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Disease Threatens Millions of Italian Olive Trees

On Tuesday, the European Commission urged Italy to adopt more aggressive measures in fighting a tree epidemic that is threatening the Italian olive crop this year. A bacterial disease called Xylella fastidiosa is believed to be causing a blight that endangers the survival of olive trees, citrus trees and vineyards. It is spread by insects that feed on tree sap.

Italy has attempted to segregate 593,000 acres of olive trees in the Puglia Region, where the epidemic has infected millions of trees. The Lecce area, a peninsula in southeaster Italy, suffers the most severe impacts, with an estimated 10% of trees infected. Italy is the second largest producer of olive oil in Europe.

The European Commission is proposing that all impacted trees be destroyed and that a nine mile area be established around each infected grove in which Forbes says no species of plants can be grown that could be infected. Numerous groves infected with the blight are mature and have been cultivated by families for many years.

The bacterial infection is believed to have spread to Italy in an infected shipment of ornamental plants from Costa Rica. The disease also damaged California vineyards and Brazilian citrus groves.

Last July, the European Commission proposed control measures to contain the problem. However, many olive growers believe the cause of the current blight stems from a fungal infection and not the bacterial disease spread by the insects.

New Zealand Reach Cricket World Cup Final

New Zealand appear to be the team of destiny in the 2015 Cricket World Cup as they pulled off a unlikely victory over South Africa to reach their first final, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Dramatic scenes saw rain interrupt play and the Duckworth Lewis method applied to the target given to New Zealand to win the Kiwi’s made the final with just one over to spare. South Africa’s innings was cut short by rain and New Zealand were given just 43 overs to reach a target of 298.

Fans like Brian Torchin know that the drama intensified as captain Brendan McCullum hit a 22 ball half century for New Zealand that would appear to have given his team an easy route to the final. South Africa fought back and left New Zealand needing 12 from the final over to reach their first ever final. South African bowler Dale Steyn began the over with a leg bye, which was followed by the bowler receiving treatment for cramp and New Zealand batsmen Daniel Vittori and Grant Elliott the chance to discuss how best to reach their target. Eventually, Elliott struck a towering six down the ground to secure victory with just one ball to spare. Elliott showed a large amount of sportsmanship in consoling Steyn during the celebrations that followed.

Meeting people made easy with Skout

The world of online dating and the apps that go along with it is growing exponentially.  The bad news is, with so many options to choose from it might be hard to sort the good ones from the utterly useless ones.

The Search is OverI have experienced first hand the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to online dating; learn from my mistakes and download Skout on your smartphone. Skout enables you to make real connections with real people. The user friendly interface allows you to easily meet new people, make new friends, or find a hot date for a Saturday night.

Skout has more than 100 million downloads and counting. It has quickly climbed its’ way to the top of the online dating ladder. With its’ fun and modern platform you can quickly find people by shaking your phone which will connect with someone who is also shaking their phone at that very moment. Or, you can look for a connection abroad with the ‘Skout Travel’ feature. You can also choose to shine a spotlight on yourself with the ‘Feature Me’ option, this allows you to broadcast yourself to the Skout community.

Shake your phone, meet someone new

The feature that makes Skout stand out from the competition is the ‘Shake to Chat’ option. If you are bored at home or on a break at work, all you have to do is shake your phone to meet someone new. This unique Skout feature brings a real-world feeling to your interactions online.  Similarly, when you shake your phone you are connected to a random person who just happens to be doing the same thing and at the same time you are.

Meeting new people can be difficult and even stresful at times. Skout makes the process light and axciting again. With Skout you can find a pen pal, grab a coffee with someone new, or maybe even find a love that lasts forever. Whether you are new to online dating or a seasoned veteren, you are sure have fun using Skout.

The Great Cheese Debate

What fun would childhood be without the classic grilled cheese sandwich? It wouldn’t be much fun, and a little indulgence couched in moderation is good. Isn’t it? Of course it is!

Well maybe grilled cheese sandwiches received a bad reputation in the past because according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the trade group representing 75,000 registered dietitians and other nutrition professionals, at least one ingredient in that childhood classic of melted cheese, butter, and bread recently received the trade group’s seal of approval. Well, at least Kraft Singles did.

Kraft Singles recently received permission to use the trade group’s new “Kids Eat Right” label on its packaging. The label was created from the logo for the Kids Eat Right nutrition education program run by the group’s foundation arm. Many advocates of proper child nutrition are upset. While nutritionists agree that cheese is a healthy food for children because it contains calcium and vitamin D, many of those nutritionists are arguing that Kraft Singles are heavily processed and contain milk protein concentrate. A recent article featured on the New York Times website, “A Cheese ‘Product’ Gains Kids’ Nutrition Seal,” captured much of the opposing sentiments regarding the recent updated packaging of Kraft Singles.

