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Bobby Flay’s Divorce is Turning Bitter

Much like food, if it stays on high heat too long, it turns bitter which is what is happening in celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s divorce proceedings. Bobby Flay and his soon-to-be-ex-wife Stephanie March are locked in a battle where it seems that neither will really emerge victorious, no matter the outcome.

The couple have been married to each other for the past ten years, however it seems as though those ten years together were not all happy ones. As their divorce is heating up, more dirty laundry is filtering out into the media outlets. The split is rumored to have happened because of an affair that Flay was having with his much younger assistant. Now, according to the story on The Daily Mail, it seems as though his assistant may not have been the only dalliance outside of his marriage.

March is accusing Flay of having an affair with “Mad Men” actress January Jones as well according to the twitter page of Crystal Hunt. She claims that the two were together many times, including hotels around Los Angeles. After a car accident that January was in, Flay showed up to the scene which left March suspicious. Flay claims that the two are just pals and that January wanted some kitchen advice from the seasoned chef. The plot thickens in this tale. Stay tuned for more!

Why Chicken Makes Many People Sick

Frontline recently aired a documentary program entitled ‘The Trouble with Chicken’ and showed the world why chicken makes so many people sick. The documentary was a decade in the making and spanned several states gathering information and film footage.
The investigative research for the documentary uncovered a killer among the chickens which are being raised for human consumption. That killer was and is salmonella.
There have been two major outbreaks of salmonella during the decade it took to put together this documentary. One salmonella outbreak occurred in 2004 and the other one in 2013. Both were traced back to one location, a Foster Farms chicken farm located in Oregon.
After the salmonella outbreak in 2004, Foster Farms received numerous warnings from the Oregon Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration. Foster Farms did little to comply with the agencies and resisted heeding their warnings. That led to the second salmonella outbreak in 2013.
Mark Ahn has learned that, to add insult to injury, Foster Farms did nothing about the the 2013 outbreak and continued on with business as usual even though over 600 people become ill after eating their salmonella-tainted chicken. That was not just the fault of the chicken producing company for blatantly ignoring the danger their products were posing to the public for the 16 months during 2013-2014 after the salmonella was traced back to them, but also the fault of the government agencies which allowed it to continue.

Your Summer Meal On A Bun, Courtesy of Carl’s Jr

Memorial Day will soon be upon us, officially marking the opening of grill season. For those who are not inclined to grill but still appreciate the delicacies created on hot coals they can head to Carl’s Junior to get an entire meal on a bun. Their newest dish features a one third pound thickburger, a sliced up hot dog, American cheese, standard burger toppings, and a handful of Lay’s potato chips as the finishing touch according to Marcio Alaor BMG on Blogspot. This abomination is aptly named The Most American Thickburger. It will be available to ruin your diet starting May 20th. It has some of American’s favorite summer picnic treats all piled up in a handheld meal. Carl’s Junior is famous for over the top burgers topped with a wide variety of ingredients and nutrition information that should make you cringe. So for the lazy Americans that do not wish to get their grill out and cook dinner, head to Carl’s Junior for a small piece of Americana.

Japanese Consume Too Much Salt

Japanese food has been widely considered to be healthy but there is a growing concern about the level of salt intake in the country. According to a recent study, Japanese adults are ingesting around 13 grams of salt in a day. The study was commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

This numbers are alarming according to Professor Satoshi Sasaki, who led the study posted on Contrary to previous research, the results were based on the amount of salt in the urine rather than the amount of salt in the food eaten, so Susan McGalla believed it a bit more.

The research was carried out between February and March and involved 760 adults.384 were men while 376 were women. Each person was supposed to collect all the urine that they passed in a day. The researchers then averaged the amount of salt in the urine.

After doing the math, the researchers found out that the average salt consumed in a day is 12.9 grams. This is after averaging 14.0 for men and 11.8 for women. This is higher than the survey carried out in 2012 where the average was found out to be 10.4 grams.

In past surveys, the ministry would calculate the amount of salt intake nationwide, on the basis of the type of foods that the people used to eat. Sasaki considers the latest figures as excessive. Following the findings, people are being encouraged to reduce their sodium intake

A Jet Black Burger

I’m a huge burger fan. I think they are great no matter what the day and no matter what the occasion. That’s probably why they are a staple in so many different restaurants. The best thing about burgers is that they are so versatile! You can literally put anything in or on a burger, and chances are it’s still pretty good. For the adventurous, there are all sorts of crazy burger concoctions. I’m normally the type of person that would try them. Except maybe when burgers come in the color black.

You may have seen the black burger circulating Social Media. Gianfrancesco Genoso saw it being talked about on Teses. It was available at a few McDonald’s restaurants throughout the world, mainly in Japan. But, now according to Grub Street India saw that Japan was onto something and they are introducing their own jet black burgers.

These burgers as previously mentioned will have a black bun and your option for what’s in between. Customers can choose either grilled chicken or a veggie patty. With a bun looking like that though is anyone really going to even be paying attention to what’s in between them?

The sandwich officially comes out today so it will be interesting to see if people can get past the color and enjoy the taste. After all, it probably tastes exactly the same it’s just the color is slightly off kilter. India people are known to take a few chances with their food, so maybe this will be one of them.

