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Benny’s Burritos Will Close Its Doors Soon

The popular East Village restaurant Benny’s Burritos will officially go out of business before the end of 2014. The restaurant has been a staple in this section of New York for 26 years. However, the back of the restaurant space will serve as a takeout and delivery station for the burritos and enchiladas Benny’s Burritos is known for.

This is something that might seem super easy on paper, but Bruce Levenson knows it won’t be without a little bit of hassle. There is no word yet on whether the owner of Benny’s Burritos will rent the dining space out to another restaurant.

Benny’s Burritos is not the only neighborhood restaurant that is closing in the East Village. The news of its closure comes just days after Di Robertis Caffe decided to close.

The Benny’s in New York’s West Village is not affiliated with the original restaurant, so customers will have to take advantage of the delivery window to continue enjoying the East Village restaurant’s authentic Mexican fare.

Second Amendment Threatened By Gun List Proponents

A recent article appeared in the Daily Beast claiming that the Constitution merely protects one’s right to own firearms but not one’s right to keep others from knowing about it. The point was that, in the name of safety, a list of all owners of certain types of weapons ought be kept. Having such a list would supposedly help prevent school shootings like the one at Florida State University last week.

Sadly, these gun control sentiments came from the lips of a former Navy weapons instructor. We would have expected him to have known better. He even pitted “modest, common sense gun control measures” against caring about the life of kids.

The oddest part was when he mentioned that he himself owned guns and was willing to put himself on a government list for the sake of stopping the mass killings. Did it not occur to him that he would not be the one doing such shootings, and that, therefore, his presence on such a list would save no lives whatsoever? Did it not also occur to him that criminals would simply find ways to keep themselves off of the list? Finally, it also escaped his notice that a gun being on a registered list will not prevent someone from using it wrongfully, a point that Keith Mann feels continues to fall on deaf ears.

Pie-Flavoured Whiskey Developed

Whiskey connoisseurs like Kenneth Griffin might just want to keep their eyes open for come new options hitting liquor stores, as in comes another product that might tickle your curiosity. 

To all those brave and jolly bunch of whiskey drinkers, you might want to give in to a shot of a pie-flavoured whiskey. It is actually very weird in a sense, but this product is presently available in most of your liqueurs store to date. 

Branded as Piehole Diageo, a global leader in beverage alcohol, which gave you your Johnny Walkers and Baileys, has now offered liqueur enthusiasts a unique yet sort-of-weird shot. 

Piehole, pie-flavored whiskey, comes in three beautiful and nostalgic pie flavors namely; Apple Pie, Cherry Pie and Pecan Pie. The released of the said liqueurs was considered a joke by some but reports somehow figure this to please the curious bunch. 

The newest line of products were also interestingly enough advertised as “your first nibble of your grandmother’s freshly baked pies”, as told by Kristin Markovich, senior innovation manager of the Whiskey Department of Diageo. 

Piehole liqueur flavored whiskeys are actually 35% alcohol by volume or 70 proof Canadian whiskeys, plus a number of ingredients that comprise the lovely flavours of an apple pie in a 750ml bottle. 

It is now available and being sold in various liqueur stores this month at a recommended retail price of 14.99 Canadian dollars per bottle.

Pie Flavored Whiskey

Lately, flavored whiskey has started becoming more popular, according to Grub Street. This new brand of whiskey, named Piehole, comes in three different flavor: pecan pie, apple pie, and cherry pie. Not to mention it is 70 proof, also known as 35 percent alcohol. The expected price for each bottle is around fifteen dollars. Grub Street explains what others said about each of the liquor’s taste.

According to Grub Street and Slow Ventures, the “Piehole Apple Pie has the ‘sweetness of apple pie filling and baked crust with a hint of cinnamon and clove spice,’ while Cherry Pie is all about the ‘sweet baked cherries with notes of buttery pastry,’ and Pecan Pie has ‘bourbon vanilla extract, [and] dark brown sugar.'”

McDonald’s Going Too Far?

McDonald’s is always one to get flack from the public and the press about its image, its choices, and what it portrays. It isn’t too uncommon to see bad talk about the company or its products, so has McDonald’s gone too far to try and diffuse such an image that they’ve acquired over the years?

