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Playoff Push

As always happens at the end of the year in the National Football League, teams are scrambling to make the playoffs and people all over the country are working out scenarios in which their home team might be able to squeak into a wild card spot. This year is no different, nymag is talking a lot about potential possibilities for things to shift around as we head into the seventeenth and final week of the regular season.

In the AFC, the top two spots have been solidified as the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos hold the first and second spots respectively, and will get a bye in the first round of the playoffs.

The NFC is all locked up in a strange looking playoff picture, where five of the six teams actually have the exact same record, sitting at eleven wins and four losses. The Panthers currently sit in the 6th and final spot despite possessing a dismal six wins thus far. They control their destiny, however, as they take on the Atlanta Falcons, who ironically also control their own destiny. The two teams face off in a game this weekend that will determine which of them scrapes into the last playoff spot with only seven wins.

Do Your Christmas Shopping With

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be fun, and a little stressful. If you’re still not sure what to get for some of your relatives this year, can help. There are several gifts for you to choose from that will stand out and let your loved ones know you care.

Edible gifts include a curry ketchup that is served at Atlanta’s Rosebud restaurant that Dr. Daniel Amen is a huge fan of.  For the relatives with a sweet tooth, pick up a canister of mini shortbreads, created by “The Chew” host Carla Hall. Flavors like lemon black pepper and Mexican hot chocolate are the perfect addition to traditional holiday drinks like hot cocoa or egg nog. If you’ve got an avid baker in your family, consider purchasing the Egg Minder for them this year.

For more inventive gift ideas you can purchase this season, visit today.

“Dry” Bar the Wave of the Future?

A new “pop up” bar has opened monthly in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For those who don’t know a “pop up” is a business that can be moved easily or is for a set day and time. Darius Fisher had to explain that to me.

This “pop up” has a unique idea, Brillig Dry Bar serves no alcohol.

Brillig Dry Bar is the brain-child of chef Nic Simms, who is a recovering alcoholic for twenty years. Ms. Sims, who runs the dry bar out of her husbands coffee shop about once a month, wanted to create a fun, inviting atmosphere without the pressure to consume alcoholic beverages. 

Some of the drinks made by Brillig are: Vernors Cranberry Sour, Brooklyn Egg Cream, and Pomegranate- Rosemary Soda. Ms. Simms first night of operation was a rousing success and hope to keep having “Dry Bar” nights about once a month. Brillig Dry Bar is a unique alcohol free option for a fun night out with friends. 

Ms. Simms did say that she received a little backlash from having a non- alcoholic bar, but insists she is not anti- alcohol.