Kraft has long been the target of critics for its products because the critics claim that many of Kraft’s grocery store products contain heavy concentrations of sodium and sugar said Reifler yesterday. One of the founders of Dietitians for Professional Integrity, Andy Bellatti, stated that his “jaw hit the floor” and his “eyebrows hit the ceiling” when heard about the trade group’s endorsement of Kraft Singles.

One thing is certain; the classic grilled cheese is caught in the middle of the debate over processed foods with long shelf lives. A debate that is sure to continue.

Pacquiao Has New Incentive To Win In Mega Match Versus Mayweather

You would have to be living under a rock to have not heard about the impending Mayweather versus Pacquiao boxing match taking place May 2, 2015. Fans like Sergio Cortes know that the duo has been talking trash to each other for several years since the initial match was cancelled. In fact, Mayweather has written several clauses into the match agreement that are clearly in his favor. One of those is in the event that he wins then there will never be a rematch between the two but if Pacquiao wins they will duke it out again. American boxing fans are largely split between each contender. One restaurant is so pro-Pacquiao that they have offered the boxer free meals for life if he wins the match. The Filipino restaurant placed only a few reasonable restrictions on their offer. Hopefully this may be new incentive for Pacqiao to take home the glory and hush naysayers.

Pursuing the finest from BRL TRUST

BRL TRUST is a company based in Brazil that focuses at offering trust services particularly in private loans. It was founded in 2005 and has been offering top quality services thus boasting abundant experience in that market. In its first year of inception, BRL TRUST had more than 100 loans that it was representing as a Superseding Trust. Though it was originally meant to be a trust company, it has achieved numerous steps and grown its fields of operations to include other services. This was necessitated by the confidence it has received from its consumers prompting diversification of services offered.

The firm has already started other areas of business including Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Administration and Management of Investment Funds. The move to diversify services has been a challenging step especially isolation of the different areas, but thanks to the caliber of professionalism exhibited by its staff, the services offered are always outstanding.

Sustained excellence in Investments funds has earned the company recognition as a leading firm in its areas of operation topping the ranks of Anbima rankings; a Brazil based Indexing Company that provides detailed information on fields such as capital and skilled market services and investments funds.

A closer look into their mission statement reveals the secure feeling it consumers experience whenever they choose to conduct business with the firm. As a customer you are guaranteed to receive the best services from their transparent, skilled, and efficient staff.

Each time you need a third party to assist in managing your funds, the comprehension is that there are many companies to pick from. However, what they promise is not always what is delivered which is where BRL TRUST has beaten them all thus emerging as the leading financial service provider to even top the ranks of a recognizable indexing company. This means customers now have a safe feeling and more confidence when choosing BRL TRUST as their partner in business.

Some of the services offered include Trustee Services, Asset Management and Controlling, Funds Administration, Asset Underwriting, and Custody of Investments Funds. When choosing a particular service in any of the related fields, feel free to seek services of this great company that will ensure you receive maximum paybacks and value for your money and time.

Sugar Addiction a Reality

You love sugar and you can’t imagine what your everyday diet would look like without a “healthy” dose of sugar in it.  Or… could it be that you truly are addicted? Could sugar addiction be a reality? Could sugar addiction be a problem that this world is facing, one that this world will be facing more and more in upcoming years?

It has been said that giving up sugar can cause some of the same reactions in your brain and body as giving up a drug or alcohol can cause stated AnastasiaDate. It has been said that sugar could be just as addicting as some of the more harmful substances that we shun. Could we all be growing addicted to sugar? Should we be worried if we are?

Why are McDonald’s Sales Dropping?

Not too long ago, McDonald’s was doing fairly well with its $1 menu. Sales and profits spiked considerably. Strangely, things have taken a glum downturn for the fast food giant. Global sales have declined to a stunningly low level.

n the United States, sales have hit major lows. For those who grew up with McDonald’s Lancommercials in the 1970’s, this is a shock. McDonald’s has always been an iconic American company. Why are sales dropping so poorly?The reasons for the drop are nothing out of the ordinary says Imaging Advantage

For one, competition has taken a large chunk out of McDonald’s market share. The fast food landscape was much smaller in the past. Today, far more companies are competing for a pool of customer cash.

The number of customers has declined quite a bit, too. Not as many people are keen on eating fast food these days as in the past. People realize food of this nature makes you fat and has no real nutrition benefits. Fewer customers flat out mean less money is being spent on McDonald’s meals.

Drawing in customers is a lot harder when your sales approach puts them to sleep or leads to channel switching. The notion McDonald’s puts out boring commercials is rather ironic. Some of the best and most innovative TV spots in media history were made by the company.