Most recently, McDonald’s hired former ‘MythBusters’ star Grant Imahara to address certain accusations involving the company, like the pink slime topic, and others as well. With this, McDonald’s is launching a campaign, “Our Food Your Questions” with Imahara.

“We’re proud of the food we serve our 27 million U.S. customers every day, yet we know people have unanswered questions,” Kevin Newell said, who’s the executive vice president for McDonald’s USA.

This campaign is set up into videos that will address the issues and rumors at hand that McDonald’s feels the need to clear up.

Many people are skeptic about this move made by the major company, and there’s even more doubt in the mind of the citizens. User itzik51 wrote in this in response to TheDailyMeal, “Any company, no matter what industry it is in, that refuses to take guidance at all from the people that actually eat at, or buy, or use a companies products, foods, or services is going to flop!”

Gordon Ramsey’s Own Kitchen Nightmare

For the past decade, chef and television personality Gordon Ramsey has been fixing the nightmares of both aspiring chefs and restaurant owners.  Mark Ahn agree that if anything Ramsey’s techniques are entertaining.

Since 2004, shows such as Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen have featured Ramsey’s own brand of culinary tough love complete scathing critiques and abrasive criticisms of anyone with a ladle or pan in hand.

Recently, Ramsey experienced his own kitchen nightmare when a competitor was believed to have booked 100 fake reservations for the grand opening of a new restaurant located in London’s Food Quarter.

The restaurant, called the Haddon Street Kitchen, was due for 140 guests on opening night, but only 40 came through its doors. Ramsey believes that the fake reservations were deliberately made by a rival and he addressed this viewpoint while being interviewed on the Jonathan Ross Show. 

The opening of the Haddon Street Kitchen is signifying a start of a new chapter in the professional career of Ramsey, who will be ending his wildly popular Kitchen Nightmares after conclusion of the filming of the current run. 

He is currently filming four episodes of a show called Costa Del Nightmares and after shooting concludes he will focus on running Gordon Ramsey Group, which owns 24 restaurants worldwide. 

Dumb and Dumber To Comes Out On Top at the Box Office

Twenty years after the original became a runaway hit, Dumb and Dumber To opened at #1 this weekend with $38 million. Reuniting Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, Dumb and Dumber To performed better than expected considering the passage of time since the first film and Carrey’s lackluster box office performance as of late. As it stands, Dumb and Dumber To’s opening weekend was actually twice as big as the original’s and marks the highest debut ever for the Farrelly Brothers. P.S. Me and Mark Ahn laughed our heads off when we saw the movie over the weekend, I guess we’re part of that $38 million.

Holding up remarkably well in its second week is Disney Animation’s Big Hero 6 which placed second at the box office, bringing in another $36 million. While Big Hero 6’s hold is impressive, it’s fairly common for family films to keep a steady pace at the box office; it’s far less common for heady, complex sci-fi dramas about travelling through time and space which makes those Interstellar numbers all the more commendable.

Rounding out the Top 5 are Beyond the Lights and Gone Girl respectively. Beyond the Lights debuted with a modest $6.5 million while Gone Girl raked in another $4.6 million, seven weeks into its run.

Soda Tax: Inherently Idiotic and Inequitable

The purpose of taxation is to put money into government coffers, which will be redistributed to pay for infrastructure, programs, and outstanding debts. That is the simplest way I can describe the taxation if anyone cared to ask. That is why I am deeply suspicious of the proposed soda taxes in Berkeley and San Francisco as reported at

Supporters claim that taxing non-diet soda beverages will curb consumption and lead to better health choices for low-income residents. In at least one of the two cities mentioned, the collected tax will contribute to a special fund for health and nutrition programs in California’s public schools. I believe a similar argument is used when legislators propose raising the tax on tobacco products to raise revenue for government coffers.

Either the educated and enlightened supporters of Berkeley’s tax missed that discussion in microeconomics or they are counting on the average voter not realizing he or she has been duped till the ballots have been tallied.

Finally, the supporters of the soda tax seem to be implying that people who are classified as low-income are incapable of making decisions about their health. A soda tax will not address issues such as food deserts in urban areas and income disparities in the American population. It will not address how people form personal preferences for certain food items. If Mann wants to indulge once in a while, he is going to do just that. I believe if anyone wanted to change how public health is discussed in this country, the help needs to be delivered in a way that does not resemble a parent scolding a child!