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Batman/Suicide Squad Rumors Take Another Turn

The recent rumors of a Batman cameo in Suicide Squad are rooted in the release of mysterious photos. The photo images reveal Ben Affleck walking around in an airport in Toronto. That would be the same Canadian city housing principle photography for Suicide Squad. Now, new photos are emerging from the actual film set and they show a very well-dressed Ben Affleck walking around. Is Affleck waltzing on set in a Bruce Wayne costume?

Rumors are one thing. Evidence is another. Upon looking at the images emerging from the set of Suicide Squad, it is clean Batman/Bruce Wayne/Ben Affleck is/are going to have a bigger cameo than we thought. Originally, reported noted the Dark Knight cameo would come in the form of still images or video screen footage. Looks like the hero’s role is going to be a bit more pronounced.

That does not mean Batman is going to be one of the major characters. More than likely, the presence of Batman is going to help set up the next film in the series. A speculative rumor suggests Batman will show up at the end of the film when The Joker escapes from his holding cell. (The escape scene was spoiled months ago in press leaks) Now, is Batman going to make a cameo in costume or are we only going to see Bruce Wayne make and appearance? Will actress Crystal Hunt make an appearance? Will both show up? No one knows the answer to these questions although they are likely to emerge as more and more of the film is shot.

Do not go solely by what happens in Toronto though. Shooting in the Hollywood studios or in post-production facilities might lead to other scenes being produced that put segments from the Toronto shoot into better context.

War On Condiments?

There are so many feuds taking place across the world right now, why shouldn’t we just add one more right? That’s what trend tracker Adam Sender says of the world’s leading condiment makers are saying. French’s and Heinz are now feuding over ketchup and mustard.

French’s who was once just your averages mustard maker is now making ketchup. They are pitching it off that French’s ketchup is healthier for you due to the fact that it is made a lot healthier since it doesn’t contain high-fructose corn syrup. This is a crack at Heinz, who has for years used corn syrup to give their version its unique flavor.

Meanwhile, Heinz has created their own version of mustard. They are quoted saying that this mustard is a “superior quality”. Heinz new mustard is made from all natural stone ground seeds to give you the ultimate flavor without any additives.

Though both companies are presenting a very convincing argument, since humankind is on such a health kick right now. What it will come down to is, personal preference. If you used Heinz ketchup, use their mustard as well. If you use French’s mustard, give their ketchup a try. Or share the love, stop the feud and use one of each before this turns into a full blown war.

Fast Food Jobs Are Not The Goal

Fast food workers have been receiving a lot of fame in the news lately, first for taking strikes when they felt that they were not being paid enough for the job that they were doing, and now because they want to be unionized.
While all jobs are important and we need someone to do each and every one out there, fast food workers are not the same thing as say, a doctor or a lawyer. They have not spent years and money on the training that is needed to do the job that they do. They have not dedicated their lives to the work and spent hours studying how to make the burgers and fries. Although the job is important, it’s not the most important job out there. And that’s okay. The people working in fast food need to realize that this is not their final goal, they need to be working harder to get out of the business and to be getting another job if they want to be paid more or if they want the right to be unionized.
A fast food job is okay for a while, but long term it’s not ideal. That is what Bruce Karatz suggests. The more people that realize that and the sooner that they do, the better for our country.

Obesity a Result of Bad Diet, Not Lack of Exercise

Many people like Brian Torchin believe that a lack of exercise can cause obesity, but recent research has shown that this is not true. According to Digital Journals, poor diet is a cause of obesity, but exercise is actually not. As such, if someone overloads on carbs and sugar, exercising will not be enough to prevent obesity.

According to the authors of a review that was published in the BMJ, activity levels have not changed significantly in the past three decades, but obesity has risen significantly. The logical conclusion is that it is diet, rather than inactivity, that is responsible for the large part of the obesity epidemic.

According to the authors of this review, a poor diet “generates more disease than physical inactivity, alcohol and smoking combined.” They do acknowledge that exercise is beneficial and can decrease the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other conditions, but essentially, the benefit of exercise is not as large as the detriment of poor diet.

The authors of this review blast food and drink companies for making people believe that they can consume all of the junk food and sugary beverages that they want and retain a normal weight as long as they exercise. According to their research, this is just not true, and it is partially responsible for obesity and lack of health.

Essentially, people should not expect to be able to overindulge on junk food and exercise it all away.

IBS Affects Many

When it comes to irritable bowl syndrome not many know what kinds of symptoms come about. There are some who don’t even know what the letters “IBS” stand for. It seems, though, that this syndrome is a bigger deal than some think. It seems that more people should be educated about this syndrome and just what it can bring about for those who are dealing with it.

It has been said that thirty percent of women face IBS. That is a lot of people. That is a lot of women. Thirty percent is a large number, it makes this syndrome something that should become a big deal. Where are the groups that are coming together to fight this syndrome? Where are the individuals who want to raise an awareness about this illness. If irritable bowel syndrome is actually affecting thirty percent of women, then it is a big deal and it needs to be addressed. Ray Lane thinks it is only a matter of time before it is.

Nutella In Baked Goods

If you are a big fan of Nutella then I have some great news for you. Tim Hortons is going to be coming out with a new line of baked good that will feature this delicious, chocolate nut spread in them. There is so much to love about this chocolate spread and I bet that the baked goods, which include donuts, are going to taste amazing.
The treats are only here for the summer, though, as you are going to have to act quickly if you want to get in on the action and give them a try. I am sure that these special baked goods are going to go over well and there is going to be a high demand for them with all of the Nutella lovers out there. Go out as soon as the products are on the shelf and pick some up as quickly as possible if you want to beat all of the other Nutella-crazy people to getting there first and buying the stores out of these chocolate treats. The only bad thing about this is that if you are a big fan of this spread like Bruce Karatz then you are going to be loving these baked goods mentioned here and wanting them all year long.

Zach Braff and Donald Faison Promise to Provide Pizzas for Gay Couples in Indiana

A few weeks ago Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a ridiculous bill into a law. He signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to make it legal in Indiana. Under this act, businesses will have the right to discriminate against those whose lifestyles they do not agree with by not serving them as a customer. The first place to speak out under the confines of this outdated Act was Memories Pizza in Wilkerton, Indiana stated Brian Torchin. Memories Pizza announced in an interview that they would not cater or serve pizzas to a same-sex wedding. The restaurant became the target of threats and harassment from the public who disagreed with their discriminatory ways. However, it turns out not all people are against Memories Pizza. The restaurant had to close down for several days due to the harassment and someone started a GoFundMe account to help supplement their loss of business. That fund was up to over $800,000 last I checked.

Now, according to the story on Yahoo Celebrity Blog, gay couples in Indiana can rejoice- someone has stepped up to say that they will provide pizza for any same-sex wedding who wants it. “Scrubs” stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison, or vanilla bear and chocolate bear, have posted on Twitter that they will be happy to make pizza for any same-sex couple in Indiana who wants it for their big day. I love these two and their real life bromance!