Free Ice Cream Day

The warm weather is here! That means aside from days full of sunshine, there are now days full of those summery activities we know and love. From lounging at the beach, to playing at a park, there is no shortage of how to spend your days. Most of these activities involve a popular treat, ice cream! With Summer almost upon us, your days are good days if they are spent with ice cream cones in hand. Now, in preparation for ice cream season coming, there is a special day tomorrow for ice cream lovers across the world.

According to GrubStreet Haagen-Dazs Ice cream shops in the United States are offering free scoops of ice cream! The deal runs in the afternoon from 4 PM till 8 PM so it’s a great way to stop by and spoil your dinner! You even have your options tomorrow. Your free scoop can come in a cup, cake coke, or even a sugar cone!

A lot of places have been offering free scoops. It seems that it’s been quite the tradition to round out spring, and have summer enter. Igor Cornelsen feels it’s a perfect tradition. You can probably expect long lines tomorrow as people flock to the deal. After all, people love free and people love ice cream. You combine the two together and you have the recipe for long lines. Anytime ice cream is involved though, it’s usually worth it.

After 13-Year Hiatus, McDonald’s Debuts New Creepy Hamburglar

After suffering a dismal fiscal quarter, McDonald’s is trying frantically to portray a new image. The burger giant has even decided to try adding healthy green kale to its California and Canada menus after blasting the idea only a few months ago.

Now this tops it all: McDonald’s has debuted a new Hamburglar following a 13-year hiatus, and many are crying creepy. The look is just plain wrong. The new Hamburglar still sports the signature black and white stripes, but appears to be a slimmer-looking, more attractive, dad type character. The Hamburglar will help introduce McDonald’s new, limited-time Sirloin Third Pound Burger, a company spokeswoman said.

According to CNN Money, Wall Street has not been impressed with the burger company’s latest, creative improvements. McDonald’s, however, claims the fast-food restaurant chain is on the right track:

CEO Steve Easterbrook recently described McDonald’s new look as a “modern, progressive burger company.”

Estabrook is not only concerned with the company’s stale brand image, but hoping better quality food will catapult McDonald’s back on top. The fast food chain is testing beef and chicken sandwiches with flavors that include jalapeno and pico guacamole according to former NBA franchise owner Bruce Levenson.

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of fast food burger competition out there with popular places like Five Guys and Smashburger. Even Hillary Clinton chose to visit a Chipotle’s rather than a McDonald’s during her first full day campaining for the White House.

San Francisco Plans to Build Affordable Housing on Stadium Parking Lot

San Francisco has had a longtime reputation for its high cost of housing. In fact San Francisco, along with New York, are the most expensive places to live in the country. Recognizing the need for affordable housing, George Lucas came up with a brilliant and creative solution to the problem. Lucas is planning to use the 28-acre football stadium parking lot as a residential and commercial building site.

The proposal involves creating a new neighborhood containing 1500 residences. The new neighborhood which will be called Mission Rock will include a park and commercial enterprises such as a brewery as well as private residences. Flavio Maluf even suggests the new development will designate 1/3 of the new housing units as affordable housing which will be available for rent at reduced rates.

This new affordable housing project is a good idea. It’s a win-win situation for everybody. About 500 new and affordable housing units will be created, and the city will get rid of the eyesore of the parking lot and gain additional tax revenue. It is also a great use of valuable land resources. The football stadium parking lot is taking up a lot of prime real estate, and it is only used a few times a year. On the other hand, the homes built on that land will be used and enjoyed every day. Lucas should be commended for thinking outside of the box and bringing more affordable housing units to San Francisco.

Enjoy a Stay at The Dorchester Collection

International travel is often a highly necessary process. Someone may need to travel in order to be able to connect directly with clients. Meeting people in person has all kinds of advantages. Someone who is able to meet with a client directly will be able to judge their feelings directly and pick up on subtle clues that may not be otherwise readily apparent. A person who is able to meet with clients can also do things that help them to bond with clients by providing a sense of shared experiences with them. This can be an ideal to make new business connections and shore up old connections with others. The right kind of business setting can help greatly facilitate this process and make life easier for all those who are involved in any kind of business deal.

The right setting can be a vitally important part of the process. A hotel chain that is devoted to the needs of the business traveler can be the ideal partner for a business person who is staying abroad. Many such places have specific amenities that are designed largely to help make sure that any business trip is as productive as possible for all concerned. One such hotel is The Dorchester Collection. This series of high end properties is owned by a company that is devoted to helping to make sure that any business travel always has all that they need on hand at every time. The hotel can help the savvy business traveler make sure that all planned meetings with clients take place in a setting that is congenial for both parties. This hotel chain is dedicated to the ideal that the business traveler can embrace knowing that they are able to have a hotel where staffers fully understand all of their needs at every turn.

Working with the Dorchester Collection means that the hotel has staffers who are able to provide their guests with all kinds of important amenities that are ideal for them and allow to be able to meet with clients in a setting that is comfortable and elegant at the same time. The hotel’s staffers will be able provide their guests with conference rooms located in the heart of a major city as well as other important amenities such as meals provided by restaurants that are some of the finest anyone can find anywhere in the entire world. Interested in more of Dorchester Collection’s business profile, visit them on Linkedin!