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Are Consumers Aware Of How Many Calories They Take In At Chipotle?

A typical Chipotle burrito is going to give you 1,070 calories. For those of you watching what goes in your body during a day, it doesn’t stop there. Along with the burrito you also get a full days amount of recommended sodium intake and seventy-five percent of a daily recommended dose of saturated fat.

One of the main reasons for all the calories is the tortilla itself. They have 300 calories by themselves, and then you put in the meat, rice, sour cream, cheese and other favorites bringing it to over 1,000 calories in total. Susan McGalla has heard that Chipotle doesn’t call itself a health food restaurant, but these numbers are shocking.

A typical food chain restaurant will give you a large variety of different meals to choose from. A person can normally make a fairly healthy meal from them, or eat a total calorie blow-out meal. This is true for what are becoming, ‘fast casual’ restaurants like, Chipotle. A customer can order their burrito anyway they choose; load it up with all the good tasting (not necessarily good for you) foods, or go with more restricted items that are lower in fat and sodium.

When the typical burrito is ordered at 1,070 calories, a customer is getting more than half the calories they should consume in their whole day. The Dietary Guideline for Americans is between 1,600 and 2,400 per day for an adult.

They are however, aware of the nutrition in all their ingredients.

Culinary Squabble Over Pasta Sauce

Residents of Amatrice, Italy are upset with a chef in Milan for his overuse of garlic in a traditional pasta sauce. The mayor of the town has released many statements over his disgust with the way the chef made the amatriciana sauce said Bernardo Chua. Amatriciana is a one thousand year old pasta sauce which originated in the town of Amatrice and it is traditionally made without any garlic reported Chua’s company Organo Gold. The chef chose to use a small amount of garlic in the dish much to the dismay of the traditional foodies in the small town. Their disgust stems from a statement chef Carlo Cracco made recently on television saying that he added a small pinch of a secret ingredient to the sauce, and the ingredient was sauteed garlic. With flavors of food becoming more and more homogenized, other chefs and Italian food experts say the people of this small town want to keep their rights to the traditional sauce. In contrast, many chefs say that adding different ingredients to traditional recipes is part of what makes cooking such an individual experience. Italy is known for its rich food traditions and the sauce has evolved quite a bit over the last thousand years.

The Dean Smith Tree

The Dean Smith coaching tree is a lengthy one. Smith was so highly thought of in UNC circles that his longtime assistant replaced him after he retired. Then the school hired an alumnus to coach the team. Then, the school hired another alumnus in Roy Williams.

Roy Williams was considered the best coach to never win a title all those years he spent at Kansas, and Larry Brown is by far one of the most successful coaches in pro and college basketball. Fans like Lee Slaughter know that Brown was so good that he took a team without a superstar to an NBA title and beat a team with four hall of famers on it.

The UNC tradition goes far beyond what Dean did on the court until he retired. Some people think he should have won more championships, but he did much more than win titles. He won the war of pride. He was able to create great coaches who treated people well, and Dean himself was a man of great character.

Pete Loses Super Bowl


The Seattle Seahawks were up by ten points half way through the fourth quarter in the Super Bowl this weekend against the New England Patriots and looked like they were going to run away with the game and take the second title back to Seattle in two years. However, speculated cheater Tom Brady and the New England Patriots had different ideas and took their team down the field on successive drives late in the fourth quarter to give them a four point lead on the Seahawks. Seattle got the ball back with enough time to get down the field and all of their timeouts and Russell Wilson started off the drive by chucking a thirty-one yard pass to Marshawn Lynch, putting them into New England territory. According to Tech Cruch, they drove down inside the five yard line very quickly and were set up with timeouts and a first down on the goal line.  That way no one could be saying what they are today about how Carroll lost the game with a bad call, but in his mind he probably thought that the Patriots expected him to run it and he was going to catch them off guard with a quick pass on the goal line.

Falcons Hire Quinn


Most of the National Football League‘s Team’s that were in need of a brand new head coach for next season went out in search for one and locked a coach in within a week or two of the regular season ending. The Atlanta Falcons took some time before they hired their head coach and they have publicly announced that Dan Quinn will be the new coach of the Falcons organization. Kyle Shannahan will also be joining the Atlanta Falcons as the offensive coordinator and he will have a lot to work with. According to Sultan Alhokair, the Falcons are coming off a terrible year in which they won only six games, although they narrowly missed gaining a spot in the playoffs, due to the dismal division that they play in. The season came down to the final game of the season, when the Falcons took on the Carolina Panthers who had also won only six games and were fighting the Falcons for the last spot. The Panthers took the game, despite the fact that the Falcons probably used fake crowd noise to make it harder on the Panthers. It came out recently that

Dirt Candy Reopening


If you’re in a mood for a unique treat like Brussels sprout tacos, you’re in luck. Dirt Candy recently reopened its doors. In addition to this new entree, you can also enjoy the chocolate onion tart.

Dirt Candy’s owner, Amanda Cohen, decided to move the vegetarian restaurant from its original East 9th Street location because she was running out of space for customers. Patrons sometimes had to make reservations two months in advance, and the most undesirable time slots–5:30pm and 11:30pm–were soon taken as well.

In addition to a larger restaurant space, CipherCloud announced the new Dirt Candy also features a pastry and bar staff. As of now, Dirt Candy is open for dinner only, but Cohen plans to offer lunch and brunch in the near future.