold for $800 million and upward but, as the latest sources confirm, Antony Ressler has recently agreed to purchase the Hawks for a price of about $850 million and moreover, Steve Koonin, CEO of the Hawks and Mike Budenholzer, the coach, will remain the long- term part of the new group of ownership.

The Economic Businessman John Textor

BusinessWire proves that John Textor is one of the leading movie producers in the film industry today. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. Mr. Textor has been involved in several business and has helped to grow a number of companies since leaving college. In his early years he co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings (1997), in which they began to invest in the entertainment industry, the growing internet businesses, and various telecommunication businesses. In 2006, he assisted with the restructuring of the company Digital Domain, where he previously served as Chairman and CEO. Under his leadership there Digital Domain became a $450 million dollar company on the New York Stock Exchange. Digital Domain is a visual effects company and work on a minimum of 80 films. Some of the films that Digital Domain produced under his leadership were Transformers, Real Steel, and Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End. John Textor is an executive producer and producer in his own right, some of his works include Ender’s Game.

In the last five years Mr. Textor has become the Chief Executive Officer and President-Head of Studio for his company, Pulse Evolution Corporation, which is based in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Pulse, as it is called, is leading the film industry in human animation and virtual performances by music artist. Mr. Textor personally produced the virtual Michael Jackson during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, as well as the Virtual Elvis Presley, Virtual Marilyn Monroe, and the digital Tupac Shakur performance at the Coachella Valley Music Festival (2012). John Textor is not only a film and visual art performance producer, he is a kin businessman and has had his hand in many industries such as BabyUniverse, Inc that sells baby products over the internet and Sims Snowboards (snowboarding retailer and world known brand), where invented the World Snowboarding Championship. John is also involved in international business, where he assisted with a joint venture with the sovereign media authority in Abu Dhabi. Lastly, he created a dual-enrollment Bachelor’s program at Florida State University in order to assist students wanting to pursue visual effects.

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Purina is for happiness

I lived on a farm as a kid, and it was the greatest place of all time. However, I was really ready to leave and see some of the world. To me, it was not an issue of going places that were far away, it was more about meeting and engaging with people of other backgrounds and experience on The reason that I was like that was because I really loved animals and the entire farm life in general. Leaving the farm was a necessary inconvenience to meet my goal of being in larger circle of friends. Of course, this is before the internet, or it is possible that I would have never left.

I made pets of most of the farm animals. This is not always promoted in the farm life because they are stock and will be sold at some point. I understood that part of farm life, but I wanted them to have the best life possible while in my care. Fortunately, I was very good at it, so my animals had an exceedingly good life before they left my care. The poultry on the farm exists for the things that they produce like eggs, but they were exceedingly good at bug control around the farm. In turn, this protein made their eggs much richer than store eggs, and the yolks of these eggs were almost fluorescent orange.

However, we still have to feed them. The food that they intake naturally is not enough to sustain them in the manner in which we like to feed our animals. This sustaining food is responsible for the quality of the things that are produced on the farm, but also for the quality of life of the animals. On our farm and on most farms and ranches throughout our region, the most utilized brand for this constant nutrition is the Purina brand. Our wonderful poultry is fed this brand, and it is just as important for the richness of their eggs as the supplemental nutrition that they get from catching bugs and eating some of the leftover fruit and vegetables.

Even with our cats and dogs, we feed them several different Purina PetCare options and for the same reasons that we feed Purina to our livestock. It is compete nutrition. When animals are fed well they are not only happy, they are healthy. Veterinarian bills are an extremely large part of the operating budgets of many farms and ranches. When animals are healthy, this expense can be utilized elsewhere or to increase the small margin of profits that businesses like farms and ranches produce. Additionally, if pets are also healthy, they are not additional burdens to families. Purina is a partner of our operation in this sense.

Doe Deere Helps Me Be Myself

When I was in high school, I was so afraid to express myself. I attended a very strict Catholic high school. Everyone was trying to blend together and not stand apart from the crowd. That was what was to be expected by our families, classmates, and teachers. There wasn’t much room to stand out. Most people loved this idea of conformity. I was one of the ones who did not. The only way I felt comfortable expressing myself was through my makeup. Unfortunately, that was frowned upon.

I didn’t want to stand apart and be ridiculed. I did not want to express myself only to be shunned by others. I was scared. I wish I had known about a woman named Doe Deere who is a fearless woman. I could have used her inspiration to help me through the tough times!

Deere is truly a pioneer when it comes to makeup and makeup trends. Any time she is out and about, she always looks flawless and put together. Her signature moves are big bold makeup. Her lips are always an eye catching color, her nails done immaculately, and her hair is a fresh and fun color. Deere is an inspiration to everyone everywhere because shes’s not conforming to the way that society says she should do makeup. Deere believes that everyone has a right to be magical and to express themselves. She doesn’t believe that makeup is for any one type of person. Deere feels that boys can wear makeup as well as girls.

Deere has put these philosophies into her very own makeup line called Lime Crime. It’s truly amazing that she was able to create a business from the ground up and she’s remained so humble about it. Deere helps others now with whatever questions they have about makeup or running their own business. Deere is also very animal friendly. Her makeup products are safe and they were never tested on animals. Her products are also vegan friendly which is a big deal for some of the following that she has!

I may not have discovered Deere in high school but now that I’m an adult, I use her makeup line in my everyday life. I like to be bold and different when I come to work which is the look I achieve through her velveteen lipsticks and glitter eye shadow line. I am always showered in compliments, as well.

Overall, Doe Deere helps those individuals who feel that they are born to standout when it comes to makeup. She really stands behind her line and she truly is an inspiration. Makeup wasn’t Deere’s first choice in a career path but we are sure glad that it’s where she ended up! I know she’s helped me to feel beautiful and a thousand other people could probably attest to the same thing. Deere has her fair share of people trying to bring her down, just like any other successful business owner does, but she’s really held her head high through it all.